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How much is a hoverboard


How much is a hoverboard today, in 2016?

Well they range from 150 dollars to 900 dollars. But before you wonder at the enormous price difference when you end up getting more or less the same thing, consider these points:

  • Manufacturers of cheap hoverboards below 150 dollars bring the price down by using lower quality batteries, motors and chargers. This compromises the safety and quality standards of the hoverboards.
  • The cost also depends on the maximum weight the hoverboard can carry, the size of the wheels, the duration it will run of a full charge, and most importantly the warranty and the customer service.
  • Hoverboards today can be classified into three categories – Cheap ones below 150 dollars, Regular ones between 150 and 350 dollars and the premium ones between 350 and 900 dollars.



How much is a hoverboard for, in the premium category?

Phunkee Duck – $ 1499

Monorover R2D – $ 599

IO Hawk 2.0 - $ 1799.99

IO Hawk – $ 599

Razor Hovertrax – $ 599

Overall Quick Pros

  • All safety/quality certifications
  • Good customer service
  • Good customer service
  • Good refund policies

Overall Quick Cons

  • Same specs as a Regular range hoverboard but with higher cost

How much is a hoverboard for, in the regular category?

SwaTron T1 – $ 399 (World's only UL 2272 certified with Sentry Shield Battery System)

SwaTron T3 – $ 499 (World's only UL 2272 certified with Sentry Shield Battery System)

Leray – $ 499

Powerboard – $ 499

Anhell – $ 349

Hovertech – $ 429

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Overall Quick Pros

  • Decent customer service
  • All safety/quality certifications
  • Warranty in place

Overall Quick Cons

  • Some don’t have US customer care
  • May not have a robust refund system
  • Customer care may not be responsive

How much is a hoverboard for, in the cheap category?

Witech – $ 249

Unbranded Smart Self Balancing Two Wheel Hover Board – $ 95 to $ 285

Overall Quick Pros

  • Very low cost compared to others
  • Specs similar to other expensive hoverboards

Overall Quick Cons

  • Safety issues
  • Quality issues
  • Warranty may be less than a year
  • Customer service is bad
  • Will not entertain returning or refunds

Tips to choose a reliable and safe hoverboard:

1. Don’t buy anything below 300 dollars

2. Make sure it will take your weight

3. Try to get one with a branded battery like Samsung or LG

4. Buy from Amazon which will take back defective pieces

5. Ensure that there is warranty and if need be buy extra warranty

6. Check for safety and quality standards certifications like FCC, RoHS, CE, WERCs, Prop65, UN38.3

7. Read customer reviews before buying

How to check if it is safe after you’ve bought it:

1. The only way to be sure that the hoverboard you have already purchased is safe to use is to open up the cover.

2. You just need a regular screwdriver and open up about 15 odd screws that hold the cover in place

3. Once the cover is off check for the colour of the electrical circuit boards. Usually there are 3 boards, and they are green of blue in colour. If it is yellow in colour then in all probability it is a cheap model which may not be safe to use.

4. In the opened hoverboard look for the battery pack and check its label. If it is a branded battery, Samsung or LG it is fine. If not then check for the specifications and look at its overall quality. If it looks dicey, then try and return the hoverboard.

5. The battery and the biggest circuit boards are the biggest heat generating component, so they should be on opposite sides.

Our recommendation is to go in for a regular priced hoverboard (300 to 500 dollars) from Amazon and avoid the cheap ones below 300 dollars that are usually found on ebay. Don’t go only by the price, check all the other specs and parameters too.

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