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Hatchimals Surprise is out – definitive guide to all the new Hatchimals Surprise – where to buy them and what they are

There are two Hatchimals in each Hatchimals Surprise egg - and that's just the beginnings


New Hatchimals Surprise is here!

The Hatchimals Surprise is a big surprise, and not just big in surprise value but in size too. That's because the eggs don't contain one but two Hatchimals, and they are absolutely new Hatchimals species. That is why the new Hatchimals eggs are much bigger than the older ones. So, its time to zoom in on to the Hatchimals Surprise and go for double the fun. 


They have a different hatching process and the Hatchimals inside will peck their way out of the top of the egg. When you take out the first one, you will have to look into the egg and pull out its twin too! isn't that super exciting! The new Hatchimals of Hatchimals Surprise are different from the original ones, and they can do some new things too. Here is a comparison of the Hatchimal Surprise egg and the Hatchimals egg and the Colleggtibles egg.


Old Hatchimals egg and the Hatchimals Surprise egg


Hatchimals Surprise Egg with the CollEGGtibles eggs

So, it's out, the two Hatchimals Surprise. And now you don't get one, but two Hatchimals from every egg - isn't that double-hatchi-fantastic! The twin Hatchimals are slightly different in nature and actually play with each other if left facing each other. One of the twins will repeat what you tell it, the other one will dance and play with you. If you place both the Hatchimals facing each other, they will play with each other (that's what twins do isn't it!). If they are facing each other they will play games with each other, and also have dance parties, and they will also chuckle and giggle (Isn't that cute), and do other things too.

We have made some exciting unboxing and hatching and playing videos of the Hatchimals Surprise. Have a look at the page contents above, and you can go straight to the section you want to read about. There is a lot of information on the Hatchimals Surprise on this page, have a look around and you may learn something you didn't know.


Since the Hatchimals Surprise new season Hatchimals are all new species, we have also put together e comprehensive guide of all the types of Hatchimals Surprise species available now. As expected the new species are even better than the previous ones. They are furry like real animals and be more real in many ways. 

Hatchimals Surprise - What is it?

Hatchimals are the incredibly popular and cute toys made by Spinmaster that hatch out of eggs, and were all the rage last Christmas. This year in October Spinmaster launched Hatchimals Surprise. The surprise was that in each Hatchimals Surprise egg, you find not one but two Hatchimals. Each egg hatches twin Hatchimals.

The Hatchimals Surprise egg is larger than the original Hatchmals egg, and surprisingly it costs less on Amazon than the original Hatchimals. The Hatchimals Surprise twins cost around $68 while the Hatchimals cost around $72. This price is not updated so have a look at the buying options below to get the latest prices.

Here is a video of the Hatchimals Surprise Pack - have a look at it from all angles!

If you (or your kid) already own the original Hatchimals then you may think that the Hatchimals Surprise will be more of the same thing, but you will be wrong if you assume that. The twins are actually two very different Hatchimals in themselves. One of the twins is very talkative and one likes to dance around a lot. They have very different personalities, and they play with each other too. Just like the original Hatchimals, they have to be reared from baby to toddler to kid, and new games and interactive abilities emerge as they grow to the next level.

The hatching process is a little different as the top Hatchimals pecks its way out of the top of the egg, and then the surprise Hatchimal has to be pulled out from inside the egg. The Hatchimals Surprise egg has to be held, talked to and cuddled before the Hatchimal twins hatch.

Hatchimals Surprise - Unboxing video - 9 year old gets scared

The whole process of unboxing the new Hatchimals Surprise is full of excitement for kids. In fact the excitement begins from the moment they see the beautiful Hatchimals packaging. The rounded egg on top and the colorful packaging showing twins peeking out of an egg.

This is a wonderful unboxing video when the brand new Hatchimals Surprise was presented to them just a few days after the October 6th launch of the Hatchimals Surprise by Spinmaster. Just watch for the little girl who feels scared when the Hatchimals inside move. She thought that it was a real living thing and was quite scared – isn’t that cute.

Enjoy the unboxing video.

Hatchimals Surprise - How to hatch?

The actual hatching process isn’t very different from the hatching process of the original Hatchimals. The egg is much larger and as soon as you remove it from the packaging, which involves unlocking two plastic locks that actually activate the hatching process, the Hatchimals inside start to make some noises.


As you hold the egg and cuddle it, you will notice some movement inside. Then you will see some lights inside, which is the glowing eyes of the Hatchimals. After about fifteen to twenty minutes the colors inside turn rainbow, and then the egg is ready to hatch. The Hatchimals start to crack open the egg from the top, and soon you will be able to peel off the top of the egg and see your first Hatchimals twin. Just pull out the first Hatchimals twin, and then pull out the second one underneath it.


The important thing is to set expectations with the child, that it will take about twenty minutes to half an hour for the egg to hatch. That way they won’t go nuts asking you when it will hatch. The child has to be told that they have to hold the egg, cuddle it and rub it and engage with it for the Hatchimals Surprise to hatch.

The kids get excited the moment the Hatchimals inside start to vibrate and make cute funny noises. There are ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and in some cases fearful yells, if they get worried that an actual animal will hatch out, as happened with a 9 year old, that you will be able to see in the video in the next section!!


Hatchimals Suprise - Hatching video

Here is a hatching video, you can feel the excitement as the twins hatch and come out of the egg. This is so exciting for the little ones. Well after the Hatchimals hatched they became instant fans and spent every waking moment playing with them.

Here is the hatching video, and if you notice you will see that the egg had got a crack in the middle from before. That may have happened during the shipping or while it was being excitedly unpacked by the little ones.

Regardless, have a look at the Hatchimals Surprise hatching.

How the Hatchimals Surprise twins are different?

There are two Hatchimals that come out of each Hatchimals Surprise egg, and they are twins, but very different twins. One of them is talkative and the other dances a lot. As they move from one stage to another, one of them is able to talk back what you say to it, and the other is dancing almost all the time. The twins like to play with each other, and if you place them face to face they start swaying and dancing and talking in a very cute way.

How to play with the Hatchimals Surprise twins?

When the Hatchimals first hatch then you will be at a loss as to what to do with them for some time, as at every opportunity they will become sad and need cuddling or holding, and also they will become ill and you will have to nurse them. After all they are babies. As you play with the Hatchimals, you will need to keep referring to the eye color chart for what to do with them to make them happy and cheerful.


The new thing about Hatchimals surprise is that you have different instructions for different twins. As for how to play with the Hatchimals, a lot more is coming very soon, so stay tuned.

How to identify the Hatchimals Surprise twins

The two Hatchimals Surprise twins are quite different in personality but almost exactly the same in appearance. This makes it very difficult to make out which one is which. Of course there are very easy ways to identify which twin is which – when you look under the hatchimals, on the plastic portion of the bottom of the Hatchimals you will see an ‘A’ and a ‘B” embossed on them. Another major difference is in the weight and the type of battery case they have. One Hatchimal has two AA batteries, while the other has three LR44 button cells. You will think that the twin with the smaller button cells will be lighter but it is actually the opposite. The one with the LR44 buttons is the heavier of the two and is the one that is very talkative. The other one is lighter and it in fact sways when you make it stand. This one is dancing and swaying all the time.

Hatchimals Surprise - Where to buy and what is the cost?

Hatchimals Surprise is available with several online retailers, but only Amazon has the entire range of Hatchimals Surprise species available. Here is a quick view of the different Hatchimals Surprise options available from Amazon.

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Here are images of the eggs of the Hatchimals Surprise Ligull, Peacat, Zuffin, Puppadee and Giraven.


This is the big Hatchimals Surprise Giraven Egg


Check out the Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Egg with double Hatchiness


This is the Hatchimals Surprise Peacat or twin Peacats Eggs


Have double the fun with the Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Egg


The Hatchimals Surprise Puppadee Twins are here

Since the hatching process is going to be different we are sure it will be even more exciting than the last experience with the original Hatchimals. The new Hatchimals Surprise will have rainbow eyes and will hatch out from the top of the egg. When they hatch there is going to be a big surprise waiting. As before the Hatchimals Surprise will be able to break out with some help of the child who is hatching it.

If you want to pre-order the Hatchimals Surprise eggs, then this is where you need to go –


The original Hatchimals were a tremendous hit in Christmas 2016, the Hatchimals Colleggtibles are a craze amongst kids right now, and the new Hatchimals Surprise are going to be an enormous hit in Christmas 2017. Ordering now, before the Christmas rush is a good idea as they might get sold out even before you can reach for the buy button.

It's time to enjoy double the hatchiness!

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