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Other 2 Wheel Hoverboard Brands

We can't say that these brands are trusted or renowned, but they are on the rise, in popularity. Their decent quality at a low price is bringing in the sales, but it is yet to be seen how good the long term quality, durability and customer service is. They are all safe to buy, as their hoverboards are UL 2272 certified. If you are willing to take a chance they are good options, and if you buy from Amazon, you are safeguarded by Amazon's return policy.


Gyroor Hoverboards to choose from

Gyroor is a Chinese brand, but it is committed and quality conscious one. It has developed some high quality products and is trying to stay ahead of the game. Their quality is good and prices are comparatively lower, so their hoverboards are quite popular.

  • All terrain 8.5 inch wheels
  • Bluetooth music and app
  • 9.95 miles per hour max speed
  • 9.5 miles range
  • 700 (350 X 2) watts power, 30 degrees climbing angle
  • Max load 265 lbs
  • IP54 water resistant
  • Some buyers have had app connection problems
  • This is the best Gyroor hoverboard, solid, all-terrain and popular
  • All terrain 8.5 inch wheels
  • Claims max speed of 12 mph
  • Bluetooth Music
  • Stylish, off-road and fast
  • 9.5 miles range
  • 700 (350 X 2) watts power, 30 degrees climbing angle
  • Max load 265 lbs
  • IP54 water resistant
  • Quite heavy and no carry bag provided
  • Priced on the higher side, but delivers the goods
  • 6.5 inch off-road wheels allows all-terrain riding
  • Bluetooth music
  • 9.95 mph max speed
  • 265 lbs max load
  • 600 (300 X 2) watts power, 30 degrees climbing angle
  • IP54 water resistant
  • 9 miles range
  • Sometimes has some teething problems
  • Very cheap, and good for beginners and younger riders

Tomoloo Hoverboards top choices

Tomoloo has surprisingly managed to stay on top of the charts for a long time now, which goes to show that they are doing something right. Their hoverboards are standard fare, but they deliver solid quality and are getting overall good reviews. When you choose a Tomoloo hoverboard on Amazon, you need to be a little careful, as all their hoverboards show the same description. The hoverboard that comes for around $199 with a $30 discount supports weights only up to 165 lbs and has a max speed of 7.5 miles per hour, the hoverboard that costs around $259 supports 220 lbs and has a max speed of 9.5 miles per hour. The first one is the Q2C below and the second one is the K-1 below.


Cho Hoverboards - the best ones to buy

Cho doesn't have a website and probably no social media account either, but their hoverboards are bestsellers on Amazon. The reason is their very low prices, and standard decent quality. The lowest priced Cho hoverboard is for just $105, it is the second one featured below. This is a kid's hoverboard, without Bluetooth connectivity, that works perfectly. However, when buying this hoverboard from Amazon you will be on a page which has a common description for the $105 hoverboard and the $128 hoverboard. You have to be careful not to confuse the features as the $105 hoverboard is the kid's version that supports only up to 120 lbs or 55 kgs and has 4.5 inch tires.

  • The most popular Cho hoverboard priced just under $140
  • 6.5 inch wheels
  • Bluetooth Music
  • Max speed 7.5 miles per hour
  • Sturdy and durable
  • LED lights on wheels
  • Undifferentiated and regular in all aspects
  • A good choice among the standard unbranded hoverboards, delivering great value for money
  • Sought after design and unique wheel LED lights
  • 6.5 inch wheels
  • Bluetooth Music
  • Low price and good quality
  • Max speed 6 miles per hour, max load 180 lbs
  • Other than a unique spider design it is standard fare
  • Popular becuase of the design and the reliable reputation

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