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MonoRover R2 review


Review of the MonoRover R2 - a detailed look at what makes the Monorover a great hoverboard to buy under $300

In the price range of under $300, there are very few branded and reliable hoverboards available. One of them is the Monorover R2. It is a very well known brand and the hoverboard is also quite famous as a brand name. The important thing about hoverboard retailers is that they should have a prominent US presence to enable support after sales and for refunds or returns. The Monorover brand has a head office in the US located in 8021 Flint Street Lenexa, Kansas 6621. They also have local US Customer Care helpline which is 816-853-1521.

You can contact the Monorover office Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm CST. You can also mail them at if you have any queries or issues.

​We feel that the best way to buy a Monorover R2 is by visiting their website. They give a 1 year warranty and you can get the customer care details from there.

Once again the Monorover website is here.

Let's start with main specifications of the Monorover R2

On a full charge the range is 20 km or about 13 miles
Takes a maximum weight of 220 lbs or 100 kgs
The Monorover R2 is 18.39 cm x 17.6 cm x 58.6 cm
It weighs 10 kgs
It can climb slopes of up to 15 degrees with ease
It maximum speed is 15 kilometers per hour or 6 miles per hour
The Monorover R2 sports 6.5 inch tires
It is available in black and white color
The two wheels are powered by two 350 watt motors
It has 360 degree turning radius
It has a special double balancing system for added stability

When you look at other hoverboards in the same range as the Monorover R2, you will realize that the Monorover R2 is definitely the better choice around. Not only is it a well known brand, it is also at an extremely competitive price point. The Monorover R2 is definitely a great choice with a robust brand name and high standards of quality, that you can pick up right away.

Monorover R2 weight and age limit and price

The Monorover R2 stands out in this category because it is attractive for both young and old and people with different body types and weights. Monorover does not recommend that a child under 10 years should ride it without supervision by an adult, and also feels that those over 45 should ride it with caution.

The Monorover R2 has a weight limit of 100 kg, which is really good as it will cover most people. In addition, the Monorover R2 is less expensive than some other current hoverboard models. You can bring home a Monorover today at just $299.

It’s easy to use the Monorover R2

How easy the Monorover Hoverboard is for you is a matter of individual skills. Some have mastered the Monorover R2 in as little as 20 minutes while others needed many hours of practice before they could ride it comfortably. We feel that it is useful to have a friend or family member who can assist you until you are ready to balance without assistance on the Monorover R2. Another interesting point, is that though it looks effortless and you only move your body and legs slightly, you have to be careful not to overtire your legs or they will ache after a long session of hoverboarding.

The Monorover R2 board comes with a remote control that enables locking and other function remotely.

Good solid abilities

You can move on the Monorover R2 over an incline of up to 15 degrees. You can turn 360 degrees and very tight spots, making even the most tight turns no easy. This self-balancing board should be able to achieve 2-3 hours or 20-30 kilometers when fully charged.

The battery light indicators on the Monorover R2 tell you when to recharge it.

When the battery is a solid green, it means that the battery level is between 15% and 100%.

When the battery light is flashing green, it means that the battery charge is low and between 5% to 15%.

When the battery light is a solid red, it means that the battery is at less than 5% charge.

When the battery light flashes red, then it means that you have to immediately stop riding the Monorover R2 and charge it.


The Monorover R2 is a durable and tough overboard that you can use every day. It has a plastic body, which can get scratched, but as a whole the board is quite strong. They have a robust battery and have applied for the UL certification.

At their price range they are a very good choice.

Buy the Monorover R2 from the official website and get the authentic hoverboard with a 1 year warranty

When you buy from the official Monorover website you get a one year warranty – the website states that the Monorover R2 is warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for one year from the date of purchase.


All in all, the Monorover R2 has a lot of great features for its Price range. This board offers god quality, reliability and affordability all at once. Monorover the company gives you the assurance of a one-year warranty.

You can get your Monorover from the official Monorover website.


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