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Best Black Friday Hoverboards

Best Black Friday Hoverboards 2018 - Latest Bestsellers Only

Check out the Top 10 Black Friday Hoverboards of 2018, offering unbelievable discounts. Pick one of these deals to not just get the best, but the lowest price too. If you want a bigger view of what is hot and what is not in hoverboards, then click on the banner below to see a tool that puts together all the best hoverboards available to buy today. 



If you love the biggest craziest discounts, you will love the Top 10 Black Friday Hoverboards in America. Make your choice and rock Black Friday already!



Jetson Litho X Hoverboard, Active Balance Technology, 500-Watt Motor, Up To 10 mph, Range of Up to 10 Miles, 3 Speed Modes, Illuminated...
  • Be Electric: The Litho X runs on 100% electric power
  • All-Terrain Tires: Tires designed to handle more adventurous rides
  • Active Balance Technology: Internal sensors keep you level and stable
  • Top Speed: Zip around town with the Litho's X top speed of 10 mph
  • Wheel-y Cool: Illuminated rims will have you standing out from the crowd
  • This product is UL-2272 certified.


Hover-1 All-Star 2.0 Hoverboard 7MPH Top Speed, 7MI Range, Dual 200W Motor, 5HR Recharge, 220lbs Max Weight, LED Wheels & Headlights
  • SMOOTH RIDING HOVERBOARD - Ride in style with Hover-1 All-Star Electric Hoverboard. A powerful 200W motor (100W x 2) provides enough torque to get up inclines of 10 degrees. This hoverboard scooter can go up to 7 mph over a 7 mile range for all day fun!
  • FUN, EASY AND INTUITIVE RIDING – Step on one side first, the board stabilizes so you can put your other foot on. Controls are easy to learn, allowing you to smoothly accelerate/decelerate by applying pressure with your feet and/or leaning
  • BEST SELF-BALANCING SYSTEM - With Hover-1 gyroscopes and acceleration sensors, the built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system keeps you in control. The All-Star hoverboard scooter stabilizes the rider, controls balance and motion for a safe, stable & fun riding experience
  • Ultra Bright LED Headlights - LED Indicator lights - UN 38.3 tested -Certified Battery - UL Certified Power Cord.
  • BLUETOOTH HOVERBOARD - Enjoy your favorite track or playlist with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Light up the neighborhood streets with colorful array LED wheels & footpad, and bright headlight for added visibility
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY - This hoverboard features a built-in 25.2V/4.0 Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (certified), fully charges in 5 hours (charger included). The safety shield battery enclosure prevents fire & overheating


Hover-1 Blast Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard with 6.5” Tires, Dual 160W Motors, 7 mph Max Speed, and 3 Miles Max Range
  • FUN-FILLED PERFORMANCE - The Blast reaches a top speed of 7 mph and can scale inclines of up to 5 degrees thanks to its dual 160W motors outputting 320W of power. The 6.5" solid wheels provide a smooth and enjoyable ride..Operating temperature: 32-113ºF (0-45ºC)
  • BEGINNER-FRIENDLY - Blast is the perfect entry-level hoverboard for newcomers to gain confidence on a quality hoverboard with simple riding controls. Non-slip foot pads keep you in place while the dynamic stabilization system keeps you balanced and upright.
  • LED HEADLIGHTS AND WHEEL LIGHTS – The bright, dual LED headlights and colorful LED wheel lights illuminate your path and add style to your ride.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY - Blast has a built-in 36V/2Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery that fully charges in 5 hours. Ride up to 3 miles on a full charge.
  • SAFE TO RIDE - The Blast alerts you if you are riding too fast or riding on unsafe surfaces so you can slow down and avoid mishaps. Blast is UL2272 certified, meaning that it has been tested to applicable standards and deemed safe by a third-party organization. Ride with peace of mind.


Gotrax NOVA Hoverboard with 6.5" LED Wheels, Max 4.3 Miles & 6.2mph Power by Dual 200W Motor, LED Fender Light/Headlight, UL2272...
  • POWERFUL RIDES-ON - GOTRAX Hoverboards get their popularity from innovative design and reliable quality. Features Dual 200 Watt Motors, and a Max Speed of 6.2mph. GOTRAX NOVA can support up to 176lbs.
  • EXTENDED PLAYING TIME - GOTRAX NOVA is extremely energy efficient using a 25.2V 2.6 Ah battery it can ride up to 5 Miles on a single charge. Nova equipped with self-balancing control system to go straight, make a turn, rotate in place and can be operated at will. Travel distance depends on user's weight, terrains and so on.
  • SAFE HOVERBORD - GOTRAX hoverboards have passed a series of strict system of tests, include electrical, battery and charger tests, and approved by UL2272 safety certification to ensure safety. Each GOTRAX hoverboard back is affixed with a unique UL certification label.
  • 6.5" LED WHEELS - The GOTRAX NOVA features cool LED light wheels in the shape of the GOTRAX Logo, it can light up at night. The 6.5" led wheels creates a smooth and comfortable ride and makes the hoverboard easier to control.
  • A BIG SURPRISE - This hoverboard isn’t just for kids! It can be a thoughtful and unique gift for your friends and family. It's a fun surprise. You can even enjoy a fun race with your friends in the park.


Gotrax Hoverboard with 6.5" LED Wheels & Headlight, Top 6.2mph & 3.1 Miles Range Power by Dual 200W Motor, UL2272 Certified and 50.4Wh...
  • POWERFUL JOYRIDE – Gotrax hoverboard with dual 200W brushless motors, you can take your riding to a fun and safe top speed of 6.2mph. Equipped with 50.4Wh low self-discharge rate battery pack offers up to 4 miles of continuous riding on a single charge (travel distance depends on rider's weight, terrain and so on).
  • RIDING WITH CONFIDENCE - 6.5" solid high-quality tires provide comfortable and smooth riding on most of the road. A durable and thick non-slip footpad allows all level riders to feel safe. This hover board includes LED indicator light, which shows the battery and hoverboard status to make it easy to stay in the know.
  • SAFETY ELECTRIC HOVERBOARDS - Gotrax self-balancing scooter have passed the strict electrical, battery, and charger systems tested, and meet UL2272 safety standards to ensure safety. Each Gotrax hoverboard back is affixed with a UL certification label. The bright front LED light which illuminates the area and keeps riders visible ensures night safety riding.
  • EASY LEARN AND CONTROL - The self-balancing control system makes the electric hoverboards easy to learn and control, put one foot on the board pedal, then put the other foot, once staying straight in a comfortable posture, you can ready to go(tips: the feet closer to the wheel, the more stability). Go straight, fast turns, 360° rotation to show your skills.
  • A ONE Of A KIND GIFT - This electric hoverboard isn’t just for kids! It’s for riders of all sizes and able to carry anyone up to 44-176 lbs. It can be an affordable and unique gift for your friends and family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we provide professional online customer service and 180 days warranty.


Hover-1 My First Hoverboard Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard for Kids with 5 mph Max Speed, Dual 150W Motors, 6.3” Tires, 3 Miles...
  • EASY HOVERBOARD RIDING FOR CHILDREN – My First Hoverboard’s dual 150W motors propel it to a safe top speed of 5 mph and allow the hoverboard to scale inclines of up to 5 degrees. The dynamic inertia stabilization system will keep the hoverboard balanced as your child leans forward and backward to ride it. Non-slip footpads provide plenty of grip.
  • LIGHT YOUR WAY – The bright, dual LED headlights illuminate the path ahead and make riding even more fun for kids.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY – My First Hoverboard features a built-in 24V/2Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery that fully charges in 5 hours. Ride up to 3 miles on a full charge.
  • WE TAKE SAFETY SERIOUSLY – My First Hoverboard is UL2272 certified, meaning that it has been tested to applicable standards and deemed safe by a third-party organization.


Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights, UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Scooter
  • SUPER STURDY & DURABLE – The Warrior 8.5 inch Off Road Hoverboard is made from a perfect combination of UL approved materials which make up its sturdy structure that guarantees durability while keeping you safe during rides and allowing you enjoy this hoverboard for years to come.
  • ALL-TERRAIN RIDES - With 8.5 inch solid tires and 700 watts motor you can be sure of a smooth and easier ride on all terrains. So, feel free to ride on grass, dirt, gravel or wet surfaces. Ride like a warrior!
  • MUSIC SPEAKER INCLUDED – For the music lovers, we have added a Built-in branded high quality music speaker to allow you play your music when riding the hoverboard. No ride will be more fun than this!
  • SELF BALANCING BOARD – The Self balancing technology used for this hoverboard makes it easier and safe for new riders. Master the art of balancing in minutes!
  • OUR SAFETY PROMISE – This hoverboard is UL2272 certified and this means it has passed strict electrical and safety test to assure safe charging and rides. If you feel this hoverboard is performing below this promise, feel free to contact us.


LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5" Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board with Many Certified Wheels LED Lights for Kids Adults(A02 White)
  • Verified Safety Hoverboard: Many Certified of hoverboard,comply with all U.S safety regulations,which is with the features of high-temperature resistance and fire resistance.
  • 6.5 Inch Wheels : High intensity Led headlights provide you safer ride at night, now you can ride it to anywhere at any time. Awesome LED design with color lights, give you a colorful experience.
  • Hoverbaord Built-in Wireless Speaker: Built-in wireless speaker can be easily connected to portable devices in second, just enjoy your favorite music or books without wearing headphones. Make your hoverboard the coolest one with extraordinary sound effect.
  • Easy to Use & Stable Control: The hoverboard easy to learn and maintain balance. It can go straight, make a turn and rotate for 360 degrees locally, and is operated at will!
  • Warranty: 3 months warranty and 24/7 email.


Bosvell Hoverboard with Bluetooth,6.5" LED Wheels and Headlight.Self Balancing Hover Boards Max Speed 7.5 mph, Max Range 8.0 miles,Two...
  • All-Ages Fun: Our hoverboard is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, from kids to adults. With its self-balancing control system, mastering the art of riding is easy and intuitive for all skill levels.
  • Immersive Sound: Enhance your ride with the built-in Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream your favorite music or audiobooks directly from your smartphone or device, adding a new dimension of fun to your hoverboard experience.
  • Dazzling LED Lights: Stand out while riding with vibrant LED tunnel lights flashing in six different colors, providing both style and safety. LED indicator lights also offer easy monitoring of battery life and hoverboard status, ensuring peace of mind during your adventures.
  • Long-lasting Performance: Our hoverboard boasts a durable aluminum frame, non-slip footpad, and 6.5" solid rubber wheels for stability and traction on various terrains. With UL2272 safety certification, ride confidently without worrying about battery or charging issues.
  • Perfect Gift Idea: Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, our hoverboard makes an ideal gift for riders of all ages. Suitable for everyday use and special events like Halloween and Christmas, it's the perfect way to spread joy and excitement.


Hoverboard Certified HS2.01 Bluetooth Flash Wheel with LED Light Self Balancing Wheel Electric Scooter
3,274 Reviews
Hoverboard Certified HS2.01 Bluetooth Flash Wheel with LED Light Self Balancing Wheel Electric Scooter
  • NEW HOVER BOARD SKINS: Made with durable Material and Music Speaker
  • HOVERBOARD PATINETAS ELECTRICAS FEATURES: Electronic Based Hoverboard, Very sturdy- Supporting up to 165 lbs., Impeccable Speed Controlled by Rider, 2 LED Light Up Flash Wheels- Desirable Front LED Lights, Equipped with a 24V / 4A battery you can hit max speed of up to 9 MPH and range of over 8 mile
  • CERTIFICATION: Certificated Hoverboard Stable
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDE: Charger and Help Manual for Reference
  • FUN FOR ALL RIDERS: Perfect Scooters for Kids and Adults.

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Two hoverboards you can buy right now for $119 from Amazon

Now it is an established fact that Amazon only lists UL 2272 certified hoverboards. It is also a fact that due to economies of scale (a complex way of saying lowering of cost due to greater demand and greater production) the prices of hoverboards have come down.

That is essentially why some manufacturers have been able to bring down the cost of hoverboards significantly, without compromising on safety or function.

The biggest indicator of how safe and secure a hoverboard is will be the UL 2272 certification. Amazon famously removed every single hoverboard from their website, when the safety issue had come up in 2015. After that Amazon only listed UL 2272 certified hoverboards. So, there are absolutely no hoverboards on Amazon that are not UL 2272 certified.

Hoverheart hoverboard review - best hoverboard under $120


The first of the two hoverboards on Amazon is the Hoverheart. This brand has become somewhat well now for delivering good quality at a very low price. The hoverboards have many reviews and the rating is a decent 3.5.

You cannot expect the moon for a price this low, but you can expect the entire hoverboarding experience. Surprisingly the Hoverheart hoverboard has already got nearly 700 reviews with a rating of 3.5.

The particular model of Hoverheart that is priced under $120 has a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour and has a range of 6-8 miles, dependent on riding conditions, weight of rider, slope, speed etc.


The most amazing part about this hoverboard is that it has Bluetooth speakers that will stream music from your mobile device. As an added protection a fire retardant plastic skin covers the entire hoverboard.

Like most other hoverboards it has 6.5 inch wheels and its weight limits are between 44 lbs and 220 lbs. A really good thing about this hoverboard is the short charging time of just 1.5 hours. Also there are addition LED lights on the wheels that flash as you move on the hoverboard.

All in all, it is the full hoverboarding package at a really low price. You can check it out on Amazon right now over here.

With the Black Friday sale, the price could reduce even more.

Flashwheel Hoverboard from Hoverheart review - best hoverboard under $120


This is another hoverboard from Hoverheart, and it has slightly different specifications, but is otherwise quite similar to the hoverboard featured above.

One of the big differences is that this hoverboard has 200 watt, 36 Volt 4 Ampere motors compared to the previous one which has 24 volt 2.6 Ampere motors. That means this hoverboard has more power and will deliver a slightly better riding experience.

However, this hoverboard does not have wireless speakers,and also it has only around 60 reviews compared the the nearly 700 of the previous hoverboard.

In all other factors, this hoverboard is comparable or even a step above the other one. It is UL 2272 certified, has 6.5 inch wheels and a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. It also has a range of between 4 and 6 miles per full charge. The charging time is half an hour more at 2 hours.


You can check out this cool low priced UL 2272 hoverboard on Amazon right now - click here!

Everyone loves the biggest Black Friday deals - however if you want to choose quality over bigger savings, then choose the SwagTron T1!


The SwagTron brand is very well known and can be positioned as the leader in the hoverboards market in the United States today. This Black Friday, the SwagTron T1 will have a solid deal on it. It will not be able to match the lowest prices, like for the two hoverboards featured above, but it will be great quality, great performance and a very decent price.

When you choose a SwagTron you will not have to worry about the hoverboard breaking down or malfunctioning, because these high quality hoverboard have gone through the tests and technology iterations that place them at the top of the competition.

SwagTron has been innovating in the hoverboards space for many years now, and was the first to launch UL 2272 certified hoverboards. Their T1 model is one of the top sellers and has been in demand for a very long time.

This hoverboard also offers  slower learning mode for beginners, and has many top end features that makes this hoverboard one of the best that there is. You won't get Bluetooth Speakers, but you will get reliability, durability and long lasting performance.

Have a look at the Black Friday deal that is there on the SwagTron T1 right now, and if it looks good, and you want to bring home a high quality hoverboard, then go for it. You won't regret it.

       A really good quality hoverboard at a deep discount that you should consider buying while holiday discounts are on

GoTrax Hoverfly Ion LED Hoverboard Review


This is an excellent choice and is at a very steep discount currently. It is powered 400 watts dual motors and has a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour. It has a very high 4.7 buyer rating which is great for such a low priced hoverboard.

It is UL 2272 certified and every component including the charger is tested and certified to UL standards. Also as an additional feature it has pulsing LED lights on the wheels, along with the usual LED headlights.


This quality hoverboard supports weights up to 200 lbs and is great for riders of all ages. It is available in 9 vibrant and cool colors, and its shape is quite stylish and stand out from ordinary hoverboards.

One user says that he owns several hoverboards and the GoTrax Hoverlfy is the best of them. He says that the LED light effects of the Hoverfly are really cool, and also that ti is the easiest board to get on among his 5 hoverboards. He also recommends it for beginners as is has good balance.


Another buyer who had purchased two of them for his grand children was thrilled by how happy his grand kids were with his gifts. He said that they were taking the GOTRAX hoverboards everywhere and even though one of them was a little clumsy, they were both balancing extremely well on the Hoverfly. He was quite appreciative of the Self balancing Mode for beginners that the hoverboard has.

You can check out the latest discounts on the GoTrax Hoverfly here.


Want even more hot hoverboard deals this Black Friday, check out the planet’s biggest store – here!

Top 10 Best Black Friday Hoverboards 2018 – Biggest discounts of Black Friday. Bestsellers Only. You’ll love America’s Top 10 Black Friday deals. Come get ’em.

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