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Hoverboard to a go-kart in 30 seconds – Best 10 hoverboard carts & Guide

Best hoverboard carts of 2019 - complete guide to hoverkarts

Hoverboard karts will completely transform your experience with a hoverboard. If you or your kids have a hoverboard, we highly recommend that you buy a hoverboard kart. Initially you had to assemble the entire kart with many components, and it used to take quite a bit of time and effort. Now with almost fully assembled hoverboard karts like the Hoovykart, it takes literally seconds to get a powered kart ready for fun and games.

Once you attach the hoverkart to a hoverboard, you enter into a whole new zone of enjoyment. With the handles doing the work of the feet, they become very intuitive controls for moving the hoverboard around. And sitting down in the seat and not having to balance make sit much safer than the regular hoverboard. Suddenly even those who were terrified of riding a hoverboard will start enjoying the hoverboard kart rides. You have to check it out for yourself to experience the radically enhanced fun levels of a hoverkart.

Now have a look at the best seller. Check it out in the list below:


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Best 10 hoverkarts to buy today

No. 1 – HoovyKart-Go Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards

A simple addition to your hoverboard to turn it into an adventurous Go Kart. It offers full safety, rotating handles for a greater control on speed, adjustable lumbar rest with foot pedals to accommodate a rider of any height, curved seat for comfort and ensures complete security.

  • When you switch to a hoverkart, specifically a Hoovykart, you move into a much safer experience than regular hoverboarding. With the hoverkart attached, you only need to sit on the seat and then control the hoverboard with the handles. There is no longer any danger of falling and getting injured. You no longer need to balance and learn how to ride it after many falls. It's all gone with Hoovykrat hoverkart. You will now enjoy the most amazing go carting experience with the very same hoverboard that have lying around gathering dust. It not only puts in new life into the old hoverboard, but takes it to an all new level of fun.
  • One of the best things about Hoovykart is that it responds to what its customers say. There was a lot of feedback regarding the difficulty and time consumed in assembling the entire hoverboard kart, so Hoovykart completely changed the way it delivered hoverkarts. It now comes in 90% assembled. There is literally close to nothing you need to do to set it on the hoverboard and go for a go-carting ride. You only need to attach the seat to the seat plate with 4 screws and an included simple use tool. In just a minute or two you are ready to ride out int he newly converted hoverkart.
  • Hoovykart actually listens to its customers, and also decided to include extra straps in the package. Some buyers gave feedback that the straps get worn out in time and need to be replaced, and buying them all over again from an online store is a long wait. So Hoovykart includes extra straps, which ensures that you will be riding the Hoovykart without any breaks for a very long time indeed.
  • The Hoovykart's design is patent pending. And it is such an efficient and precise design that gives the rider incredible control over the movement of the hoverkart. The handle enables precise control of direction, speed, acceleration and braking. Making the entire hoverkarting experience super fun and super safe too.
  • Another factor we have built into our hoverkart is comfort and flexibility. The Hoovykart is ultra adjustable. You can adjust the foot pedals for people of all heights, and also adjust the lumbar rest. That makes the Hoovykart very comfortable. Also add on the fact that the seating contours are very carefully and ergonomically designed to deliver ultimate comfort by shaping the contours to your leg and back.
  • Topping all the great features off, is the extended warranty that HoovyKart offers its customers. When you buy a HoovyKart, you also get a one year extended warranty sent to you. Also another great feature is the 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with the HoovyKart experience.

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No. 2 – Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart
4,596 Reviews

No. 2 – Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart

The Hiboy HC-01 converts your hoverboard into a gokart instantly. It works with all hoverboards with wheels of size 6.5 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches. It is made from a strong and durable material and the installation is hassle free and simple. This new updated hoverkart has improved steering and can take a load of up to 220 lbs. It is secure and high quality.

  • Built for the young, it is the best fun one can have with a hoverboard. Just turn your hoverboard into a go-cart that will take you anywhere totally safely. It will be the same hoverboard but your enjoyment will be something else altogether.
  • This hoverkart has been designed to fit any make and any size of hoverboard with ease.
  • This new version has updated material that is high strength. The entire Kart kit is solid, reliable and durable. It has a sleek modular design, which enables quick installation.

  • It supports a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs.

  • The functioning of this hoverkart is smooth and convenient. The enhanced steering lets anyone easily control the go-kart set up, even smaller kids.

  • The flexibility in design enables you to adjust the leg pedal lengths to your requirements. The seats are ergonomic, solid and comfortable, for adults and kids.

  • The Hiboy hoverkart comes with a 30 days No reason Asked money back assurance and a 12 months warranty.

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No. 3 – GoToWheels Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment

A super cool and one and only hoverboard Go Kart with a Flag post for other vehicles to notice it quickly while on road. It offers strap replacement for lifetime, accelerate, brake and turn efficiently, adjustable lumbar rest and foot pedals for a comfortable seating and secure for kids and adults both.

  • The Only HoverBoard Kart Model with a SAFETY FLAG POST for riding outdoors. Due to low seating, a flag post helps greatly improve visibility for vehicle drivers passing by. We do not recommend riding outdoors without a FLAG post.
  • FREE LIFETIME STRAP REPLACEMENTS: your satisfaction is our priority. GoToWheels offers lifetime straps if you somehow lose or got ripped we will send you replacement immediately.

  • EASY TO INSTALL & CONTROL: an amazing ride for children and adults to enjoy. No real balance skill needed with this fun addition, just hours of fun.It takes a few minutes to assemble, fitting perfectly fits 6.5 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch most models Swagtron, Razor, Hovertrax, Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro and more.

  • MAXIMUM SAFETY: you can accelerate, brake and turn with full confidence. The increased control from this seated position also increases safety for the rider as there is no need to worry about falling off the board and risking serious injury.

  • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: adjustable lumbar rest for comfort and foot pedals to suit any rider of any height. Very comfortable seat contours to your legs and back for ultimate comfort.

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No. 4 – Better Wheels KKA Mini Kart for Hoverboard

This is a fantastic hoverboard kart for enjoying a ride to the fullest. Comes with self balancing scooter, compatible with all hoverboards, two steering handles for the rider to turn and control the speed, specially design to move forward easily and polish your motor skills with the kart.

  • Makes your 'hoverboard' style self-balancing two-wheeled scooter into a go-kart with a seat! No difficult stand-up balancing, Two steering handles make the ride secure, the unique design allows you to freely moving forward. It also can provide a fun way to build up your muscles and practice essential motor-skills.
  • This is compatible with razor hoverboard.

  • The quality of the kart is great.

  • It fit most hoverboards perfectly and is easy to control.

  • Length can be adjusted, suitable for all ages and different sizes hoverboard

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No. 5 – Hiboy HC-02 Hoverboard Kart with Rear Suspension Seat

This hoverboard kart is here to make Go Karting fun. It is durable, made of solid material, handles to operate the kart direction, adjustable leg pedal lengths, reliable, bears upto 220 lbs of weight and a very safe design for adults and kids.

  • Young and fun - turn your hover board into a fascinating Go-Kart. Same hover board, different enjoyment. Suitable for 6.5, 8, 10 inch self balancing Scooter included).
  • Solid and easy to install - benefited from updated material, The Kart kit is solid, reliable and durable up to 220lbs Max. Weight. Modular design allows you to install quickly.

  • Smooth and controllable - smooth power performance and enhanced steering, let you control every play with ease, even a Small kids.

  • Adjustable & comfortable: adjustable leg pedals lengths can suit rider from kid to adult. Ergonomic seats and rear suspension both reliability and comfort.

  • Buy with confidence - we offer 30 days No reason Asked money back and 12 months warranty. Please feel free to

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No. 6 – Hover-1 Buggy Attachment for Electric Scooter

An amazing buggy attachment with mutable frame length. It has hand controls for higher dominance of the rider, independent rear wheel for undertaking quick diversions and reverse driving and adjustable straps for attachment.

  • A great hoverboard kart to transform your old hoverboard into an exciting powered gocart.
  • Hand-operation gives you full control of your riding experience
  • Independent rear wheel drive allows for quick turns and reverse driving
  • Adjustable frame length, Adjustable straps to securely attach buggy to electric scooter

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No products found.

No. 8 – Kraulwell Hoverboard Hover Kart
204 Reviews

No. 8 – Kraulwell Hoverboard Hover Kart

This hover kart is compatible with hoverboards of 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch in size. A subtle black color is used, has strong and endurable frame, safe and totally secure for kids and adults and hand controls makes it easy to operate while riding.

  • This red colored Kraulwell hoverkart is a popular choice.
  • it is ideal for all size hoverboards, with wheel sizes - 6.5 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches.
  • Built to be strong and long lasting, it instantly transforms hoverboards into Go-Karts.
  • Can support the weight of adults easily.
  • Durability is enhanced with its Heavy Duty Frame.

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No. 9 – KKA Hoverboard Go Cart

An awesome hoverboard kart for transforming your simple hoverboard into a superb Go Cart. A good quality hoverboard cart, made of firm material and is equally safe and goes best with hoverboards of 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch of sizes.

  • This Scooter accessory that transforms your scooter into a super fun electric go kart that can accelerate, brake, turn on a dime, and pop effortless wheelies, all with simple, intuitive hand controls.
  • Please turn on the scooter after you sit well. You can't turn on before you sit securely and turn off the switch before you go out of the car. If you are lost your balance in balance hover board, you need try our hover kart, you would find confidence.
  • Scooter New Style: Not only Stand to play, also can be like a Go-Kart, just buy this kart equipment. Fits for 6.5

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No. 10 – HoverSeat Sitting Accessory for Hoverboard

Relax with your hoverboard by attaching it to this sitting hover seat. This seat is specially designed for hoverboard, useful to tow stuff at the back, direct your hoverseat by your feet while sitting and make your hoverboard a mini electric vehicle with the seat.

  • Sitting Attachment for Hoverboards-HoverSeat. Invention that makes a hoverboard safer and more fun!
  • Introducing new product that converts a standard hoverboard into an ingenious hands-free mini electric vehicle!
  • Safer than a hoverboard: No more falling off when the hoverboard hits a crack or bump in the pavement-and sitting is far safer than standing
  • Navigate hoverboard using only your feet; it can even reverse. Install any type of beach chair on top or cooler box or storage box.
  • Provided clamp ONLY fit on hoverboards with ROUND middle section. Center part of hoverboard must be round
  • New HoverSeat Hoverboard is now Available on Amazon. Search for HoverSeat Hoverboard for best performance.
  • HoverSeat Hoverboard was specifically designed to work with HoverSeat for optimal performance. Search for it on Amazon.
  • Great for transportation heavy cargo behind! Attach kayak or gear box or wheeled cooler to tow around.

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The Hoverboard Kart is here to stay!

Imagine turning your hoverboard into a powered go-kart in a few seconds. That is exactly what you will be able to do with this really nifty little accessory available on Amazon.


This hoverboard into go-kart accessory uses a very simple yet ingenious idea. Why not use the existing hoverboard technology, especially the pressure sensitive foot pads to create a neat little attachment with a seat, that will turn it into a steering handles operated go-kart.

This brilliant hoverboard attachment attaches a frame to the hoverboard with a seat on it and a third small wheel in front. The point where the accessory is strapped on to the hoverboard has the steering handle bars, which when moved up or down do the same job as the feet do when you press forward or backward on the hoverboard’s foot pads.

This simple yet brilliant idea will let you enjoy your hoverboard standing up and sitting down. As a free flowing two-wheel balance board and as a steering handles controlled three wheel go-kart. Simply awesome we say.


This hoverboard into go-kart accessory can be strapped on to any hoverboard no matter what the wheel size, in just a few seconds. Once strapped into place you just sit on the molded seat and go kart to your heart’s content.

The hoverboard converted go-kart will have all the capabilities of the original hoveroard. Which means it can support a person with weight up till 200 pounds, move at the max speed of the hoverboard, which is around 12 miles per hour, turn with a zero turning radius, go about 12 miles on one full charge and because of the third wheel you will also be able to easily move across uneven surfaces like grass or dirt paths, where your hoverboard will be difficult to ride.


The best part is that strapping on this go-art accessory does not affect your hoverboard in any way. You can unstrap it and ride your hoverboard the normal way within seconds. It’s almost like buying a convertible that goes from a motorbike to a car and vice a versa whenever you want it to.

The descriptions of these accessories say that they can be attached to any kind of hoverboard, no matter what brand or wheel size. The operation is quite simple, push the steering handles down to move forward, and pull them upwards to slow down and stop. If you pull them all the way up, then the hoverboard will move backward, just like when you press your heels down on the footpads of the hoverboard. Since it uses the hoverboard, it means that you will be able to move forward or backward by moving the steering handles. Isn’t that cool, a go-cart that can reverse.


Top 10 best Hoverboard Karts - how to choose the best hovercarts for your hoverboard

The hoverboard mini kart or hoverboard go kart is becoming increasingly popular, so we thought we will bring you the top 10 most popular ones today. The hoverkarts themselves are evolving every day and now you can buy some great off road hoverkarts too.

Below you will see the Top 10 best selling hoverboard mini karts, and you can also see the number of reviews and ratings. This will help you to make an informed choice about which one to buy. Go ahead and turn your hoverboard into a Go Kart ​in less than 30 seconds. Choose the best model for you now!

Need to infuse new life into your kids' hoverboards? Pick up a hovercart today.

Once the first excitement of hoverboards get over, your kids or even you may stop using it so often. Worry not, there is something that can completely change that, a hoverboard kart. Essentially the hoverboard kart is an accessory for any hoverboard that converts it into an exciting three wheeled electric vehicle. The hovercart is also known as a hoverboard cart or a hoverboard seat. The cart is made from either aluminum, steel or iron and is a basic frame that gets attached to the central portion of the hoverboard. It can be attached to every kind of hoverboard whether it has 6 inch wheels or 8 inch or 10 inch.

The hovercart is very simple and easy to use, and literally has to be strapped on, which can happen within a minute. You do not need to make any modifications to the hoverboard you own. The hovercart is designed to work as is on any hoverboard. Another advantage is that hovercarts are adjustable, and that means it can be adjusted for anyone, whether a child or an adult. When we said that a hovercart can be strapped on to your hoverboard in very little time, we have to tell you that an initial assembly of the hovercart is required, and after the hovercart is assembled once, then it is good to go within seconds every time you want to use it. This initial assembly is not tricky, but it does require you to carefully follow instructions, and will take around 15 to 20 minutes. This initial assembly should be done by an adult as missing an important component may make the hovercart unsafe or unusable. Once it has been assembled, then it is just a matter of placing it at the right place on your hoverboard, strapping on the straps and securing with the velcro portion of the strong straps.

Essentially it is a seat that gets attached to the hoverboard in such a way that you can control the movement of the hoverboard with your hands, but pulling and pushing on levers that press down on the foot pads of the hoverboard. So go on head and strap on your hovercart to the hoverboard.

Now comfortably sit on the seat with your feet resting on the front bar and start your ride. Once you are comfortably seated, hold the bars, which are the steering handles for you, and push them forward to move forward, and pull them backward to slow down. If you push one handle more forward then the other the hoverboard will turn in the other direction.

Essentially you are doing what you would with your feet if you were standing on the hoverboard with the handles. Easy, safe and loads of fun.

With more robust all-terrain hover carts available today, any one can ride one. The new off-road hover carts have pneumatic tires and shock absorbers, and they are built quite strong and can support the weight of adults easily. If you buy one of these hoverboard carts or hovercarts, not just your kid, you too will be able to have fun on it. It in fact it is something the whole family can enjoy. No more worries of losing balance and injuring yourself with a fall from the hoverboard. Strap the hover cart on to the hoverboard and any one is ready to go. Much safer than standing and riding the hoverboard, even young kids are able to enjoy the hovercarts thoroughly.

Not only is it a fun thing to do, for kids it actually helps them to improve their motor skills and co-ordination as they have to control the speed and direction with their hand movements. Quite frankly the hoverboard cart will renew interest in the old hoverboard and make it enjoyable in a whole new way. So, whether you have a hoverboard lying aroud the house, or it is not used as often as before, just bring home a hover cart today, and see how much fun it becomes once again. Go ahead and give your old hoverboard new life and your children and even yourself hours of maneuvering fun.

We found a few more models that seem to be doing well with Amazon buyers, and we thought of sharing them with you too. So here are 3 more hoverboard mini karts:

A really cool combination will be the SwagTron hoverboard and this hoverboard to go-kart accessory. Imagine hoverboarding on two wheels standing up when you want to, and the go-karting on three wheels sitting down whenever you feel like a change.

This accessory is very interesting, and with hoverboards making a strong comeback with UL 2272 certified hoverboards like the SwagTron T1 and the SwagTron T3 already selling like hot cakes on Amazon, this neat accessory could be a good addition to your old or new hoverboard.

Hoverbike review - the sitting attachment that makes the hoverboard into a four wheel electric cycle with a seat

Just have a look at the image below, and you will know right away if this is for you or not. It attaches to a hoverboard and makes it a relaxed four wheel electric cycle that you operate with your feet.


That is quite cool, and people who have bought it are loving it.

The hoverbike makes it easy for anyone to ride. Whether a kid, an adult or even an elder. the hoverbike is for everyone.


Have a look at the hoverbike attachment on Amazon here. You will love it if this is your kind of a thing.

Seat for hoverboard - best hoverboard seats and chairs to buy

A seat for a hoverboard is a great option to can turn your hoverboard into an easy to ride electric rideable. When you say seat for hoverboard in most cases it means a hoverkart, the kind that you see in the list of Top 10 Best hoverkarts above. However, there are some DIY options too that are seats for hoverboards but aren’t hoverkarts.

Since these seats for hoverboards have not got a name as yet, the best thing will be to have a look at them. So here are few interesting examples of how to get a seat for your hoverboard, other than a hoverboard kart.

This is a complete fabric chair, that attaches to any hoverboard. You sit on the chair comfortably and use your feet to maneuver the hoverboard. A really comfortable and easy way to go from one place to another.


The seat for hoverboards also can be attached to a basic cart which comes for a lot less. This cart is a metal frame that gets attached to a hoverboard, and you can place a separate seat on it.

Here is a look at this basic frame cart.




Now on top of this frame, you can place any chair and secure it, to make it a seat hoverboard.


This guy sure is having a good time on his seat hoverboard. If you notice it also has a hoverboard attachment for holding his mobile phone.


This is how the hoverseat gets attached to the hoverboard:


If you want to operate this seat hoverboard with your hands instead of your feet, then there is a special attachment that makes it possible.


And with this in place, this is what the seat hoverboard operated by hand will look like:


A variation of this seat hoverboard is the hoverbike, which attaches a small bicycle like attachment to make it a hoverboard-bike. You have a seat to sit on, you have a handle to hold on to, and you operate the hoverboard with your feet. This looks great for little kids, who want to experience the hoverboard but who might fall and injure themselves while riding a regular hoverboard.


There are a couple of optional seat hoverboards available to buy, including this one:


Finally, here is a list of all the items shown above, that you can purchase right now from Amazon.

Review of the hover kart – the hoverboard accessory that converts it into a go-kart

Are you worried about riding a hoverboard? Maybe you have seen many videos of people falling of hoverboards and that has made you a little wary of riding a hoverboard. There is good news for you, now you have an option which will let you ride a hoverboard without worrying about ever falling down or hurting yourself.

This is known as the hover kart. Now, you can attach a hover kart, that comes for as little as $30, to your hoverboard within a minute and race along with your friends and have fun.

So what is a HoverKart?

Well in essence, a hover kart is an attachment to a hoverboard that transforms it into a Go Kart. Essentially it is a seat that gets attached to a hoverbord and it has two handles which are used to press down upon the foot pads of the hoverboards to control its movement. This means that you sit in the hover kart and press the handles to move it back or front, and to change direction, and in fact do anything at all and all the while you are safely and comfortably sitting in a seat at the level of the hoverboard. How cool is that?

Is it difficult to ride a HoverKart?

No, not at all. It's really simple, and you just need to practice a couple of times and you will be enjoying the Hover Kart fully and totally. All you have to do is sit in the Hover Kart and move the handles forward or backward. When you move the handle forward and down, it will move ahead and speed up, and when you move the handles backward, it will slow down.

As you use it you will know exactly how to move it around with a little practice, you will even be able to do wheelies and have just crazy fun with all your friends.

Installing a Hover Kart on to your hoverboard is really easy

In essence, the Hover Kart is a cart with a seat on it, that gets attached to the hoverboard by tightening a few nuts and bolts. It is attached in the same way no matter what the hoverboard brand is, as long as it is the standard 6.5 inches wheel size hover board. You have to do some basic assembly of the hover kart when it arrives, and then attaching it to the hoverboard involves tightening a few nuts and bolts and strapping it up for added safety.

In a minute or two, you are good to go.

Looking for a fully assembled hoverkart - then check out our review of the fully assembled hoverkart Hoovykart.

Actual Assembly of a Hoverkart when it arrives in its individual components in the package.

When the hoverkart arrives, it is in its individual components, and you get a tool set and instructions to put it together and then attach it to the your hoverboard.

The assembly of the hoverkart is actually very straight forward, and it is much easier if you have a nice video showing all the steps clearly. Below you will see a very clear video put out by a verified buyer of the hoverkart.

In essence you first connect the  two handles to the central frame which will have the molded seat on it. This is just a matter of putting some nuts and bolts into place. Once the handles are fixed, you need to attach this frame to the front half with the wheel attached. Then you need to adjust the clasps that goes on the footboards of the hoverboard on to the hoverboard. Then you need to attache the velcro strap on both sides, and you are good to go.

Have a good look at this video, it is the simplest and best demonstration of how to do this assembly of a hoverkart and then attaching it to your hoverboard.

This is a slightly heavy video and may take a few seconds to load, but its worth it. We have not seen another video that shows the process so well,and with such simple clarity.

Happy Hover Karting!

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    1. It is a bit hard to get patent for this kind of design as add-on, the most you can get is trademark. Also is really a waste of time in going after these factory in China with patent sue, you might ended waste more money to your lawyer than deterring them from selling cheaper than yours.

  1. You should of wholesaled this product to retailers…instead look what happened, Chinese factories are producing the same product for everyone.

    1. Hi Joan, this hoverboard go-kart is safer than riding a hoverboard… you can let your child ride in it. There is a chance of injury if you fall of a hoverboard, but with the kart, its safe… let your child have fun with this great hoverboard accessory… however when it comes to the hoverboard, our recommendation is that you let him use only a UL 2272 approved hoverboard.

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