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SwagTron Amazon – See SwagTron T3 & SwagTron T1 all colors big images – comparison charts – infographics – then buy from Amazon

SwagTron on Amazon is the best mini segway or two wheel balance board available today. Choosing a SwagTron hoverboard from the Amazon site gets a little difficult as you can only see one at a time. That’s why we have put together all the SwagTron hoverboards on Amazon in one place, showing all the different colors and models, and on clicking on an image you will see them from all angles in high impact sizes. Once you have made a choice, just click the green button below the particular SwagTron hoverboard and buy it straight from Amazon.




US Govt. agency Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) states that only UL 2272 certified hoverboards are safe. So go in for a UL 2272 hoverboard.
UL 2272 Hoverboard Safety Standard
There are only three UL 2272 certified hoverboards on sale and one is a balance board with a knee steering bar, and one seems to be a rebranding of the world's first UL 2272 hoverboard. Click on the image to check it out on

SwagTron T1


SwagTron T3


Segway miniPro


Hoverzon S
(Rebranded T1?)


Hoverzon XLS
(Rebranded T3?)

Although all of them are all UL 2272 self balancing scooters listed on Amazon, but the SwagTrons are the world's only electric scooters to have passed the UL 10-ton battery crush test thanks to the patented Sentry Shield Battery System.

Sentry Shield Battery System


UL 2272 Testing Video

Choosing between the SwagTron T1 and SwagTron T3 is simple if you know what you want.

Why choose SwagTron T1

The Swagtron T1 is the standard model, and brings you a UL 2272 hoverboard with the best safety, performance and quality at a reasonable price of $ 399. If you want a safe, solid hoverboard then choose this one. The T1 has the Sentry Shield Battery System, the Smart Battery Management System and everything else that the T3 has, except for bells and whistles like the high quality Bluetooth speakers, smartphone app and a few other features. The T1 will be the more popular of the two for most hoverboard buyers.
Go for the T1 if you want a fantastic UL 2272 certified board at an affordable price.

Why choose SwagTron T3

The SwagTron T3 is the fully loaded hoverboard. It is for those who want everything in their hoverboard. Advanced users should go in for the T3. It has high quality Bluetooth speakers, a smartphone App that streams your music and opens a third riding mode - Pro mode. This mode enables faster speeds and more freedom for expert riders. It also has a built-in carry strap, enhanced charge indicator lights, and looks that are way ahead of other hoverboards. It is priced at $499 which is $100 more than the T1.
Finally, it is a choice between a great hoverboard (T1) and the ultimate hoverboard (T3).

Ready to check them out? Click on the name to chek the price on Amazon.
Go ahead and check a 28 point comparison chart between the SwagTron T1 and SwagTron T3?


UL 2272 certification

UL 2271 battery 

10-ton battery crush test

Smart Battery System

Sentry Shield Battery

Safe Stop Technology

Aluminum Chamber 

Enhanced stabilization

FCC, CE, RoHs certified

UL certified charger

Prop 65 certified

Easier learning mode

Dual Motor Gear Control

Downhill Traction feature

Fire-retardant Silicone 

Fire-Retardant ABS body

Wider non-slip foot pedals

Fire-proof foot pedals

Top speed of 8 mph

Free Shipping in US

1 Year Warranty

In-built Carry Strap

Stylized Futuristic Looks

Third mode - Pro Mode

5 Level Charge Indicator

Smartphone App

HQ BlueTooth Speakers

SwagTron T1







SwagTron T3


SwagTron T3 & SwagTron T1 on Amazon - all colors, all models, high impact visual display, single click to buy straight from Amazon

Have a look at all the SwagTrons on Amazon. Click on the image to see full impact photos of the particular color and model. Make a choice and click the green button under the image to buy straight from Amazon.

SwagTron T3​ on Amazon


SwagTron T3 - BLUE

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T3 - DARK RED

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T3 - WHITE

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T3 - PINK

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T3 - GOLD

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T3 - BLACK

Click Image
For Full Impact

SwagTron T1​ on Amazon


SwagTron T1 - BLUE

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T1 - DARK RED

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T1 - WHITE

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T1 - PINK

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T1 - GOLD

Click Image
For Full Impact


SwagTron T1 - BLACK

Click Image
For Full Impact

SwagTron T3 infographic with 30 features and enhancements - click image to see details!


SwagTron buyer reviews on Amazon

SwagTron questions answered by actual Amazon buyers

SwagTron Amazon – the assurance, returns policy and more that you get from Amazon

Amazon and hoverboards have been in the news for some time. A few months back Amazon had completely removed all hoverboards from their website listing. The reason was fears of fires from bad quality hoverboards. While other online stores like eBay and Aliexpress continued selling the low quality hoverboards simply because they were hot selling items, Amazon completely removed them from their websites.

This is a clear reflection of the deep commitment Amazon has towards the safety and welfare of its buyers. As soon as they got to know that the hoverboards had been the cause of many accidents and fires that even burned down houses and injured youngsters, they removed them. It was only around June when the first UL 2272 hoverboard the SwagTron T1 came out that Amazon brought it back on its website.

The CPSC or the Consumer Products Safety Commission of the US Govt. had released a statement in the beginning of the year stating that all hoverboards are unsafe and cannot be sold in the United States unless and until they have the UL 2272 certification. The UL 2272 standard was set for the electric self balancing scooters by Underwriter’s Laboratories, the 120 plus year old testing and standards organization, and is considered by the US Govt. to be the stamp of safety and quality for all hoverboards. SwagTron which was then called Swagway was already collaborating with UL for setting the UL standards for the hoverboard industry and was working hard to full and indeed surpass the requirements of the UL 2272 standard.

No wonder that they came out with the world’s first UL 2272 hoverboard, the SwagTron. When Amazon learnt about the SwagTron hoverboards, and once Swagway had submitted all proof of the full UL certification, they put the SwagTrons on their website. Since then the SwagTron T1 and the SwagTron T3 have been selling in very large numbers on Amazon.

The very fact that Amazon is listing them is testimony to their safety and quality standards, and with the added 30 day return policy of Amazon, it literally becomes a fail-proof purchase. To add to the advantages, you also get to see the reviews of buyers who have purchased the SwagTron hoverboards and also get to read the questions about the SwagTrons answered by actual buyers.

All of this makes it the best place to buy your awesome SwagTron hoverboard. So head over to Amazon right now to bring home a SwagTron T3 or a SwagTron T1.

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