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These are the 5 reasons why you should not buy SwagTron hoverboards



1. Don't buy them if you are happy with unbranded hoverboards that do not guarantee quality and are not backed by a leader in the market who is also innovating at a blistering pace.

2. Don't buy if you don't want to align with the hoverboard brand that came out with the first UL 2272 hoverboard in the world, and played a role in defining the UL 2272 safety standards in United States.

3. Don't buy SwagTron hoverboards if their innumerable safety and quality innovations do not matter to you, innovations like the Patented Sentry Shield Battery Safety System, Smart Battery Management System, world's first UL 10-Ton battery crush test passed battery housing, non-slip fire retardant foot pads, enhanced stabilization, incombustible Poly Carbonate Body, enhanced traction tires and tons more.

4. Don't buy SwagTron if you feel that it is of no consequence that they have developed the world's only hoverboard that can carry weights above 400 lb, which has also been declared the No. 1 Hoverboard of 2017.

5. Don't buy SwagTron hoverboards if you do not like special deals like $10 off on every SwagTron hoverboard and rideable by using the Discount Code swag-1163A391NDSS at checkout.

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