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Outdoors – Live. Love. Play.

We love the outdoors. From a small delicate flower to a formidable mountain. From a whiff of fresh cool air, to the thrill of a mighty waterfall. From a hike in the woods to playing football in a green field. Getting out into the open, to go for a hike or to play a sport, to frolic on the beach or do surfing, is wonderful. Every moment spent outside is a moment that refreshes us, makes us happier and stronger.

Here is a selection of moments, views, scenes and experiences from the outdoors, from the world over. Go out there and make your life more beautiful.​

From a breathtaking view of Berg lake.

Colorado at its natural best as featured on

Phil Mickelson celebrating in 2004 from Sports Illustrated.

A Tomato Horn Worm by Katherine Henderson, National Geographic.

Enjoying the earthiness of baseball from New York Institute of Photography

A zebra in Berlin Zoo, featured on

A court at a school in Afers on

Paria canyon from Huffington Post

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Lightning in the sky, and ash from a Chilean volcano,

Jay Kolsch's Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland featured on The Sun

Frying Pan lake in New Zealand posted on

Justin Garner's blue anemone’s petals posted on The Sun

Amazing photos posted on Webneel.

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Incredibly clear water in Königssee, Germany, featured on Izismile.

Nature photo featured in Amazing Photos on Webneel.

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