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Electric Bicycles are accelerating beyond imagination

One of the biggest advantages of an electric bicycle is that it allows you to commute without any fear of getting tired or losing steam, and also lets you get your required dose of exercise.

How this happens is through assisted biking. You use your own pedaling power to cycle and whenever you wish to, you utilize the electric motor of the bike.

One of the ways to go about doing this is to convert your regular bicycle into an electric one by fitting in an electric motor kit.

It is important to mention here that you can also fit in a gas motor to your cycle, but that defeats the entire purpose of a environment friendly noise free ride.

An electric bicycle protects the environment and also helps you commute, a gas motor will mean burning fossil fuels and causing pollution.

It is your choice, but the world is going green, and an electric bicycle is the better way to go according to us.

So in short, electric bicycles can make your daily commute a great opportunity to keep fit, without tiring you out. Thanks to its electric powered motor, the moment you feel that you need to relax, just switch to the powered mode and stop cycling. That way you get the best of both worlds.

And now, coming to the actual electric bikes you can buy today.

Swagtron makes some pretty good an robust electric bikes, but not all of them have the option of you being able to pedal, and switch to electric when you wish to.

The SwagCycle EB-5 Pro is a great option as it has pedals and electric motor assist. 

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Here are a bunch of more elctric bieks you can consider. They are all good qualitya dn affordable. These bikes are not specialized ultra amazing models, instead they are practical best sellers, which ahve already proved themselves.

They are safe bets and also cool rides.

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NAKTO 26 inch Cargo Electric Bicycle

The popular Nakto electric bike has a high-strength Carbon Steel Frame. It also has very high quality shock absorbers. Their pricing is also very competitive because they sell directly to consumers.
This electric bike features a high quality brake and gear shift system. It has front V Brakes and rear Expansion brakes. It also has a 6-Speed-Transmission System. Other safety features include a horn and bright LED headlamps. Its 36V, 10AH lithium ion battery is removable, and gives up to 22-28 miles (30-45 km) with a full charge. The brushless motors power this bike up to a maximum speed of 18-25 MPH.
Most importantly it has two modes, E-bike & Assisted bicycle. The battery comes with a 1-year-warranty, the e-bike parts are free for the customers during the quality assurance period. It comes in almost 90% assembled.

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ECOTRIC Electric Beach Snow Bicycle

A fantastically designed electric bike which is 26 inch in size. Get to the max speed of 23 mph, Shimano 7 gear shifting system, 26 by 4.0 waterproof fat tires with loophole design which is anti-skidding, 500W of rear hub motor and charged by 36v lithium cell that comes with a lithium battery charger.

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5 important tips for buying an electric bicycle

1. Be very clear about the purpose of your electric bicycle. You get electric bicycles with different capabilities for hill climbing, long haul biking, everyday commuting or portable design for transporting in public transport. For bicycling on hill roads, you need a bigger wattage motor, ideally a hub motor or a mid mounted motor of over 300 watts. If you are going to be travelling very long distances, then a bigger capacity battery will be very important. If you plan to carry the electric bicycle into trains or buses, then it needs to be foldable.

2. When you buy an electric bicycle you can spend anywhere between $500 to $5000. If you go for a reasonably good quality electric bicycle, it will come in the range of $1000. When you spend that kind of money, it is very important to have a good warranty in place. A 30 day return policy is great but you need warranty for the long haul. Make sure that the electric bicycle has at least a 2 year warranty on the motor, the battery and key components and parts.

3. When you buy an electric bicycle online, it is best to buy from a well known retailer like Amazon, and when you do zoom in on a particular e-bike, be sure to read reviews of customers who have already purchased and used the electric bicycle. Buying an electric bicycle of a known brand is a good way to ensure that you get good quality and a long lasting product. An electric bicycle should last you at least 5 to 10 years.

4. After sales service is important as you will need to regularly service your electric bicycle. When you buy the electric bicycle, do some research about the brand and the company, and be sure to check where their local United States establishments are and where their service centers are. An important choice is whether you want to buy a China made electric bicycle or not. Many people prefer to buy an electric bicycle that is made in the United States. An example is the range of Prodeco Tech electric bicycles which are the highest selling and the most popular, and they are made in the United States.

5. Finally look for these qualities in your electric bicycle – Long lasting quality and durability, portability with if required foldability, established brand of motor and battery, low maintenance, 2 year warranty, lightweight and with local service centers.

Have a look at the Top 10 bestselling electric bicycles above and begin your search for the best electric bicycle for your particular needs. Happy buying and e-biking!

Electric bicycle buying guide - how to buy the best electric bike

Are you planning to buy a bike? No matter the occasion, buying a bike is long journey which starts even before you plan. It is essential to keep these points in mind before making a purchase.

1) Look for a frame that fits your bill

Depending on the purpose, your bike must be selected. Few of the frames that are commonly purchased designed for commuting, cruising and mountain riding. However, utility such as comfort, foldable, moped or e-trikes are also suitable. To find the ideal match, look at the rides height and weight, and functionality such mounting and dismounting.

2) Deciding the right drive train

Drivetrain is powerhouse that provides rotational force to spin the wheel of your e-bikes. It is important to look at the gear systems and get the most fitting bike for your need. Single gear system is ideal for beginners whereas Multi-speed derailleur system offers multi-gear motion for varying speed and acceleration.  Additionally, a belt drive system is low-maintenance and easy on the weight, whereas chain drive offers is a time-tested technique that has survived centuries.

3) What’s the best hub drive for you?

The location of the hub (Front, rear or mid) monumentally affects how the bike operates and feel. A front hub drive motor is located at the front wheel and unleashes a pulling motion in the bike from the front. This setup allows for more space in rear for gears and sprockets.

In a Rear hub drive the motor is located at the rear wheel and gives the bike natural propulsion. Most suited for enthusiasts who want to actual thrill of an e-bike ride. A system befitting of a mountain bike. Whereas the mid drive motor, the hub located at the center that directly fuels the power to the drive train. The feel is like a standard push bike which is more centered and the power distribution is better aligned and lead to efficient utilization of power.

4) Power, the higher, the better? Or is it?

Actually, unlike the gas-driven vehicles, electric bikes have a comparable speed between 15-20 mph. Irrespective of the engine size or power. However, it is recommended to opt for 250-500w range of motor for mountain uphill rides. Higher the weight load on the bike, higher will be the power requirement to mobilize the weight. A rule of thumb is to select 250 watt motor for city ride and in case the rider weighs more than 200 lbs, then 350-400 watts should do the trick.

Keeping an eye on these points will help you select the right bike. To make an informed decision, it is always advised to take a test ride to find the best fit.

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