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2 Wheel Hoverboards

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Razor - 3 models to choose from

Razor is a hugely trusted and iconic company whose kick scooters actually created the industry. Razor makes such a wide variety of outdoor sports rideables, that it is way ahead and beyond any of the other brands mentioned in this guide. If a product has come from Razor, you can be sure that it is high quality, trusted and backed by a massively committed and reliable American brand.


Swagtron T6 Off-road Hoverboard Review

This off-road hoverboard can handle the maximum load of 420 lbs. It is also a very high quality and reliable hoverboard from the leader Swagtron. The T6 Outlaw hoverboard was voted the Best Hoverboard of 2018.

This all-terrain hoverboard which will take you through bumpy ground, grass, gravel, uneven surfaces and almost anywhere that you may want to go. It is water resistant so it can take you through rain too. It will take you up inclines of up to 30° which is more than enough for normal circumstances. It has an impressive range of 12 miles on one full charge and can go to speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. That is a real off road experience waiting for you. It's SentryShield battery gets charged in around 2-3 hours.

To take you where other hoverboards cannot go, it has 10 inch tubeless tires that a rugged and specially grooved for all terrain hoverboarding. The 10” rubber tires have a tread pattern that is rugged and has staggered shoulder blocks that deliver superior traction and grip.

And on the SwagTron T6 has Bluetooth speakers that will play your music while you cruise along, and you have a definite winner. Play your music directly from your phone as you master all terrains on your SwagTron T6. The Swagtron mobile app allows you to check battery levels, speed and much more.

Main Highlights

  • A poly carbonate body that is incombustible fire retardant and scratch resistant.
  • Beautiful matte finish in an array of exciting colors.
    Improved and upgraded motor stabilization for a much smoother and better hoverboard ride
  • Wheels that are made from milled official aluminum and rubber tires that are 10” and specially treaded for rugged terrain and better traction.
  • World’s first hoverboard that can support 420 lbs (191kg) and yet works effectively with a minimum weight of 44lbs (20kg).
  • Has a built-in carry strap that makes it easy to carry around, without any additional bag.
  • A maximum speed of 12 miles per hour or 19.2 kms per hour, with a range of 12 miles.
  • UL 2272 certification for the ultimate safety of the hoverboard and all electrical parts.
  • New high quality built-in HQ Bluetooth Speakers that will play music from your smartphone
  • A comprehensive iOS and Android App that connects and controls your Swagtron T7 hoverboard.
  • 5 level battery indicators so that you always know just how much charge is left, and LED motion indicators and headlamps for extra riding style and safety.