The SwagTron T1 hoverboard is here to take your breath away

The next gen in safety, software, hardware, build, stability, efficiency, performance and style!


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The SwagTron T1 from Swagway is finally here. Everyone has been waiting for it, ever since it was first showcased in CES 2016, in January. It was slated for launch in February or March, but as it happens, circumstances caused a delay. But now it is here, and it is going to take the whole world by storm.

It is the world’s first hoverboard with the UL 2271 listed SentryShield battery system. That makes the SwagTron T1 the safest hoverboard available today. It is the evolved version of the hoverboard and it comes with a powerful stamp of safety, quality, brand, reliability and performance. It also comes with a special Swagtron Swagway coupon for $10! 

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Behold the Swagtron has arrived!

World’s first UL 2272 certified hoverboard!

This is it. The SwagTron is it. They have boldly stated that they are the world's first UL 2272 certified hoverboards. There is nothing to stop you now from buying and owning the amazing SwagTron with a coupon.


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World’s first hoverboard with UL 2271 listed SentryShield battery system & Swagtron Coupon!


Safe Stop Technology eliminating abrupt stops!


Bluetooth Speakers to add music to your hoverboard ride!


Increased stabilization, non-slip footpads, stablized learning mode & lots more!


The next generation new and improved SwagTron T1 by Swagway is the safest and the best hoverboard and has the all important UL 2272 certification. The best hoverboard in the market, it sets the standards for hoverboards in the United States. It has the patented Sentry Shield System which encases the battery in an aluminum alloy chamber for the ultimate fire and damage safety. It also has the Smart Battery Management System that ensures that there are no problems like overcharging, overvoltage, short circuit in the hoverboard.

This new improved hoverboard by Swagway has achieved the highest levels of safety and control, through an enhanced combination of hardware and software systems. As a company, SwagTron sets its main priority to customer safety. SwagTron T1 also features a smoother and more stabilizing gear and motor system. 

In addition it features non-slip footpads and a learning mode that makes it easier for you to learn, without losing control.The SwagTron T1 raises the bar for all hoverboards with its many enhancements. A far improved safety and user experience, is coupled with a redesigned ABS shell, which is lighter in weight, and much more.The Swagtron T1 and the SwagTron T3 are available in several colors - Blue, Black, Dark Red, White, Pink and Exclusive Gold. The Swagboard is available in only one variant which is very smart.