The SwagTron T3 is the safest, most advanced and best hoverboard on the planet! By a long shot...

It's futuristic features, ultra-advanced software and hardware makes it incomparable in safety, efficiency, quality, certifications, software, hardware, build, stability, performance and style!​
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Irresistible, Unbelievable, Incomparable!

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The best hoverboard in the world, the one and only Swagtron T3 is finally here!

World’s first UL 2272 certified hoverboard, with BlueTooth Speakers and space age looks!

The SwagTron T3 from Swagway is finally here, and it is going to change the world of hoverboards for ever.

The world’s first UL 2272 approved hoverboard with the UL 2271 listed SentryShield battery system. It is the advanced next generation of hoverboards, and is completely fire-proof and its battery has also passed the original UL 10-Ton Battery Crush Test. The only electric scooter in the world to have passed this test, thanks to the damage-proof aluminum chamber of the Sentry Shield Battery System in which the battery is housed.

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It is easily the best, safest and most advanced hoverboard or mini Segway in the world today, the SwagTron T3. Launched by Swagway which has now been renamed to SwagTron, this hoverboard is everyone’s dream come true.

The world’s first hoverboard to pass the new UL 2272 standard for hoverboards, it has a host of safety features that are unparalleled in the world today.

The SwagTron T3’s most powerful safety feature is the patented SentryShield battery system which has its own UL 2271 classification. SentryShield is a multi-layer battery protection system that encases the battery in a special fire-proof and damage-proof aluminum case. It is this SentryShield battery system of the SwagTron that has made it the world’s first hoverboard and the only self-balancing scooter product to pass UL’s original 10-ton battery crush test. It also has a special fire-retardant body, and many other safety features and enhancements, that we will discuss next.


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Swagway has truly been an industry leader and has invested its resources into extensive research and development to set a new unprecedented standard for safety, performance and function for the entire hoverboard or the self-balancing scooter industry.

Let us have a close look at what all the SwagTron T3 offers.

SwagTron T3 comprehensive features


World’s First UL 2272 two-wheel balance board or hoverboard

Underwriter’s Laboratories or UL is the leading global safety and quality certification agency which has been in existence for over 140 years. It is the foremost certification and standards organization in the United States and has been the definitive standard for safety in every industry for more than a century. It developed the comprehensive, rigorous and extremely difficult to achieve UL 2272 standard for safety and quality in self-balancing electric boards after the widespread fire hazard incidents across the United States. The CPSC the US Govt. agency, the Consumer Products Safety Commission announced that all hoverboards in the United States are unsafe unless they are UL 2272 certified, and since then there has been a blanket ban of import of non UL 2272 hoverboards into the United States.

SwagTron is the world’s first two-wheel self-balancing personal transportation electric board to have achieve the UL 2272 certification, and its SwagTron T3 is the personification of safety, performance, function and the very highest standards of quality. It is truly the safest and most advanced hoverboard in the world today. It is also the world's first self-balancing scooter approved under the UL label to retail in the USA.

State-of-the-art Smart Battery Management System – Smart BMS

The Smart Battery Management System of the SwagTron T3 is a unique and comprehensive battery management system that constantly monitors overvoltage, temperature increases, overcharging of the battery, overcurrent and short circuit protection. It is a very strong protection by itself, against battery over-charging and short circuits.


Patented SwagTron Sentry Shield™ multi-layer battery protection

The SentryShield battery system is an air-tight aluminum chamber that encases the lithium-ion battery. It is not only a powerful protection against any fire, it also protects the battery from any damage. It is a multilayer battery protection system that has its own UL 2271 certification. This SentryShield battery system is also the reason why the SwagTron is the world’s first self-balancing electric board to pass the original UL 10-ton battery crush test.

Sealed Circuit Boards and connectors and Silicone Coating for making it fire-retardant

The SwagTron has multiple safety features, especially against fire. In a first for hoverboards, the SwagTron has sealed circuit boards and connectors and has a fire-retardant coating on all internal components. This is yet another feature that makes the SwagTron the safest hoverboard in the world today.

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Enhanced Stabilization and dual independent motor and gear control for an easier ride

SwagTron T3 boasts an upgraded dual independent motor and gear stabilization which translates into much better and sturdier control of the hoverboard. This same stabilization has also been incorporated into the learning mode making it easier for beginners to learn how to ride the hoverboard. Another additional feature is the Downhill Traction feature that enables smoother and controlled downhill movement of the hoverboard. This upgraded and advanced Downhill Traction prevents the hoverboard from speeding up when going downhill and improves the overall riding experience. This enhanced dual independent motor and gear control also improves the high speed use of the hoverboard.


Incombustible outer shell made from polycarbonate that is also light weight

The proprietary polycarbonate shell of the SwagTron is another amazing feature that works to remove and fire safety issues. The body of the SwagTron T3 is made of a material that is incombustible and fire retardant, yet it is light and strong. It is made from a proprietary polycarbonate material identified through extensive research by Swagway. This material is also durable, sturdy and long lasting.

Wider non-slip foot pads with improved grip which are also flame-retardant

Along with a host of other enhancements and far more advanced hardware and software, even the foot pads of the SwagTron have been upgraded to the next level. The foot pads are now wider, and have been specially made nom-slip providing a better overall grip. This means you will have even better control as there will be no slipping of your footwear, when you use the SwagTron T3’s enhanced grip wider foot pads. And over all of these improvements the foot pads are also flame retardant.


Open wheel system for easier maintenance and movement, and enhanced traction tires

The SwagTron T3 features open wheels which means that there is better wheel rotation clearance and also maintenance is easier. The tires of the SwagTron are also made of a superior material which gives extra traction to the smart balance board. The SwagTron also features high grade aluminum wheels to add to the many other enhancements.

Not two, but three riding modes – Learner, Standard and Pro

The SwagTron T3 comes with not two but three riding modes. There is the learner mode in which speed is reduced and stabilization is increased to help learners to ride the hoverboard with greater ease and control. In the Learner mode the sensitivity of the foot pads is also lower so that the first-timers can get used to maneuvering it before getting into the Standard mode. In the Standard mode the hoverboard’s speed goes up to normal and it gets reset to the regular settings of foot pad sensitivity, stabilization, speed etc.

A third mode is available through the SwagTron smartphone App, which open the Pro mode. In the Pro mode the built-in speed restriction of the hoverboard are removed. Thus there is no restriction of speed, and expert and pro hoverboard riders can enjoy the full power and performance of the SwagTron T3.


Environment Friendly and with all safety and quality certifications including the definitive UL 2272

The SwagTron is a zero emissions product, environment friendly and has every safety and quality certification that is needed for self-balancing electric scooters. It is UL 2272 certified, and it has all required environmental standards and certifications including UN38.3, FCC, CE, RohS and Prop 65. The SwagTron T3 is truly the hoverboard of the future and for the future.

What the Certifications mean:

The FCC certification states that an electronic item is approved for use in the US, and it is awarded by the Federal Communications Commission.

The CE mark implies that the product conforms to relevant European quality standards.

RoHS is a very important European Standard and stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. All electronics sold in Europe have to be RoHS compliant.

The UN38.3 is a United Nations set standard for Li-ion or lithium ion batteries.

Prop. 65 is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. It is a Proposition that protects the state's drinking water sources from being contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Brand new multi-featured SwagTron App for Android and iOS smartphones

The SwagTron T3 also has a brand new App which enables the third Pro mode to be activated. The Pro mode removes all speed restrictions for seasoned riders. This new SwagTron App also has many other features and add-ons. It enables riders to check route history, monitor your battery status details closely, set routes and much more.

BlueTooth quad speakers

The SwagTron T2 has robust BlueTooth quad speakers on the underside which will enable you to stream music from your mobile device, so that you can enjoy your music as you glide along on the world’s most advanced and safest hoverboard, the SwagTron T3.

Color-coded LED lights

The stylish new SwagTron has distinct looks and also has color-coded Led lights that illuminate to indicate movement.


Enhanced Five Level battery Indicator

To bring in never before levels of functional enhancements, the battery indicator on the SwagTron T3 has a five level indicator panel, which will give the rider a much clearer idea of the level of battery.


Built-in Carry Strap for instant and hassle-free carrying convenience

On the underside of the SwagTron T3 is a built-in carry strap made of a high quality enhanced strength fabric that will allow you to carry it with never before ease. Now you simply need to pick it up by the carry strap under it to carry it along whenever needed. No need to put it into a bag or hold it uncomfortably with both hands, just grab the carry strap and take it up the stairs or anywhere you need to go.

Standard 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

The 1 year warranty has always been a standard with Swagway and with the SwagTron along with the 1 year standard parts warranty there is also a general 1 year labor warranty. Like the original Swagway hoverboards, this safer, lighter, smoother and smarter SwagTron T3 always comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. A 1 month Returns Policy is also in place to enable refunds incase the product has a defect. The SwagTron website states – “30 Day Limited Return Policy: Item must be in new/unused condition. Restocking Fees may apply.”

Free Shipping in the United States

The SwagTron T3 will ship free within the United States and will reach you very quickly. Here is a detailed map indicating how long it will take for the free shipping to bring your SwagTron T3 home. The SwagTron T3 box will contain the T3 Hands Free Smart Board, its high quality UL certified AC Charging Adapter and a SwagTron T3 Owner's Manual.

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Colors, dimensions and details

The SwagTron T3 is available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink and Gold colors, and its dimensions are – Height - 4 inches, Width23 inches and Depth - 7 inches. It weighs 22 pounds (10 kgs) and has a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour and can travel up to 20 miles per charge. Its carrying capacity is 220 pounds (100 kgs). It has a high quality safety tested and UL certified Lithium-Ion Battery.


Specifications at a glance

Number Of Wheels - 2
Batteries Included - Yes
Battery Charger Included - Yes
Rechargeable Battery - Yes
Battery Type - Lithium-ion
Maximum Speed - 8 miles per hour
Maximum Weight Capacity - 220 pounds
Colors - Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink and Gold

Height - 4 inches
Width - 23 inches
Depth - 7 inches
Weight - 22 pounds

Parts - 1 Year
Labor - 1 Year