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Hoverboard for kids – what to look for in a kids hoverboard

If you are looking for a hoverboard made specifically for smaller kids, which has a smaller size than regular hoverboards, you will not find too much choice. At this time there is only one mini hoverboard with wheel size smaller than the regular 6.5 inches made specially for smaller children. This one hoverboard for kids below the age of 8, has a maximum speed of 5 kilometer per hour or 3 miles per hour and a wheel size of 4.5 inches.

This mini hoverboard is called the KidSaw Hoverboard from Street Saw, and is available on the Street Saw website.

This is what it looks like:


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This hoverboard for kids costs under $250 right now.

The specifications of the Kid Saw hoverboard are as below:

KidSaw Mini Hoverboard Features
4.5 inch wheel size Mini hoverboard
Auto electricity cut-off on impact or if the child gets off
Emergency protection if the child is not able to control the board
High efficiency and an energy recovery mechanism

KidSaw Mini Hoverboard Specifications
Hoverboard Weight: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
Maximum load: 132 pounds (60 kg)
Maximum speed: 2.8 miles per hour (5 km/h)
Distance on full charge: 6.2 miles (10 km)
Tire size: 4.5 inches
Maximum climbing angle: 15 degrees
Battery: Li-ion battery 36V
Charging time: 2 hours
Dimension: 495 mm x 170 mm x 145 mm

  • How is this mini hoverboard more suited for kids than a regular hoverboard

    There are several reasons why you should go in for this mini hoverboard if your child is less than 8 years old.
  • If the child is below 8 then handling a full size hoverboard with 6.5 inches wheel or larger becomes difficult and unwieldy.
  • The mini hoverboard not only has smaller wheels which are 4.5 inches, it is also of a considerably smaller size.
  • The maximum speed of this kids hoverboard is just 2.8 miles per hour, which is much lower than the usual 10 to 15 miles per hour. This is very important safety feature.
  • Thus the regular hoverboards weight about 28 pounds, while the mini one weighs only 10 pounds. Since it is considerably lighter, little kids find it easier to maneuver and also carry if there is a need.
  • The smaller wheels also brings the center of gravity closer to the ground, making the hoverboard more stable.
  • This mini KidSaw hoverboard for children comes with a complete set of safety gear, which includes a helmet, elbow pads and knee guards.
  • It has also been designed to appeal to smaller children, with a little bear on each foot board. The accompanying safety gear is also color coded with the color of the KidSawhoverboard.

All of these factors make it ideal for little children.

Here is a look at the wheel of this kids hoverboard, which has also got a cute bear on it.


These are the colours that are available:


The entire Little Bear mini hoverboard package includes –

Mini 4.5 inch wheel hoverboard
Charger Unit
1 Helmet
2 Knee guards
2 Elbow pads
User Manual

Here is a picture of what is included in the package:


What to do if you have brought a regular hoverboard for a younger kid

  • If you have already bought a hoverboard for your little one, then there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your child is safe while hoverboarding.
  • Put the hoverboard on the learning mode, which limits the maximum speed to 5 miles per hour. This can be done by keeping the power switch pressed till the indicator lights blink several times. To turn it back into normal mode repeat this process.
  • Make sure that your child is wearing a helmet, as while trying it initially the falls can be quite rough.
  • Let your child learn to ride the hoverboard on a soft carpet or short-cut grass.
  • Make sure your child is wearing knee guards and elbow pads, to prevent injury if the fall.
  • Do not let your child ride the hoverboard unsupervised, and adult should always be present.
  • Your child should not be allowed to ride the hoverboard on any road or in a public space where there may be cars.
  • Make sure that the battery is charged when your child uses the hoverboard.
  • Shift out objects or furniture with sharp edges like tables or glass tops in the area where your child is practicing on the hoverboard.

Kid Saw, unlike regular hoverboards, has the power switch and the charging port on opposites sides.


The Power Switch

The Charging Socket

Here is a look at the factory in China where these children’s hoverboards are manufactured.


Best Kids Hoverboard

While the KidSaw is a hoverboard made specifically for little kids, we recommend another hoverboard for your kid. The reason we recommend this other hoverboard although it has 6.5 inch wheels, is that it is meant for kids and most importantly it is UL 2272 certified.

UL 2272 Certified Kids Hoverboard

A regualtion has been passsed in the UNited States that disallows hte sale of non UL 2272 certified hoverboards, due to safety issues.

We completely agree with this rules and would strongly advise you to go in only for a UL 2272 certified hoverboard.

One such hoverboard that we think is great is the SwagTron T5 entry level hoverboard for kids.

SwagTron T5 kids hoverboard review


The SwagTron brand name is very well known and they make some of the best hoverboards in the world. The T5 has been specially created as an entry level hoverboard, and costs very less - a good $100 less than the KidSaw.

The T5 is UL 2272 certified and has 6.5 inch wheels. However it also has a Learner mode that restricts the speed of the hoverboard and helps newbies to learn how to ride it.

This kids hoverboard has a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour and supports weights as low as 18.9 lbs. Most other hoverboards available today start with a weight of about 44 lbs. However this has been made for children who are younger.

Another great option for a kids hoverboard is the SwagTron T500 that has App control


The SwagTron T500 is another excellent choice for a kids hoverboard as it has all the safety features of the SwagTron T5 with the addition of the Sentry Shield battery system that includes an explosion proof aluminum casing.

This hoverboard too has a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour and has additionally Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can control its modes and other features with a mobile app. The learner mode is easier to ride and balance. Young kids starting out can learn in the Learner mode and later when they get confidence and are more adept they can shift to Standard mode.

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