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Make your Mini Segway safer – install Swagway Sentry Shield™ Battery system in your hoverboard



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Your Mini Segway in all probability was purchased with a regular battery pack. There is nothing wrong with that, and it may have a UL certified Samsung or LG battery, which is high quality battery and should not cause any problem. However, it is still a battery that can catch fire if it gets damaged accidentally. If it is a low quality Chinese battery then it can catch fire due to overcharging or overheating too.

Swagway in their efforts to make the Mini Segway or the hoverboard safer, not just for upcoming next generation evolved hoverboards like the SwagTron, but for existing ones, has come up with a patented battery system that works towards eliminating the risk of fire. It is called the Swagway Sentry Shield™ technology.

Replace your current mini Segway battery with a SwagTron Sentry Shield battery system and make it safer now

This battery was first seen when the SwagTron™, Swagway’s next generation fire retardant hoverboard, was launched in CES 2016 in Las Vegas. We had covered the SwagTron that time, and we had also written about the Sentry Shield™ technology.

Sentry Shield™ battery system by Swagway

The Sentry Shield™ system comprises a specially built aluminum case for the battery that will contain any kind of fire or explosion in the unlikely event of a battery failure, and it will also completely protect the battery from external damage. The Sentry Shield™ system is a patented Swagway system, and the case is made from a special fire retardant aluminum. It is an add-on safety guard for lithium-ion batteries.

safe-swagway-hoverboard-sentry shield battery safety system

Sentry Shield Swagway Battery Safety Technology

The Sentry Shield™ battery is available for $89.99 right now on the Swagway website, you can buy it here.

This Swagway Sentry Shield battery is now available to fit into your existing Swagway X1 hoverboard. The Sentry Shield Batteries have been specially made to fit into the V1 model of the Swagway hoverboards, and there is a specific type of battery system for specific models of Swagway X1 hoverboards. The website currently says that the Sentry Shield Battery system is available for the V1 model and will be made available for the V2 model soon. If you have the V2 model then you can contact the Swagway people and find out if it has become available.

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Watch this video that shows you how to install the Sentry Shield Battery System into your Swagway hoverboard

Quick Tip – How to find out whether your Swagway is a V1 or V2 model

A quick and easy way to find out whether you Swagway is a V1 or a V2 is to look at the wheels. The V1 model has wheels which bulge out.


The V2 model has wheels that do not have the bulge. This is a good way to figure out your model, however, to be absolutely sure you should look for the model number at the labels on your Swagway hoverboard or on the documents that came with the hoverboard.

What if you have some other brand of hoverboard

If you do not have a Swagway, you should not try to fit in the Sentry Shield Battery on your own, but seek help directly from Swagway. Go to the Contact Us section of the Swagway website, and send them an email regarding your query. Alternatively you can just pick up your phone and call them at 1-844-299-0625 any time between 10 am and 8.30 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

The Swagway people are under a lot of delivery and query pressure and have written on their website that they need at least 48 hours to properly respond to any emails and phone calls, so you should contact them quickly so that your query gets answered in a few days.

A very good idea is to watch the video below, featuring a person who has been trained by Swagway engineers, who shows you how to replace the battery of a Swagway with a Swagway Sentry Shield Battery. The person shows it all in a very simple and step by step manner, and even talks about how you can dispose of your old battery safely, which is very important as these batteries can be a fire hazard and are also very harmful to the environment.

How to install a Swagway Sentry Shield™ battery into your existing Swagway - VIDEO

This is a really great video and worth watching right away. You can watch more Swagway related videos here.

Replacing the battery with a Sentry Shield Battery system is almost as simple as opening up one side of the hoverboard, unscrewing the battery holder frame and then screwing the Sentry Shield Battery system into the slots of the battery holder frame. The Swagway X1 and other models of Swagway come with a plastic frame that holds the battery in place. As you will see in the video above, you just need to remove that frame by opening four screws, and then screw in the Sentry Shield Battery case into the same four slots.

If you own a Swagway hoverboard we recommend that you immediately go in for the Sentry Shield™ battery system, and buy one today from here.

Check out recently launched the Swagtron T1 with the SentryShield battery system right now!

Also keep a look out for the Swagway SwagTron which is slated for release soon. Here is a sneak peak at the Swagway SwagTron.


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