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SwagTron T5 Hoverboard Electric Self-Balancing Scooter – Review + Discount Code

SwagTron T5 review and deal









18.9 pounds


23 x 3.8 x 7 in


187.4 lbs / 85 kg


Cell 5 / 2


UL 2272 Certified, SentryShield Battery Protection System, Smart Battery Management, Dynamic Equilibrium Gyroscopic Technology, Eco-Friendly, 1 Year Warranty

The CHEAPEST and SAFEST UL 2272 certified hoverboard in the market today. This SwagTron T5 review has everything you need to know about it, to make an informed choice and buy it.

The T5 ​is perfect for someone starting out with hoverbarding, as it has a lower maximum speed and greater stabilization. Give your kid a SwagTron T5 and let him learn hoverboarding easily. He can later graduate to the SwagTron T3 or SwagTron T1. Of course if you're into off-road hoverboarding then go for the SwagTron T6.

​SwagTron T5 review – get it at just $239 along with a FREE Swag Bag (this part of the offer may be over). Use $10 discount coupon: swag-1163A391NDSS at check-out! Get it here!

Here are the main highlights of the SwagTron T5:

Fully UL 2272 certified
Lighter than the SwagTron T3 and T1 at just 18 lbs.
Top speed of 7 miles per hour and has a range of 7 miles
Can carry up to 187 lbs of weight
Passed all UL electrical safety tests
Features new battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and learning mode
Features the Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield™ smart battery management system
Has gear stabilization for better control, downhill traction and an upgraded 200 watt motor


The SwagTron T5 is the best hoverboard to buy if you want to get a robust, safe and reliable UL 2272 hoverboard that will start you off in grand style.

The SwagTron T5 is truly the most popular, e-rideable, self-balancing electric scooter now. You will not find a more reliable and better hoverboard for such a low price anywhere. You can go in for the bigger and fancier hoverboards like the SwagTron T3 or the standard SwagTron T1, but the SwagTron T5 is in a class of its own as the best way to start your hoverboarding journey.

The brand new SwagTron T5 offers you the same industry leading technology and safety features that has made SwagTron the benchmark for safety and performance in the hoverboard industry.

The SwagTron T5 weighs only 18 lbs. but can carry up to 187 lbs of weight, has a top speed of 7 miles per hour and will go for a distance of 7 miles on a full charge. That is more than what you will need as you begin hoverboarding.


Moreover, the T5 is environmentally friendly, and is a zero emission way to travel. It has a powerful structure and construction, and uses the very highest quality components and features. The safety standards of the SwagTron T5 are the highest in the industry, and it is absolutely the best option if you are starting out with hoverboards or two wheel electrical balance boards.

Features of Swagtron T5 Scooter:

Protection that is assured:

SwagTron has kept the safety of the rider top most when designing the SwagTron T5. THouhg the SwagTron T5 is smaller than the other hoverboards from SwagTron, the T1, T3 and T6, it is designed to deliver the maximum safety like all SwagTron hoverboards. This self-balancing scooter has safety in its very fabric, right from the polymer body to the multi layer battery protection with the patented Sentry Shield technology.

The ultra-modern polycarbonate material from the body of the SwagTron T5 is made is fire retardant, and most of its parts have been made with fire safety and ease of usability in mind. The hoverboard is also quite sturdy and can take weight of up to 187.5 lbs or 85 kgs.

The Unique Smart Battery Management System:

As in all the SwagTron hoverboards, the T5 also has the BMS or the Batery Management System that is a smart technology that keeps the battery charge and other aspects always within safe parameters. This unique battery safety technology monitors the battery for over voltage, over current, short circuiting and many other issues, keeping the battery within the safe zone and protecting the rider at all times.

This guarantees a safe cruise at all times, especially when it is coupled with the Sentry Shield battery protection system.


Ease of riding and convenience:

The SwagTron T5 has a completely redesigned engine system that is of the double autonomous type. Also the gear calibration and adjustments make it much easier to maneuver and balance on. Thus making it perfect for the beginner hoverboarder. Add to it the sturdy body, and dual 200 watt motosr, and it can take you anywhere safely, even when there is an incline of up to 30 degrees.

Electrical safety with UL 2272 safety standards:

This high value for money hoverboard from SwagTron come with complete UL 22872 certification, which means that its electrical systems have been certified to be safe according to the required standards of safety and quality in US, decide by UL or United Laboratories. Additional safety features include rubber bumpers, learning mode and battery indicators. Of course the Battery Management System also further enhances the overall electrical safety of the SwagTron T5.

The SwagTron T5 makes riding a hoverboard a whole lot more secure and fun.

Most importantly it is completely UL 2272 certified making if absolutely safe, with no fear of fire or other hazards at all. Like the other SwagTron hoverboards T3, T1 and T6, the SwagTron T5 is UL 2272 certified and has passed the original UL 10-ton battery crush test, along with having the UL1998/UL991 evaluations.

This makes the SwagTron T5 at just $239 (using our exclusive discount coupon swag-1163A391NDSS) the best hoverboard to buy this holiday season. You will also get a free swag Bag when you buy it, so go for it if you are planning on picking up a hoverboard any time soon.


Get your SwagTron T5 with FREE carry bag (Swag Bag) for just $239 by clicking here!


Amongst the crop of hoverboards that are available today, there are full blown hoverboards with all the bells and whistles like the SwagTron T3 and T6, and there are slightly entry level hoverboards. Amongst the entry level hoverboards the SwagTron T5 is head and shoulders above the rest.

It comes from a highly reputed market leader company, and it is fully UL 2272 certified and it has the Sentry Shield system as well as Smart Battery Management.

This is definitely the hoverboard to go for if you are below 187 lbs or 85 kilos in weight.

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