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The Best LED Shoes and a massive buying guide to boot!

What is the best thing about LED shoes?

They brighten up the mood instantly.

They aren't just a new fad or fashion, they are actually mood elevators. Wear a pair and walk out, and people will smile and even chat with you. They are happiness magnets.

And now, LED Shoes have found a permanent place in your wardrobe. One of the reasons they are so popular, is their price.

Despite being a totally new phenomenon, they are quite cheap. You can get a pair for under 20 dollars. The problem is making a good choice, from the massive variety of brands.

There are a huge number of brands of LED Light Up Shoes available today. Most are made in China, but they are good to buy as long as you buy from a website like Amazon. Their return policy will help you get the shoes replaced on the off chance that you get a defective pair.

Best 10 LED shoes, and getting better!

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode, why am I telling you this? Just for information. It is because of LED technology that we are able to have these amazing Light Up shoes and a whole lot of other LED related innovations.

LED shoes are extremely popular now, and some of the best online stores for buying LED Light Up shoes are,, and of course

Not only are Light Up shoes becoming a part of the culture and dressing of today, they are also evolving. Now you have LED shoes that light up the upper part of the shoes and not just the sole. These new LED shoes use fiber optic fabric.

Another great thing about LED shoes becoming popular is that their prices have come down quite a bit. These shoes started off costing around $60 to $70, but now you can get a pair for as low $11.99. In fact this pair of Kaliedo LED shoes is really cheap.

This article will bring you the latest and best LED Light Up shoes available to buy today, and also a whole lot more. These Top 10 Best LED Shoes Online are the latest bestsellers. They burst upon the scene in 2015, along with hoverboards, and are now getting more and more popular.

Check out these latest, coolest and hottest shoes in town. When you choose one of these LED Shoes Online you’ll be part of the hip set who know the know. Go pick them light up shoes and shine brighter than anyone else.

If you love to be in the center of the action, if you love music, then you will love these light up shoes. You can also explore some LED light up hoodies and other accessories.

Now is the best time to light up your every move, whether at a party or in a concert or out for the night with your friends.

1. WONZOM FASHION High Top LED Light Up Shoes

Fancy Unisex Light Up sneakershoes with USB charging. Imported product. Made of PU leather, cotton covering inside that absorbs sweat and keeps your foot dry, a switch that helps you to get the desired lights on, cable to charge and fashionable in all seasons.

  • These LED shoes by Wonzom Fashion are made from PU leather, and are carefully designed to deliver the best performance and looks.
  • The inner part of the shoe is extra comfortable as it contains high quality cotton.
  • The cotton inner also absorbs sweat and any moisture, and keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Essentially the Wonzom Fashion Led shoes have a rubber sole, PU leather upper, cotton lining and are filled with high quality moisture absorbent cotton.
  • This light up shoe has a on/off button hidden inside the lining of the shoe on the inner, just below the USB port used for charging the shoes.
  • When you press this button it switches on the shoe and subsequent presses change the color of the LED lights and the flashing sequence.
  • These LED shoes come with a dual charging cable that connects to both the shoes at the same time. This cable however needs to be plugged into a laptop or a phone charger.
  • When the shoes are charging, then the LED lights blink red.
  • These shoes have 7 colors and are all season shoes, which are breathable and trendy.

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2. Idea Frames Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes

These are a cool pair of Rechargeable Light Up sneakers. It has attractive LED lights, made of breathable material, enduring, safe wear, lightweight, easy to clean, have them fully charged in only 2-3hours and fiber optic cloth protects the LED from water splashes. For men and women both.

  • These Idea Frames fiber optic light up shoes are the newest technology in LED light up shoes.
  • These shoes have a fiber optic upper material that glows with different colors.
  • They are the best choice for wearing to parties, music concerts or just a get together. They are also ideal for night running as they make the runner visible to oncoming vehicles.
  • This new light up upper cloth design makes these shoes very attractive and will make you the center of attention in any party. For night running they are a great option as they are breathable, durable and increase your safety.
  • These fiber optic light up shoe have a hidden switch inside the lining, which is used to turn them on and change the light color and mode. this switch is very well designed and will not cause any discomfort, in fact you wont, even know that it is there.
  • The shoes are charged with a USB port just above the switch. You need to charge the shoes for about 2-3 hours for them to last 5-8 hours. The number of hours the shoes light will last depends on the colors you choose and the lighting modes.
  • The upper part is made from a fiber optic cloth, into which the LED lights are integrated. This advanced fiber optic cloth delivers greater advantages compared to the light up soles of other LED shoes.
  • The Fiber Optic Cloth Upper results in better water repellency, better foldability of the shoes when you are wearing them, and of course an incredible lighting effect.
  • This new material also makes the shoes resistant to splashing, and enables them to endure higher temperatures.
  • The shoes also have a high abrasion endurance EVA outsole.
  • Another advantage of the fiber optic material is that the weight of the shoes is significantly reduced. They weigh just about 500 grams, which is much lesser than the traditional LED light up shoes with the LED lights in the rubber soles.
  • These Idea frames LED shoes are also great for kids to enjoy and also be safe in.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the shoes is also easier. To clean the upper part of the shoe you need to wipe it with a wet cloth or towel. If the shoes have a stain then you can use a wet sponge eraser or brush. You need to dry out the shoes by keeping them in a well ventilated place.
  • Water safety - Though the shoes can withstand splashes and also sprinkling water, you should never submerge then in water as that will spoil them.
  • These Idea Frames LED Light Up shoes are great as gifts, especially as a Christmas gift to youngsters. They will also make a nice birthday present or a surprise for your kids on any festival or celebration.

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3. Sanyes Sports LED Light Up Shoes
3,504 Reviews

3. Sanyes Sports LED Light Up Shoes

This is a fine pair of Light Up shoes to give you a sporty look. Cotton fabric material used for lining, PU leather rubber sole, 11 different lighting modes, a button that helps you to control the lights that is located near the USB port and rechargeable. Lasts for 8-10 hours after 2-3 hours of charging. For men and women both.

  • Sanyes is an established name in LED light up shoes, with many popular models.
  • This pair of Sanyes light up shoe have a PU leather upper, a rubber sole and cotton lining.
  • It is important to order the right size of Sanyes shoes as the sizes may vary as per your region. So it is bets to carefully measure the length of your foot from heel to toe, and then use the chart provided on the Amazon product page to order the correct size. Many buyers advise buying half a size up as they are usually slightly smaller than expected.
  • It is also important to buy as per the men's and women's separate sizing charts. If you buy a men's shoe according to the woman's chart or vise versa, your shoe size will be wrong.
  • The switch for turning on the shoes and changing the light colors and lighting modes is hidden within the inner seam of the shoes.
  • When you press the switch, then the LED lights in the sole come on, and with each press the color changes and also the lighting modes.
  • The different light colors are on pressing the switch once the shoes will glow red. On pressing twice, blue. Then green, purple, sky blue, yellow, white, then blinking white, then slow changing of all the colors, then fast changing of all the colors, then blinking and changing colors together, and finally on the 12th pres, the lights go off.
  • To charge the shoes, just plug int he provided dual charging cable into the USB ports of the shoes and the other end into the USB port of a laptop or a mobile charger or a backup battery.
  • Charging the shoes for 2 to 3 hours will keep them going for 8 to 10 hours.

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No products found.

No products found.

6. Odema Unisex High Top LED Shoes

Odema's Light Up Shoes with V 4.0 upgraded LED lights. Made of a breathable material, 1 inch heel, PU leather, rubber sole, 8 attractive light modes, can be recharged by USB in just 3 hours, easy wear. The best choice of footwear to get noticed.

  • The Odema Light Up shoes are one of the most popular. Made from PU Leather, they feature a rubber outsole.
  • The heel of the Odema LED shoes are approximately 1 inches. These shoes come in a variety of colors including a popular shiny gold that is a favorite with dance enthusiasts.
  • These shoes are unisex the sizes are true to women's sizes. To order men's shoes it is important to refer to the size chart that is given on the Amazon product page.
  • Odema LED shoes come with a 30 days quality guarantee, that does not require returns.
  • Like most light up shoes there is a hidden switch that is within the inner hem of the shoes. This switch is just under the shoe's USB port that is its charging port. The easiest way to find the button is to push with your fingers in and around that area until you hear a click and the shoes come on. After the first time, you will be able to locate and use the switch very easily.
  • When you switch on the Odema LED shoes, it starts glowing a steady red. Each subsequent press of the switch will change the color and the mode of glowing lights. Pressing the switch 11 times will turn off the LED lights. Alternatively you can press and hold down the switch for 3 seconds to turn off the shoes.
  • When you receive the Odema shoes, for the first time, you need to switch on the lights of both shoes and keep them on till the power is completely drained and the lights go off. After that you need to charge the shoes for a minimum of 3 hours. Charging is through the provided USB dual cable.
  • The different light modes in the Odema LED shoes are similar to others, and have the following sequence - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, White, Auto-change-color mode and power off.

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7. SLEVEL LED Light up Shoes
4 Reviews

7. SLEVEL LED Light up Shoes

One of the most popular LED shoes, SLEVEL, has been taking good care to deliver only top quality products. Their shoes ship straight from the Amazon warehouse cutting down on time and ensuring high quality. With 7 static colors and 11 lighting patterns, it offers everything you need in a pair of light up shoes. Made from a combination of synthetic leather and cloth, these shoes are breathable, and have wear-resistant rubber soles.

  • The Slevel light up shoes are made from synthetic leather and cloth. It features high quality synthetic leather, and a comfortable inner cloth lining. The rubber sole is of a new material that is resistant to bending, more durable and better suited to sports or dancing.
  • High-quality synthetic leather and cloth combination of network,rubber sole,and using a new resistant to bending LED lights, more durable and more suitable for sports.
  • The color modes and switch on and color changing button is int eh inside of the hem of the shoe, and operates like most other light up shoes.
  • Slevel advises buyers to refer to their sizing chart on their Amazon product page to get a correct shoes size. They also advise that their size chart will be unique to their brand so they should not go according to other size charts of other brands.
  • The shoes come with a dual charging cable that has to be attache to power source like a laptop, mobile charger or power bank, to charge the shoes.
  • The shoes have to be cleaned with a dry cloth and one should avoid getting them wet.
  • Using a mobile phone charger to charge the shoes is perfectly safe.
  • There may be slight difference sin color, from the images shown online due to the lighting or angle of the shoes, so this should be kept in mind.

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8. Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes

Flaunt your style in parties with these LED light up shoes. It has luminous lights that have 7 single color mode and 4 flashing modes, portable, made of fiber optic material that makes it ultra light, recharges in 2-3 hours and use for 5-8 hours, sole of EVA material that keeps your foot dry.

  • The Shinmax optical fiber light up shoes are a step up from the original LED shoes with the LED lights in the rubber sole of the shoes. These light up shoes have 7 different glowing colors and 4 different lighting modes.
  • They are the ultimate cool for wearing to a party, concert or a festival. With Shinmax shoes on your feet, you will be at the center of all attraction and the cynosure of all eyes.
  • These shoes are also being worn by members of music bands and dancing troupes.
  • Since these shoes are made with a fiber optic mesh, they are very light and also have great breathability. This ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable and sweat evaporates very quickly. Due to the comfortable and lightweight material and high abrasion endurance of the soft rubber soles, they are good for long periods of outdoor and indoor walking too.
  • The outsole of these shoes are made from soft and flexible EVA material, that makes the very durable and resistant to abrasion. The soft and comfortable inner sole also ensures that your feet are well padded and protected from impact.
  • These Shinmax LED shoes have a different placement of the USB cord and switch. The switch is found just inside the strap coming out from the top of the heel of each shoe. That strap is placed outside the wearing area of the shoes, so there is no chance of it causing any discomfort to the wearer. This hidden USB port and switch makes it ultra convenient to charge the shoes and also to switch on and off the shoes, as well as change the color and lighting modes. Click here to watch a video that demonstrates the placement of the switch and USB port.
  • These shoes come with a USB charger cable that has to be plugged into a laptop, phone charger or power bank. You need to charge the shoes for 2-3 hours to get about 5-8 hours of lighting. These exciting new fiber optic LED shoes by Shinmax make a great present for any occasion, whether a birthday, or a festival like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Go ahead and wear the coolest light up shoe sin the market now.

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9. UBELLA Girl's Light Up Flashing LED Shoes

It is a girl's sequins slip on loafers LED light up shoes for kids and toddlers. A very cute footwear for children with installed lights and replaceable batteries. The bling sequins material and easy slip on makes the kids love them.

  • The Ubella LED shoes are specially designed for girls and have a unique design.
  • These girl's light up shoes have light up sequins, with a flat heel. The lining is cloth, and the sole is rubber.
  • A unique feature of the Ubella LED shoes is that you also get extra LED replacement lights int he package.
  • The slip on design makes it especially suited for kids as they can be easily wear and take off the shoes.
  • These light up shoes have LED lights built into the rubber soles.
  • Since they are designed specially for kids, the shoes light up when a kid jumps and their heel applies pressure on the back portion of the shoes.
  • These are great as gifts for kids, whether a birthday gift or a festival like Christmas.

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10. UNN Light Up Shoes for men and women

A super cool pair of light up shoes with glowing lights. Stylish and safe insole, switch to operate the lights, fly woven material outside, 11 different light modes, recharges in 2-3 hours and lasts for 8-11 hours.

  • The Unn light up shoes are made from fly woven fabric.
  • These shoes are charged through USB ports and a power source like a laptop, mobile charger or a power bank.
  • The Unn LED shoes need to be charged 2-3 hours for 8 to 10 hours of lighting time.
  • When you first get these Unn LED shoes, you should switch them on and keep them on till the batteries die out. After that you need to charge the shoes for 2-3 hours.
  • The shoes have a knit fabric top and a sole that is made from a non-skid rubber. Being a woven fabric the shoes are breathable and soft, making them comfortable even for long wearing periods.
  • The charging port is on the inside seam of the shoes, and the switch to turn on the lights is just below the USB ports. You can either press the button 12 times or keep the button pressed down for 3 seconds to power off the LED shoes.

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Latest - Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes - Top 10 Best

The latest innovation in LED light up shoes is quite exciting. These new light up shoes are called fiber optic LED light up shoes, and instead of the sole of the shoe, the entire upper of the shoe lights up with LED lights.

That means your entire shoe is lit up in incredibly beautiful textures. Here is a look at the way these fabulous new fiber optic LED shoes look.


The material of the upper of these shoes is fiber optic cloth. It is this fiber optic cloth that enables the entire upper of the shoe to light up in irradiant colors. These newly launched fiber optic light up shoes use innovative fiber optic technology and absolutely state-of-the-art LED lighting to light up the fabric of the upper shoe, and give an effect that nothing else can match.

The good thing is that many buyers are saying that shoes don't get spoilt by a splash of water like the other regular sole lighting LED shoes. They can withstand some water and are also to be cleaned with a damp cloth. The shoes do not look very exciting in the day time, but at night they really light up the place. Get ready to be the center of all attraction in a party, concert or any gathering.

Have a look at a video of how to charge a fiber optic light up shoe, and where to find the switch that turns on the LED lights, changes colors and lighting modes.

Here are the Top 10 Best Fiber Optic Light Up LED Shoes

These are the hottest models in the market today, and they are also the top bestsellers. Just click the button to see the entire list of the Top 10 Best Fiber Optic LED Shoes in all their glory.

Here is a video demonstration of a sample pair of fiber optic led light up shoes. Watch and then click on the button to get your own pair. They are incredibly cool. Be the first one to own a pair!

Cheapest Light Up Shoe - GreatJoy LED Shoes – Under $15


The GreatJoy Adults and Kids LED Shoes are one of the cheapest Light Up Sneakers on Amazon. The amazing thing is that they also have very good reviews. Imagine getting a pair of LED Light Up Shoes for just 14 dollars or so. That is a really low price for a pair of brilliant light up shoes that are quite wonderful.

These Light Up Shoes are made from a fabric upper and a rubber sole. The platform of the shoes are 1 inch, and the shoes are available in two colors, green and grey. Like all LED shoes they have USB ports for charging the shoes. The sole is non-slip, and the upper is made from a good quality woven fabric that makes the whole shoe durable and smart.

Also, like usual light up shoes, the switch for changing the colors and the mode of lighting is through a switch that is hidden inside the seam of the shoes. Powering off the shoes requires you to keep the switch pressed for about two seconds. These shoes are ideal as a gift for children or anyone who is into music concerts, parties and clubbing.

The charging time of the shoes is 1-3 hours and they last for around 8 hours, which is enough for any party or outing to a concert or event.

The shoes are good quality and has numerous high ratings from actual buyers. The shipping weight of the shoes is 1.65 pounds.

One thing you need to be careful about is your shoes size. Here is a simple way to choose. When a buyer asked what size of GreatJoy Light Up Shoes to order if they wear size 6-7 in the US, the brand representative suggested that the buyer should go in for 8.5 B women which is similar to 7D men OR 7B women which is same as 5.5D men.

However, when you go to the Amazon listing of the shoes, you only get the option to choose from toddler and small child shoe sizes.

Have a look at the GreatJoy Light Up Shoes from Binlong manufacturers here.

LED shoes now come with sensors for movement and music too

As the LED Shoes industry evolves, we are now seeing several kinds of Led shoes available online. Until 2016 there was a typical Led shoe that had single color or combination colors modes, but now we have more options. However, the classic and the most popular Led shoes remain the ones that offer the base functions at a reasonable price of around $40 or so.

Just to recap, LED shoes have some basic features and functionalities – an LED lights strip that goes into the sole of the LED shoes; a control switch that lets you shift from solid colors to pulsing to combination colors; a rechargeable battery; a USB charging port.

Today these basic features have expanded into LED Light Up shoes with music sensors, LED shoes that can be controlled with an app and ones that are activated by your movement. There are LED shoes that will have the tips light up and then the heels as you walk. There are some dancing LED shoes that will light up according to your dance moves.

History of the Led Light Up Shoe


Light Up Shoes of Yesterday

The light shoes of today have come a long way from the blinking shoes that every kid had to wear back in the eighties. They were the original light up shoes, though they would light up only when the pressure of the foot switched on the lights in the soles.

The company that made these mostly kids light up shoes was LA Lights. For a few years these shoes were the rage, but then they vanished. The reasons were many, including changing fashions in the nineties, and a mercury related health hazard with the original LA Lights shoes.

Since that first brush with LED lights, the light up shoes have come a long way. That blinking LED lights idea remained in shoes for children and indeed spread to every part of the world, but it was just another kind of shoe. These ‘light up when you walk’ shoes were more of a variety of shoe that parents often buy for young children who have just learnt how to walk.

The first modern Light Up Shoes

Then in 2013 a pair of designers Yifang Wan and Samuel Yang came up with a shoe brand 'Simulation' featuring LED lights in the soles. That was the beginning of the current craze for light up shoes. Samuel Yang graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art just in 2013, and is already a world famous designer. Yifang Wan is also a graduate of Central Saint Martin MA, and is a world renowned minimalistic designer. The original light up shoes, Simulation, were for around $700, and they did make the headlines when they came out. Then the Chinese manufacturers took over.

Yifang Wan Samuel Yang Simulation Hoverboard Shoes Light up Falshing LED Sneakers

Like the two wheel hoverboard, the components of the LED Light Up shoes were suddenly being manufactured in every electronics factory in Shenzhen, China’s largest electronics manufacturing hub. The blinking LED lights had turned into something else altogether.

Lot of difference between the new Light Up Shoes and the old ones

The new light up shoes feature a completely surrounding string of LED lights that stay on, change colour and light up in different patterns, all with the press of a small hidden switch. Another major difference is that the new light up shoes are rechargeable. They have a regular USB port hidden inside the hem of the shoe. You can just plug the shoes into a laptop and charge them. The switch to put the shoes on and shift from one color to another and to different modes is also inside the hem of the shoes.

Light Up Shoes price comes down to $30

light-up-shoes-colours-best hoverboard brands

With more and more light up shoes being manufactured and sold, the price came down to between $20 and $60, and the craze truly and fully bloomed. Every kind of shoe from sports shoes to high ankle shoes started to come out with LED lights. The shoes mostly had 7 different light colors, and in the latest crop of shoes it has gone up to 9 different colors.

light up shoes 7 colors best hoverboard brands

Tips to buy LED Shoes

#1 Decide what you need the LED shoes for before buying

There are Led shoes made for night running which are more comfortable, have more cushioning and have basic light up modes. These are best for running at night of staying visible in darkness. Conversely, there are LED shoes that are made for dancing and going to a night club. These are more stylish, have more lighting options, cane have motion and sound sensors too.

So decided what you want your LED shoes for and go in for the right kind.

#2 Go in for a pair of LED shoes in the mid range budget

There are some extremely cheap Led light up shoes available today. The problem is that they have a high chance of going bad before you have used them properly. If you compromise on the price, then the LED Shoes may even arrive broken. It is better to go in for a mid range when it comes to budget, and choose a good pair of LED shoes that will last. The very high priced Led shoes may not be a great choice as the difference in quality may not be that much.

So the best thing is to buy a pair of Led shoes that is in the mid price range, around $40.

#3 Buy from a reliable online store only – like

As you must already know, LED shoes are mostly (and maybe completely) made in China. This means that there are thousands of Chinese manufacturers with varying degrees of quality control making these LED shoes. If you buy a pair from an online store, and if you are unlucky, the LED shoes may arrive defective. Many people have complained of Led shoes that have only parts of the LED strip lighting up, or one shoes arriving broken. To avoid such a situation or even the situation of the LED shoes going kaput after wearing it once or twice, we strongly suggest that you buy them from a reliable and well know online retailer like Amazon. Amazon has a solid 30 days return policy which should be more than enough for your LED shoes, as they break pretty quickly if they are not robust. And if you wear them a few times and they stop working, you just need to return them to Amazon and get your refund or replacement.

So try and buy your Led shoes from a big online retailer like Amazon to leverage their return and refund policy.

What are LED Light Up Shoes

LED Shoes are regular shows with LED light strips built into them. Usually the LED light strips are inside the sole of the shoe, and they are controlled by a battery pack with a circuit board. This simple yet exciting creation is now in demand in all corners of the world.

In the US everyone who is even a little fashion conscious (meaning nearly every youngster and most of the adults), has a pair of LED shoes. And those who like to party, have several pairs of these shoes that light up in different colors.

Not only have LED shoes been flaunted by top celebrities as you see here, they are an important part of many shows. Have a look at this video that shows the top 10 best LED shoes.

LED Shoes also known as Light Up Shoes are now available in hundreds of online stores and some stores are actually based purely on LED apparel from shoes to bags to hoodies to t-shirts. A few of these are Electricstyles, Hoverkicks and Lighinthebox.

A great way to know about LED shoes and to have your questions answered is to look at what other people are saying about them. Most LED shoes are the same, they have an upper and a sole that houses LED light strips. These LED strips are controlled by a circuit board integrated with the battery box. They are made in China and it is a good idea of buy from a store like Amazon as you get the 30 day return advantage. If for some reason there is a defect you can just send it back and get a new pair.

Also Light Up Shoes have also become popular as an accessory for riding a hoverboard. In case hoverboards interest you, do read up about the hoverboard shoes.

Below you will be able to read all about LED shoes and look at hundreds of answers to question that have been given by people who have already bought and used Led shoes. Sue this great resource to find out about Led shoes and then head over to Top 10 Best Led shoes to pick a pair that is awesome.

Led shoes are everywhere and so are questions about them. This article covers some of the most common questions asked about the Odema Women's Unisex Led Light Up shoes on Amazon. Most of the questions though are common to all LED light up shoes. Go to the section you want to read about by checking out the summary of the article in the beginning.

Best LED shoes for shuffling #shuffledance

Shuffling is a dance that has its roots in jazz and swing, and looks great when done well. To do the shuffle dance you need to first learn the basic steps of the running man shuffle. Beginner have to start with the basic and can then move on to other steps like the spin and reverse shuffle and many more.

Watching the running man shuffle is almost hypnotic and you immediately want to start doing it yourself. Led shoes make a great combination for shuffling, so we have put together a few choice LED light up shoes that you can by for shuffling.

Before looking at the Led shoes, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you have a good look at this video and learn the basic running man shuffling step. Right below that video is another one where the dancers are wearing LED shoes and showcasing the next level of shuffle steps, the reverse shuffle, the spin and much more.

Basic Shuffling Step – The Running Man How to Dance

The Running Man is the basic step of shuffling and the foundation on which shuffling moves are built. As a beginner you must master this step before learning anything else. Of course the best way is to watch an instructional video, which is there just below the instructions, but it always does good to read the instruction in black and white so that you do not misinterpret or miss out on an important point.

Step 1:

Begin by standing straight up with your feet together. Keep your toes in the forward direction.

Step 2:

Now raise your right knee till it reaches your waist level. If you can raise it higher even better, but don’t over stretch or overexert. It should be a nice comfortable but bouncy upward step.

Step 3:

Now comes the tricky part or at least slightly tricky. When you bring your right knee down to the ground, at the same time you have to hop and slide your left foot back. This creates the running forward motion. At the end of this step, your body weight should be on your right foot. Kep this in mind.

Step 4:

Now do the same thing for the left leg. This completes one cycle of the running man shuffle dance. Keep practicing this step till your can do it really well. It forms the foundation of the shuffle dance. Of course you should do it wearing your Led shoes so that it looks totally awesome.

How to do the Running Man shuffle video

Shuffling with LED shoes video

Three best LED shoes for shuffling

1. Sanyes LED Dancing Shoes


These are very well made LED shoes that are perfect for shuffling and in fact all kinds of dancing.

With cotton lining and a PU leather sole, this shoe is very comfortable, and allows you to dance and move with ease. The fit is like regular tennis shoes, and you can see whether you want a 'm' which is medium, 'r', which is regular or a 'w', which is wide fit.

2. Odema LED Shoes for Shuffling Dancing


These are very popular LED shoes and are a great choice for shuffling and dancing. The Odema LED shoe have a rubber sole and deliver all day comfort. The insole is a little thin so you can think about putting in an extra insole if you want to be extra comfortable for a long time.

Literally thousands have bought these LED shoes and are very satisfied. You will definitely make a statement with your dance in these cool LED light up shoes.


3. Electric Styles Electro LED Dancing Shuffling Shoes


Electric Styles were one of the first big brands in LED shoes and are still ahead in the market. These Electro LED shoes will make your dance steps look quite something and give you the comfort and agility you need to do your best work.

Made from synthetic and rubber, these are excellent for your shuffle routine. They also come with a 60 day Electric Styles warranty. They have a snug fit and the LED lights sole is waterproof, though you cannot immerse them in water or wash them. These shoes are not at all stiff and feel good to wear for long periods of time.

LED Shoes questions common answered

LED Shoes FAQs like 'What LED shoe size should I buy' and others

Eeny meeny myni moe, catch a shoe by its toe, if it light up, let it glow... LED shoes light up in so many colors - red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, yellow or white!

Are you one of those who love dressing up, and having their own style statement? If yes, then these LED shoes are definitely for you. These are not just trendy but will also make you stand out from the rest. The shoes usually come with a dual USB charging connector that helps you in charging your gorgeous pair of shoes. LED shoes come in up to 11 vibrant colours. So, you can really choose what color and what style.

LED shoes are all the rage, and why shouldn’t they be, they are quite cheap, are available on Amazon with the safety net of the 30 days return policy and can completely transform your personality when you wear them.

Millions of Americans have already bought LED shoes, also called Light Up Shoes, and they are most often seen in parties, concerts, are worn by joggers, runner and even those who hoverboard at night. They are called Hoverboard Shoes, Light Up Sneakers and LED Light Shoes.

The LED shoes phenomenon has in fact gone further and transformed into a LED hoodies, LED T-shirts and LED sunglasses craze. All of these are easily available online and, your best bet is to buy them from Amazon. Check out this definitive light up hoodies guide.

Led shoes questions answers

Coming back to LED shoes, they are mostly Chinese made and incorporate very basic technology. LED shoes have four main components – the upper part of the shoes, which are made of different material like PU leather, rubber, cloth and mesh, the semi-transparent sole of the shoe which has a special hollow space for fitting in the LED components of the shoes, the LED lights strip which goes all around the shoe and the battery and controller unit which is placed inside the sole of the shoe in the heel area. You can say that the charging cables are also another component but they are actually an extension of the battery unit. If you want to get to know what exactly goes into the making of an LED shoe, then read this definitive guide to LED shoes.

In essence, in every LED shoe there is a rechargeable battery, that lights up an LED light strip which is housed inside the sole of the shoe. This battery unit is charged through the USB cable that is hidden on the inside of the shoe near the first shoelace eyelet on the inner side of the shoe (left side for the right shoe, right side for the left shoe).

The LED lights are controlled by pressing a switch which is inside the lining of the shoes again just below the first eyelet on the left side of the shoe. When you press this button, the LED lights of the shoe changes color and also goes from solid light to flashing light mode.

LED shoes questions answered is a bank of questions and answers, asked by potential buyers and answered by actual buyers. These LED Light Up shoes are a real craze now, with the light up craze even spreading to hoodies, T-shirts, sunglasses and other apparel.

The LED shoes questions and answers in this article have also been asked about the Helen's Men's Pinkmartini 7 Colors Light Up High Top Sports Sneakers on Amazon. These questions are generic ones and the answers apply to most LED shoes available to buy from online stores.

Helen's Pinkmartini is one of the most popular models of LED shoes, and is a bestseller on Amazon. If you want to find out about a specific aspect of the LED shoes,check out the exhaustive list of questions answered by actual buyers further down the article.

We are sure you must be having a lot of questions. But, don’t worry; we are here to help you. Wondering how convenient it is to charge these shoes? Well, sometimes, during the transit your shoes may run out of battery, but all you need to do is, find the charging port right by the ankle in the shoes and plug in the charger cable into a USB port of a laptop or a powerbank.

What LED shoe size should I buy?

Generally the LED shoes sizes that are displayed are women’s shoe sizes and are about a half point smaller than the regular sizes in the United States. So if you are a woman, you should buy either the same size that you normally wear or if your feet are slightly larger/wider, then buy half a size larger than what you wear regularly. If you are a man then you should buy one size bigger than what you usually wear in the US.

This shoes size adjustment has been inferred after going through countless reactions and comments of actual buyers on Amazon. In fact you can read about Led shoes questions answered by actual buyers on Amazon here.

Here is a simple conversion table of shoe sizes in the US, Europe and China:​


How do you switch off the lights in LED shoes and change the colors and the lighting mode?

All Led shoes have a switch that is inside the hem of the shoes near the first shoelace eyelet on the inner side of the shoe. It is positioned close to the point where the USB charging wires come out. When you feel around on that spot and press, you will feel a button clicking and the LED shoes will come on. If you press the button again, it will change color. Pressing the button will keep changing the colors, and then after the sixth of seventh press, the mode of lighting will change from solid to blinking. Finally by the ninth press, the shoe light will go off. Press it once more and the lights will come on again.

This is where you will find the switch for the lights of your LED shoes:


So, to switch on or off the lights of your LED shoes, just keep pressing the hidden button inside the hem of your LED shoe just under the charging cables near the first shoelace eyelet, on the inner side of the shoe.

How do I charge my LED shoes?

There is a charging wire that is placed inside the shoes near the first shoelace eyelet on the left part of the shoe, just connect the wire to the provided USB charging extension cable.

This is where the charging wires are in the Led shoes:

This is how it looks when you connect the USB charging dual wire to the shoes:


Now just plug in the USB cable into your laptop or any other USB charging port, and in an hour or so your shoes will get fully charged.

How long does a full charge of the LED shoes last?

A full charge usually keeps your LED shoe lit up for about nine hours. This is the estimate given when you keep the LED shoes lit on the solid light mode. If the shoes are on the blinking modes, the time might be marginally less than nine hours. Although all manufacturers claim nine hours, in our experience the normal time is about eight hours.

Led Shoes best hoverboard brands

In any case they stay lit up for long enough that you can have an all-night party with your shoes lit all through. If you are planning on keeping your LED shoes on for longer than eight nine hours, then the trick is to carry another pair of fully charged LED shoes with you which you can change into when the first pair’s charge goes off.

Can I wear LED shoes in the rain or get them wet?

It is strongly advised to not get your LED shoes wet, and not to wear them in the rain or wade through water in them. The Led shoes have an electrical system inside them with a battery, a circuit board and wires, and getting that wet is not a good idea at all. However, if your Led shoes get slightly wet with a splash of water or a little rain, then they should not get damaged and should keep working, but it is best to avoid getting them wet.

If your LED shoes do get wet by mistake, just switch them off and keep them for drying for a few hours. Keep them in the sunlight or use a hair drier to dry them out.

Where should I buy LED shoes from - for men and women?

Led shoes are not very expensive electrical gizmos, they use basic Led light strips and rechargeable batteries and are almost always made in China. This means that there is a chance that you will end up with a par that is defective in some way. When you do get a pair after so much waiting and expectation and they turn out broken, it is really disappointing and if you can’t even return them then it’s a crying shame.

LED Light Up shoes are available in a huge number of online stores and in big brand websites like Amazon, BestBuy and eBay. The best known stores that are selling LED Light Up shoes are ElectricStyles, Hoverkicks and BrightLEDShoes amongst many more. Our recommendation is to buy them from an online store that a strong return policy in place. We highly recommend that you buy your LED shoes only from Amazon. You may pay a few dollars more, but it is worth it, well worth it.

Though you have a huge option of places to buy LED Light Up shoes we feel that Amazon is one of the best places to buy LED shoes from. The reason is that Amazon has a return and refund policy in place that becomes a great safety net in case your LED Light Up shoes arrive broken or there is some manufacturing defect that appears within a few days. Also Amazon has a truly enormous range of LED shoes listed with all the best brands from Odema to Mohem to Cior.

Click here to check out LED shoes on Amazon.

You can check out the Top 10 best selling LED shoes on Amazon here.

LED shoes are actually quite awesome, and when you wear them, it instantly transforms everything about you. They cost anywhere in between $12 and $50 on Amazon and are worth trying out once. Some people like them so much that they have several pairs, in different colors and styles. You even get a golden LED shoe, which in fact is quite popular.

What is the best place to buy Light Up LED shoes for kids, young boys and girls?

Again there are many online stores from where you can buy LED Light Up shoes, but one of the best options is Amazon. As with shoes for adults, you have a wide choice of online stores including eBay, ElectricStyles, Hoverkicks and BrightLEDShoes. These LED Light Up shoes are extremely popular with youngsters, and they will love them. When buying LED Light Up shoes for kids it is important to choose the size carefully. If possible buy one size up, so that the shoe will fit even if the size runs slightly small, and if it is a little bigger, their feet will grow into them in no time.

What accessories come with a pair of LED shoes?

Typically with your new pair of LED shoes, you will get two USB connectors. These have to be plugged into any USB port or directly into a charger. You do not get a charger with the LED shoes.

Where does the power come for the LED lights of the shoes?

Inside the sole of the LED shoes is a rechargeable battery, that is rechargeable. The charging port of this battery is to be found on the inside seam of the LED shoes. You need to connect a USB connector to this port and plug into any USB port either on a laptop or on a charger. Just below the LED shoe's USB charging port is also the on/off switch for the LED lights of the shoes.

LED Shoes questions common answered

How can I choose the colors of the LED lights of my LED shoes?

All LED shoes come with around 7 to 11 inherent colors for the LED lights. These can be selected by repeated pressing of the on/off switch in the inside seam of the shoes. Usually there are 7 color options but some shoes also have 9 options. The colors that are typically there are White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Aqua. Along with changing the colors, you can also change how the LED lights will work, in terms of lighting sequences, lighting styles, blinking or solid etc.

The batteries in LED shoes last for how long before I need to recharge them?

Most brand say that the batteries last up to 8 hours, but usually they last around 6 hours. The time also depends on the color of the LED lights, as the brighter lights consume more battery.

How long does it take to fully charge the LED shoes?

Typically the LED shoes get fully charged in about 1-3 hours, but it varies as per the particular brand and model.

light-up-shoes-colours-best hoverboard brands

How many colour options do the LED shoes come with?

The LED shoes have 7, 9 or 11, LED static colour options, which usually are red, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua, and white.

How much do LED shoes cost?

LED shoes start from a price range of $11 and goes up to $60 or more.

How do you clean light up shoes? / Can they be washed in a washing machine?

Don't even think of washing your LED shoes or putting them into a washing machine. It may damage the lights and electrical circuitry inside the sole. All you need to do to clean it is a mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.

How to keep light up LED shoes fresh?

Its simple; to keep your lovely shoes odour-free, just apply a deodorant spray such as Sketchers Odour Eliminator Spray.

How do I know if my LED shoes are charging?

When you connecting the charging cable to the shoe, then the lights start blinking with a red light. When the shoe gets fully charged which generally takes 1-2 hours, the blinking lights will go off.

Websites I can buy LED shoes from?

The best options to buy LED shoes online are to find it on Amazon, Ebay, Electricstyles, Brightledshoes etc. You may find it on local websites but we don’t guarantee you will get the right quality. It is recommended to buy from as they have a 30 days return policy in case your LED shoes are defective or break on using.

Best Hoverboard Brands Top 10 Hoverboard Shoes LED Light Up Sneakers

Can I use a normal/wall adapter?

Your pair of LED shoes comes with a free double USB charging cord. You can plug it into any device with a USB port or on to a wall adapter with a USB port. It’s all safe.

Can I buy these LED shoes for my kids?

Of course yes, these LED shoes come in various sizes and perfect for your kids. In fact kids love LED shoes and find them to be a very exciting gift. So, they make a great Christmas of festive season gift for kids.

How to fix LED shoes battery?

To fix the battery of the LED shoes, you need to reach inside the sole of your shoe and find the battery. If there is a flap then it is just a matter of unplugging the two connectors between the battery and the shoes and replacing the battery, if it doe snot have a flap, then you need to cut the lower sole of the shoe. You can see how it is done in the video beneath the next question.

Are these LED shoes repairable?

Yes, they are. If the lights of the LED shoes stop working, then the problem may lie with the battery. Replacing the battery is easy, but will require you to remove the insole and lift up a flap under which the battery is placed, or if the shoe does not have a flap, then you may need to make a cut to take out the battery and replace it with a new one. The battery is attached to the LED lights strip through two connectors, that can be pulled apart easily, and also secured once again easily. You can watch a video of the process below.

LED shoes that have a flap

LED shoes that need to be cut

If you charge your LED shoes for too long does it die?

Too much of anything is bad, but it’d okay if you forget and leave your phone charging sometimes, just like your smart phones (not always).

Are these shoes appropriate for everyday wear?

Yes, you can. These are light weight and comfortable. However you will e able to show off the beautiful glowing LED lights only when its is dark, so more people like to wear them at night and for parties or concerts.

Do the lights harm your kid?

No. They are not dangerous and won’t harm your kids. They are just a strip of small LED lights that are inserted into the semi-transparent sole of the shoe, which become clearly visible when lit up at night. There is no chance of any harm to the eyes as the lights are very low intensity and also there is a very small battery of 3.3 to 4.1 volts, which poses minimal risk.

It’s time to up your shoe game! Get yourself a pair of LED shoes, and look stylish without even worrying about it.

What goes into a Light Up Shoe

The technology behind these shoes is simple and effective. There is a Light UP Shoes LED lights set, complete with rechargeable battery and controller circuit, LED lights strip, on/off switch and dual USB port charging wire that can be fitted into specially designed rubber sole with space for the kit. This sole with all the components neatly fitted in is attached to a shoe upper and the light up shoe is ready.

This is a set of LED light strip, battery, switch and USB charging wires:


​This set is inserted into a special rubber sole seen below:


Once the components are fitted into it, this is what it looks like:


Next the light up sole is fitted on to a shoe upper and we have our complete LED light up shoe.


At their heart, these light up shoes are electronic gizmos and they are constantly being upgraded. We have already seen a brand coming up with LED Light UP shoes that can be controlled with a smartphone app. Which means that you can change the colors of the lights and change the pattern by tapping a couple of times on your smartphone. A kickstarter project called Blinky shoes is all about creating responsive light up shoes that respond to the movement of your feet. The way ahead is interesting but what is really important is the commercial viability and uniqueness of the evolving light up shoes.

Popular videos of Light Up Shoes

The light up shoes are absolutely great for creating a fantastic visual effect while performing. Many have already posted dance videos on YouTube with these light up shoes. Since they have so many color options, the shoes can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. They are sure to gain attention at night, and will make people notice you at a party. The soles are made of rubber and the entire shoe can be washed.

Tech Specs of Light Up Shoes


The light up shoes come with a 3 to 3.7 volts, 400mAh lithium polymer high capacity battery.

Charging time for the battery is 3 hours, and once fully charged, it will last for about 9 hours.

The USB port is hidden on the inside of the shoes, and is placed in such a way that it causes no discomfort to the wearer.


The switch is inside the hem of the shoe and can be easily pressed to get to the right color or light pattern.

The soles are made of PVC rubber and are durable and washable.

Usually there is a dual USB charger cable that will connect to both shoes at the same time. You can charge them with your laptop. The cable is usually about 48.5 cms or 18.9 inches in length.


The light up LED strips are usually 4-7 lumens and require 3 volts of electricity.


Someone took apart Light Up Shoes on YouTube, and the video is quite nice. Have a look:

Celebrities and Light Up Shoes


With the craze catching on everywhere, celebrities started to appear in these cool light up shoes. Many of them appeared on stage too, wearing these light up shoes.

Have a look at these pictures of Victoria Beckham and Lilly Allen in Light Up Shoes. Other celebrities spotted in light up shoes include Ellie Goulding who wore them during concerts performances, Jason Derulo, Fearen Cotton and Gok Wan and Barcelona footballer Alex Song.

ellie-goulding-in light up shoes
alex song light up shoes barcelona

Soulja Boy, the rapper who is also a shoe designer is releasing his own 'SBeezy Lights' line of light-up-sneakers.

Here are some more celebrities sporting their light up shoes.


Light Up Shoes for sale

If you want to buy light up shoes, we recommend that you buy them from Amazon. The standard Amazon return policy will protect you against any defective pieces, and the shoes arrive on time. Some people who have bought these light up shoes have seen them malfunctioning within a few days. Mostly the light strips stop functioning properly, with some or all the lights going off. If you buy from Amazon, you are protected from these off-chance product defects.


Best Light Up Shoes for Kids

kids light up shoes LED best

Top 4 Best Light Up Shoes for Kids - 

hand picked LED Shoes that your kids will love and so will you.

They are the coolest and the best Light Up Shoes for Kids. The latest bestsellers, these are guaranteed to thrill your kids. When you choose one of these Light Up Shoes For Kids you'll be putting them in the center of the action. These LED Light Up Shoes are perfect to light up their every moment, and keep them engaged for hours.

Before you read about these lovely LED shoes, here is why as a mother or a parent you should go ahead and buy LED Light Up shoes for your kids.

If your kids are out of doors after dark sometimes, then a pair of light up shoes will keep them very visible. Whether to passing cars or to anyone looking out for them. This itself is a great reason to buy LED shoes for your kids. Wearing LED shoes makes everyone visible to oncoming vehicles and in complete darkness. Also LED shoes are extremely exciting for kids, and it will get them moving around for sure. If you want your kid to go out a bit more, then make them put on their LED shoes, and they will be prancing around very soon.

Today the number of LED shoes available are actually mind boggling. They mostly originate from China, but if you buy from a retailer like Amazon, and you have the 30 day return option available to you, then you are pretty much covered in case you end up with a lemon or one shoe goes bad real fast.

Though the majority of the shoes are similar looking and have the same construct and basic properties, there are a few that actually stand out, especially for kids.

Specially hand picked, these 4 LED Light Up shoes are guaranteed to make your kids super happy, and running about like happy little chipmunks. So, mothers and fathers who want to light up the days and nights for your kids, read on.

Winged Pink LED ​Shoes for girls

cior kids light up shoes winged pink LED

For a little girl a pink shoe that has wings and that lights up is something that they dream about. If you have a daughter who is the right age for these shoes, watch her face light up when you buy them for her. Of course, if your little girl doesn’t like pink then these CIOR Light Up shoes are also available in different colors. Hey that doesn’t mean that little boys are not allowed to wear them, they can pick another color and flaunt these lovely light up LED shoes too.

If you plan to pick up this pair, then have a look at the CIOR size chart below to see what size will be best for your child. The company making these shoes suggests that you place your child’s foot firmly flat on the ground and measure the distance in inches, then refer to their shoe size and foot size chart to get the right size. As a general tip, if your daughter is 7 years old and has an 8 inch foot length, then it is better to go in for a shoe size of about 8 ½, so that there is a little room and the shoe will last longer as her foot grows.

Here is the CIOR Kids LED Light Up Shoes size chart.















In Sole Length














US Toddler Size




US Little Kids Size









US Big Kids Size



Multicolored Bright LED shoes for a little extra fun

Stride lite leepz light up shoes kids best

These Stride Lite Leepz LED Light Up shoes are a little different from the regular ones. They are not the regular kind of light up shoes that have a charging port and a switch inside the shoe lining, instead they are the always ready to light up kind of shoes. When your kid walks or jumps in these shoes the large bubbles all around will light up in bright green. There are no on or off switches, this is wear and forget. You don’t need to charge them and your kid will enjoy the light up shoes for more or less as long as the shoe will last.

Many kids have seen the Stride Lite Leepz commercials and are always super excited to get them. Here is their most popular commercial.

Since Stride Lite has been in the kid’s shoes business since 1919, they are better than the Chinese shoemakers who make the regular light up shoes. These shoes will definitely last longer and also be able to take on more wear and tear when kids run, play and jump around.

Slip On Light Up LED Shoes in many colors


These Cayanland Slip On Light UP shoes are great for quickly donning and enjoying them. Give your kids a pair and they will be thrilled by the way the shoes Led lights light and by how easy they are to slip on. The good thing about these Cayanland light up shoes is that they come in 11 colors and kids can put them on themselves without any problem.

You can use their pretty detailed size chart to pick the right size for your kid. These are a great choice for parties and even occasions like Halloween. Give your kid a pair of Cayanland Slip-on LED shoes and they will be happier than ever.

Here is the size chart that’ll help you to pick the right shoes size.


Sporty Light Up shoes with Breathable fabric

best kids light up shoes LED iKids

iKids have come up with these really stylish and sporty light up shoes for kids that are made from breathable fabric that makes them cool and breezy, and especially good for summer time or warmer weather. These shoes are lightweight and perfect for everyday wear and to play around in.

iKids recommends that you refer to their sizing chart when buying a pair.

Here is their size up chart –

US Size

Label Size

Foot Length Kid's

8.5 M


6.10 inches/155 mm

9.5 M


6.41 inches/163 mm

10 M


6.65 inches/169 mm

10.5 M


6.92 inches/176 mm

11 M


7.12 inches/181 mm



7.40 inches/ 100 mm

13 M


7.68 inches/ 195 mm



7.91 inches/ 201 mm



8.23 inches/ 209 mm



8.46 inches/ 215 mm



8.78 inches/ 223 mm

These LED shoes are made with breathable net cloth so they are very comfortable to wear even for longer periods. iKids believes in encouraging healthy activity among kids, so make their shoes light, breathable and sporty.

If you want to go in for the absolute latest Light Up LED shoes for your kids then have a look at the kid's LED shoes below. If you click the button below you will get another that list gets updated every day to bring you only the newest and the best selling light up shoes for kids. So, check them both out!

Top 10 LED shoes for Kids

1. AoSiFu Kids LED Light Up Shoes

These glowing shoes will be the perfect gift for your kids. These shoes are made of PU leather and fly knitting fabric, super quality material and long lasting rubber soles. They come with seven static colors, four kinds of color variations and a two in one USB cable for charging.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


This pair of light up shoes comes with a soft cotton material inside and sparkling lights outside. It is made of PU leather, absorbs sweat, rubber soles that last longer, various attractive color settings and a USB cable for recharging.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

No products found.

4. UBELLA Girl's Light Up Sequins Slip On Loafers

This pair of light up shoes has cloth lining for better comfort and fit. The slip-on design makes it easy to wear them and take them off within short time, in-built LED lights that are vibrant and bright and comes with replaceable batteries.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 04:19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

5. Sketchers Boys' Hypno Flash Tremblers Light up Loafer

This pair of loafers is made of entirely textile and synthetic material. Gore and strap lighted sneakers, imported quality, rubber soles for a good grip, non-marking outsole and low weight plus is very flexible.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

6. SLEVEL Light Up LED Shoes

A light up LED shoe pair that will make your kid stand out and get noticed. Synthetic and cloth material used, rubber sole, bright lights, soft and durable. USB cable that wil help you recharge it with a computer, laptop or mobile.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

7. Denater LED Light Up Shoes for Kids

These sneakers are made of superior quality fabric that ensures your kid's comfort. They have rubber sole, outsole that has 7 colored lights, 11 different light modes, breathable material, comes with USB charging cable for recharging your shoes and very reliable.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

8. ditont Light Up LED Shoes for Kids

This pair of shoes come along an efficient velcro system. It has attractive light settings, synthetic leather and network material used, seven static, four dynamic color lights and USB rechargeable cable for your shoes.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

No products found.

10. Sketchers Hypno Flash Z Strap Light Up Sneaker for Boys

This pair of light up shoes has a unique Z strap with a laser upper cut. Made of textile and synthetic, long lasting design, rubber soles for greater reliability, comfortable walk, bendable, low weight, enticing and poppy.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Sizing chart of Light Up Shoes

Here is a sizing chart for LED Light UP shoes. You should carefully refer to the sizing cart that is shown for your particular shoe of choice. This chart is just to give you a general guideline for sizes:


Top 10 Best Light Up Shoelaces

Light Up Shoelaces with Light Up Shoes – a bright combination

The light up Led shoelaces have been around for a while and are a great addition to regular shoes. If you pair them up with Light Up shoes then it can turn into something quite awesome. Usually the light up shoelaces come with three options, lights on, flash and double flash. Using the flashing light up shoelaces with a flashing light up shoe might create quite a spectacle.

Here is an artist’s impression of light up shoes with light up shoelaces.


Light Up Shoelaces for sale

If you fancy something a lot cheaper than light up shoes, then pick up a pair of light up shoelaces from the bestselling ones below.

1. LIHAI LED Light Up Shoelaces

These shoelaces are made of 100% super quality nylon. It provides four different color modes and last for 60 hours on replaceable button cell batteries. The laces are hasle free to tie and have simple usage.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 07:33 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

2. Jofan Pair of 6 LED Light Up Shoelaces

These shoelaces are an amazing highlighter for all your shoes that make you feel special on occasions where you need to stand out. Powered by two CR2032 batteries, last upto 30 hours, offer three unique color modes and shop them at an affordable price.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 07:39 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

3. 2win2buy Pair of 5 LED Light Up Shoelaces

This is an attractive pair of shoelaces which is the only finishing touch you require to get a perfect party look. It is made of super soft material, enables you to shine in 3 various light modes, uses two CR2032 button batteries, low weight, goes with all sneakers and shoes to suit your style.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

7. Mrupoo LED Light Multi-coloured Shoelaces

These are multi-coloured light up shoelaces that make you look unique in the crowd. It has 5 varied colors that can be switched to 4 different color modes, are waterproof and entirely washable. These shoelaces are both for men and women.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

8. MadeComfy LED Light Up Shoelaces

These shoelaces make your sneakers look more cool and make them enticing to look at. Empowered by button cell batteries, offer 4 varied colorful modes, last upto 60 hours, can be easily replaced and operate the lights with the help of a button.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 08:39 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


9. Flammi LED Light Up Shoelaces

Shoelaces that will change the way you look at your sneakers and casual shoes. It is just a minor addition to your style statement. It is nylon made, low weight, long lasting, comes with 3 different light modes and lasts for more than 30 hours.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 07:39 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

10. easyDecor Light Up LED Shoelaces
280 Reviews

10. easyDecor Light Up LED Shoelaces

Be the rockstar in all the parties and shine with these bright and colorful light up shoelaces. It is completely nylon made, runs on two CR2032 batteries, durable glass fiber LED lights installed, can be washed and are entirely waterproof.

Last update on 2024-06-14 at 12:01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

DIY LED Light Up Shoes

There are a lot of instructional videos out there which will teach you how to convert a pair of shoes into light up shoes. We have picked up a few of the best videos that can give you a fair idea of how you can go about making your own light up shoes.

If you are really keen to assemble a pair of light up shoes with the available components like light up shoes soles, light up strips, the battery and USB cables etc., you will find everything you need at Ali Express.

Tell us about your experiences with light up shoes, whether they were good or not so good. We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.

Also do check out the best hoverboard shoes.​

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