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Best Holiday Deals

Some really powerful stuff that you can benefit from, for a long long time!

Amazon business makes it incredibly easy for you to make purchases for your business, whether you are a four person start-up or a global corporate. It has special features to make purchasing as a business easy and intuitive. You can give special permission to specific people to make purchases, you have a detailed dashboard showing purchases and all other details, you can track orders, approve purchases, assign PO numbers and take advantage of the shared payment and accounts and shipping addresses.

This can be a real game changer for businesses, as you get hundreds and thousands of suppliers all in one place and the incredible advantages and ease of an Amazon Business Account, with free shipping added on, besides a lot lot more.

CBS All Access allows you to pay for only those channels that you want to watch. You will save by choosing exactly what you want to watch. What is great about this is that you get a no conditions free trial. Just go ahead and try the CBS All Access, and if you like it start your subscription, or if you change your mind, just enjoy it f for a few days and give it up.

Isn't that totally cool. So, all you video and movie buffs, just gear up for an amazing watching experience.

CBS All Access has a 7 day free trial while Amazon Prime has a 1 month free trial. Watch everything that you love, only. And without needing to even think about it, you can cancel at any time.

Do you like Game of Thrones? Or any of the other amazing shows from HBO. Well you are in luck, now you can choose HBO through Amazon prime and pay only for the channels that you want to watch. YOu not only get the option to save on the subscription and customize it to your specific needs, you also get a free trial.

HBO through Amazon offers you a 7 days free trial. it is more than enough time for you to check it out and enjoy the shows you like. If at the end of it you don't want to continue, just don't. And if you do like it get into the monthly subscription plan starting from $14 a month. With Amazon Prime Channels you can pick and choose and be the master of all channels.

Want to chose Britbox, and that's it? Well with Amazon Prime Video Channels you can choose only those channels that you want to watch and nothing more. Isn't that totally cool.

There are a staggering 100+ channels to choose from, and you also get a 7 day free trial. Only through Amazon Prime Video can you choose Britbox only and pay for nothing else.

Prime Video Channels gives you all or any combination of the channels you want, without any cable or conditions. cable required. And you can cancel any time at all. Go ahead give the free trial a shot now.

FreeTime Unlimited, through one simple subscription, gives your kids access to the best kid friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games, and you complete peace of mind. It will keep your kids occupied with positive, knowledge enhancing and fun options, and let you relax. FreeTime Unlimited also gives kids the option of completely ad-free radio stations for all kinds of music and informational programs, and also playlists suited to your kids age. They will also be able to listen to Audible books, and with a compatible Echo device they can enjoy a growing list of kid's skills.

As a parent you will have access to very simple and intuitive parental controls, which will let you mix the entertainment and learning perfectly for your kids. There are options  for parents to set screen time limits, set goals for learning and manage all browsing and content.

And you can start all of that with a one month free trial, and if you and your kid like it then just $2.99 a month.

Amazon Fresh is in one word 'incredible'. Amazon delivers all of your grocery to your doorstep while ensuring timely delivery and quality.,What more can you ask for?

Amazon Fresh lets you order everything you need for your home, and makes it incredibly easy too. Fresh vegetables is just the very first thing on offer, the list goes beyond your imagination. You will also get meat and sea food, organic food, household supplies, dairy, prepared foods, bread and baked food, baby food... well the list goes on and on.

If you spend time at the local store buying your grocery, you can easily skip the line and save the time by opting for Amazon Fresh. You also a get a one month free trial of Amazon Fresh, that we are quite sure will get you hooked. So, give it a shot today!

Discover the joy of having your favorite books being read out to you by some of the best known voices in the industry. Amazon Audible offers you a wide range of audio books that you can listen to while carrying on with any other activity – cooking, working out at the gym or driving.

Once you sign up, the first 30 days are free with 2 audiobooks and 2 Audible Originals to start you off with. Once the membership starts off, you will get 3 titles every month – 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals of your choice. You will also get exclusive audio fitness programs of value $95 value. You can also exchange the audiobooks at any time if you want. Should you choose to discontinue membership at any time, you get to keep the audiobooks.

Keep your place in any audiobook across different devices and platforms – Android, iOS, Windows and Alexa.

Think Binge Reading and Kindle Unlimited comes to mind. A wide range of old favorites and exciting new discoveries at your fingertips, waiting to be explored. With unlimited access to over 1 million titles, accessible across devices and platforms, Kindle Unlimited is a dream come true for all bibliophiles.

A free trial membership of 30 days will allow you to test the waters, with unlimited magazines and thousands of audiobooks. You don’t even need to have a Kindle device, the Kindle app can be easily downloaded onto any device and you can pick up from any device. Download up to 10 books at a time to ensure a great variety in your reading list.

 Feel free to cancel your membership at anytime, but that seems very unlikely!

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