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Best Snowmobile Dolly

Top 10 Best Snowmobile Dolly – Latest Bestsellers Only

Updated 2024-04-22 at 11:25

Extreme Max 5800.0203 Power Wheels Drivable Snowmobile Dollies - Wide, Gold

A snowmobile dolly makes it incredibly easy to move your snowmobile around, and also to aid in maintenance work. There are many designs and ideas around for snowmobile dollys, but the most cost effective one is the three pieces with wheels that are placed under the sledges and towards the back of the snow mobile. There are two runner dollys and one track dolly.

These three piece simple snowmobile dolly come for under 40 dollars and do a great job. You can also choose a dolly with a frame that gets easily placed under your snowmobile, making it easy to push and pull it around on two wheels, like a wheelbarrow.

Here are 12 quick tips on getting a good snowmobile dolly

  1. It should be made from high quality durable material.
  2. A wider wheelbase will give more stability.
  3. Bigger and stronger wheels are better.
  4. Security cables should be easy to use.
  5. A driveable or steerable snowmobile dolly will let you take it anywhere.
  6. It should be all-terrain and able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  7. It should be usable at high speeds.
  8. It should have reverse movement too.
  9. Ability to fit any sled is a great advantage.
  10. Having ski dollies is a useful extra feature.
  11. It should able to protect the sled from wear and tear.
  12. An add-on advantage is a track dolly for motorized/un-motorized use.

Check out the Top 10 Best Snowmobile Dolly, which are also the latest bestsellers. When you choose one of these Snowmobile Dolly you not only choose the best, you also get the best price.

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!


Extreme Max 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System - Red
1,631 Reviews
Extreme Max 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System - Red
  • Economy dollies perfect for use on smooth, flat surfaces
  • Swivel casters for maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Painted steel dollies with 2.5" nylon wheels
  • Includes two padded ski dollies with strap and one track dolly
  • One-year replacement warranty


KASTFORCE Snowmobile Dolly Heavy Duty Carries up to 1500 lbs (682 kg) V-Slide with 2.5” PVC Swivel Casters Rubber Pad Protecting Skis...
  • Set of 3 roller dollies carries up to 1500 pounds (682kgs)
  • High quality 2.5” PVC swivel casters allow for easy 360˚ turning radius
  • Sturdy, adjustable, nylon tie-down straps x 4
  • Two 8 inch x 10 inch (205mmx 254mm) steel dollies grooved to fit under skis
  • One 7inch x 7 inch (180mm x180mm) dolly for under the rear track


Chievbit Snowmobile Dolly Sets Heavy Duty V-Slide with 2.5” PP/TPR Swivel Casters and Rubber Pad Protecting Skis 1500 lbs Capacity
  • 【Heavy Duty Snowmobile Dolly Set】Simplify the transportation and storage of your snowmobiles with the Chievbit Snowmobile Dolly Set - your trusted solution for moving heavy loads.
  • 【Impressive Weight Capacity】 These roller dollies boast a remarkable combined weight capacity of up to 1500 pounds (682kgs), ensuring secure and convenient mobility.
  • 【Smooth 360˚ Maneuverability】Featuring top-notch 2 ½” PP/TPR swivel casters, experience easy 360-degree turns and smooth movement around tight spaces.
  • 【Secure Attachment】The Chievbit set includes reliable heavy-duty straps for firm attachment to the skis, ensuring worry-free transport.
  • 【Versatile and Durable】Perfect for snowmobiles, snow plows, and various equipment. The rust-resistant powder-coated finish guarantees long-lasting quality.


Black Ice SNO-1509 Snowmobile Dolly Cart, Hoist and Lift
  • Lift and move snowmobiles around your garage or shop floors
  • Maximum 750 lb weight capacity
  • Includes rubber lift pads and an adjustable hook-end strap; two 20" tires for easy movement on most surfaces
  • Full-width leverage handle is easy to use; assembles quickly and intuitively
  • Durable, powder-coated steel construction


LIBRA 3 Pcs Snowmobile Moving Dolly Set 1500 lbs Capacity-27020
  • Use for moving and storage multiple applications including snow-mobiles and snow plows in garage ,can also be used for rolling other equipment around
  • Each dolly is equipped with 4 360 degree swivel casters
  • Durable Heavy duty caster wheel and steel pad for 1500 lbs max capacity total
  • Anti-slide rubber pads and webbing on 2 side v-slide dollies.
  • Rust resistant powder coated finish


Black Ice SNO-Dolly Snowmobile Dolly - 1,500 Pound Capacity
  • Easily move snowmobiles around your garage or workshop with this simple lever-powered universal snowmobile dolly
  • Folds to 83.25" L x 20.375" W x 10" H for compact storage; 1,500-pound weight capacity
  • Plastic front covering protects dolly and sled; rubber padding protects dolley from studded tracks
  • 2 Large front casters and 1 small rear caster for smooth movement; universal size accommodates most dollies
  • Durable, powder-coated steel construction; simple assembly required


KASTFORCE Snowmobile Dollies Full-Rubber-Pad-Protection Heavy Duty Dollies Carries up to 1500 lbs (682 kg) V-Slide with 2.5 Inch Swivel...
9 Reviews
KASTFORCE Snowmobile Dollies Full-Rubber-Pad-Protection Heavy Duty Dollies Carries up to 1500 lbs (682 kg) V-Slide with 2.5 Inch Swivel...
  • Set of 3 roller dollies carries up to 1500 pounds (682kgs)
  • High quality 2.5” swivel casters allow for easy 360˚ turning radius
  • Sturdy, adjustable, nylon tie-down straps x 4
  • Two 8 inch x 10 inch (205mmx 254mm) steel dollies grooved to fit under skis
  • One 7inch x 7 inch (180mm x180mm) dolly for under the rear track with Protecting Rubber Pad


Extreme Max 5800.1060 Monster Dolly M2 - Black
  • Monster wheels - 20 inch diameter, 40 inch wide wheels with reinforced spokes mounted on double heavy-duty oversized bearings
  • Monster frame - leaves room for windshields, and handlebars with risers, hooks, and mirrors and keeps your sled perfectly balanced
  • Monster strength - heavy gauge steel with powder coat finish, made to maneuver the biggest sleds in shop or snow and come back for more
  • Monster features - adjustable lift bars with dual lift points offer maximum lift and perfect fit; extra-wide adjustable lift strap optimizes weight distribution
  • Monster Warranty - Two-year limited warranty


Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Drivable Steerable Snowmobile Dollies - Standard, Fits Skis Up To 7" Wide, Off-Road Compatible,Gold
  • Drivable, steerable dollies work on grass, pavement, gravel, and dirt at speeds up to 5 MPH
  • Oversized 5" wheels with cotter pin assembly
  • Improved, 31% wider wheel base for increased stability
  • Includes two standard ski dollies (for skis up to 7" wide) and a track dolly for motorized and unmotorized use
  • Two-year limited warranty


Extreme Max 5800.2018 Pro Series Adjustable Snowmobile Dolly System
155 Reviews
Extreme Max 5800.2018 Pro Series Adjustable Snowmobile Dolly System
  • Drivable up to 5 MPH, the Pro Series Adjustable Dolly System allows you to maneuver your snowmobile around the garage, yard, or trailer with ease!
  • Oversize wheels and sturdy steel construction easily handle rough terrain, including grass and gravel while protecting surfaces from ski carbide scratches
  • Dolly system securely connects to the skis in just seconds, no tools required; Full width adjustments during assembly allow for a custom fit to your sled's skis
  • Maximum Snowmobile Weight: 650 lbs.
  • Due to variances in manufacturing, the ski support pegs may not align perfectly; however, this will not hinder or interfere with the performance and operation of your ski dolly

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Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly Review - Ultimate monster of a snowmobile dolly


If you want an end to your snowmobile moving troubles, then go in for the Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly. This is one mega monster snowmobile dolly that will completely and utterly take care of all your problems with moving your snowmobile or feel of snowmobiles.

The Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly is a monster of a snowmobile dolly that beats all the other little and brittle ones hollow. This monster has giant 20 inch full rubber wheels that can never go flat. Each wheel has reinforced spokes which are mounted on double heavy-duty oversized bearings for extra strength and load bearing capacity.


Even the frame is a monster frame that leaves more than enough room for windshields, handlebars with risers, mirrors and other accessories. This frame keeps every snowmobile in perfect balance, even the legacy larger snowmobiles. For sheer strength you cannot beat the Extreme Max as it is made with heavy gauge steel with powder coat finish. With this kind of a construct it can easily move around the biggest sleds, whether inside your garage, shop or on the snow.

You can throw anything at this monster and it will keep coming back for more. Especially with the 2 years monster warranty that it comes with. A verified buyer talks about his experience with the warranty, and says that due to a defect his Extreme Max had a break. When he contacted the Extreme Max customer care, they reassured him about the warranty, and his defective dolly was replaced by a spanking new Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly. He further says that he a customer for life and will not think about any other brand.

Other fabulous and monstrous features of this mega snowmobile dolly include adjustable lift bars with dual lift points that offer the maximum lift and a perfect fit. Also no matter how wide your snowmobile is, the adjustable bars can accommodate it. The Extreme Max also features an extra-wide adjustable lift strap that does a fabulous job of distributing the weight for perfect mobility.


Another buyer said that the Extreme Max takes less than ten minutes to assemble and delivers everything promised and more. He further added that this snowmobile dolly does not crush the seats of his snowmobile like smaller dollies did.

The wife of a buyer said that at first she thought her husband was crazy to go in for this monster dolly. Then when she actually used it she realized how easy it was to move the snowmobile around, and found it to be almost as easy as using a stroller. Now, she is completely sold on it.

Another verified buyer was totally impressed with the Extreme Max Snowmobile Dolly. Describing it as a snowmobile dolly with 40 inch wide wheels that were much larger than any of the others he had used, he said that it had beefy round tube frame and the tires were absolutely solid foam filled ones. After using it for a few months, he was delighted with its performance as it was easy to push around even his heavy Yamaha Four Stroke, and said that it lifted his vintage Scorpion and his buddy's IQR racer too.

You can have a look at its details and price on Amazon right now.


Some Tips on choosing a snowmobile dolly

If you want a good snow mobile dolly that will serve your purpose and also last several seasons, you need to look into a few points.

You will obviously have to ensure that the build of the dolly is robust and it is made from durable and strong material. A good point to consider is that your snowmobile dolly should have a wide wheelbase for greater stability. The bigger and stronger the wheels the better your experience with the snowmobile dolly will be and the more it will last. Also, the security leashes should be easy to use.

This part is very dependent on your specific requirements, but in general it will be to your advantage to have some additional features in your snowmobile dolly.

If you want to move it around more easily, your snowmobile dolly should be steerable. The dolly should be sturdy and versatile enough to use on different surfaces like grass, gravel, road, pavement, dirt etc. The wheels should be able perform at high speeds too. Another additional point is that the dolly should be able to handle reversing. It should be able to fit different sled sizes. In addition, you can try and get one with a track dolly that enables motorized and unmotorized usage.


How to maintain a Snowmobile - some great tips for all you snowmobile junkies

Like any other vehicle, Snowmobile runs on the same mechanics except for the roller track that makes it plod through the snow. In order to ensure longevity and max out the durability of the machine, it is necessary to oil the gears and grease the engine. Although a tedious affair, these quick and dirty tips will make your servicing job a piece of cake.

Replace chain case lube and tighten the chain

Look into the chain case and identify the condition of the set. If the oil is slippery, fluid and smooth, then it is good for use. In case, the oil is dense, darker and inconsistent in its texture, it’s a signal for an oil change. Where the oil is lesser than the ideal requirement, make sure it is replenished. Tightening a chain to the prescribed specification will ensure synchronized drive and propulsion.

Hyfax upkeep and replacement

Hyfax is the slippery surface on the bottom of the suspension rail that helps the vehicle to slide against the track. Due to wear and tear, the edges and outer skin of the hyfax sustain a lot of damage. If left unchecked, it can dampen the speed and mobility of the snowmobile. Even if 1/8th of the hyfax falls under the line, it must be swapped with a new piece.

Fixing the exhaust manifold

The thumb rule to find out if the exhaust manifold is tarnished with soot and carbon stains is to inspect the cylinders at the front under the hood. If they are sticky and coated with murky gunk, then the manifolds need a thorough cleansing. Remove the Y-pipe from the cylinder, clean the mount and inspect the pipe seams for separation. If the joints between exhaust systems have any broken exhaust spring, it’s time to get them fixed or replaced.

General greasing in regular intervals

A vastly trivial yet grossly powerful method to maintain the luster and sturdiness of the snowmobile is to ensure that the machine is greased appropriately. Take a few minutes to inject a few drops of fresh grease in the front & back suspension, steering component, and the drive train.

Scrub and check lights

It is lifesaving to double check the condition and illuminating capacity of the tail light and brake lights. Power up the sled and switch on all the blinkers and lights. In case you see any dim or broken light, replace it instantly.

While this is definitely not an exhaustive list of checks, all of these vital checks will prolong the life of the sled. Ski and track alignment, the life of reed cages and petals, carbides etc. should also form part of the maintenance ritual for safe snow riding.

Here are some great snowmobile maintenance accessories you can take a look at

The right accessories at the right time is what makes all the difference. Here are some good options that you can check out for your snowmobile.


Best Snowmobile Chain and Sprocket Lubricant


Best Snowmobile Battery Maintainer and Recharger


Best Snowmobile Cable Lubricant


Best Snowmobile Replacement Battery


Best Snowmobile Gloves

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