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Best Climbing Slings

Top 10 Best Climbing Slings 2018 – Latest Bestsellers Only

For the climbing enthusiast today, there is a wide variety of climbing slings ( or runners) to choose from, among the plethora of climbing equipment available. Choose from the Top 10 Best Climbing Slings of 2018, available right here.

Climbing slings are made by sewing a webbing section into a loop, allowing the sling to be used as an anchor, or as an easy quickdraw to decrease friction and run the rope straighter. Climbing slings today are made of high tech fibers that make them extremely lightweight and stronger than steel. They come in a variety of materials though, and lengths, widths and weights. Before you choose the one best suited to your requirements, do have a look at the options listed below to make an informed choice.

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!

1. GM CLIMBING Nylon Sling Runner

  • GM CLIMBING 16mm Nylon Sling, 22kN, CE EN566 certified, made of tube nylon webbing, sewn in bar-tack for high durability.
  • Width: 16mm / 5/8inch; Length: available in 30cm / 12inch, 60cm / 24inch and 120cm / 48inch. Tube Nylon Webbing
  • High resistant to wear, nylon sling has a long useful life.
  • Light weight while rating to high strength 22kN. An easy-to-carry gear which is able to help in many activities: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Rappelling, Hiking, Emergency Gear, etc.
  • Bright fluorescent orange color for easy distinguishing among gears, and gray for better adaption to outdoor environment.

2. Black Diamond Nylon Runners

  • Cotton
  • Constructed out of durable nylon. Measures 18 mm by 120 cm. Classic form.
  • Blue color identifies its size. Imported.

3. Black Diamond Dynex Sewn Runners

  • Dynex is highly abrasion resistant, strong and lightweight
  • Low-profile sewn runners for traditional protection
  • 10mm wide Dynex
  • Color coded by length
  • Made in the USA

4. GM CLIMBING Nylon Safe Chain

  • GM CLIMBING 23kN Nylon Safe Chain, full strength of 23kN in every loop, CE EN566:2017 and UIAA certified, is built to be much safer, more convenient and easier for length adjustment when serving as personal anchor tether at anchors.
  • Width: 16mm / 5/8in; Length: 97cm / 38in end-to-end; Tubular nylon webbing material, double wrapped; Construction: 6 pocket loops + 1 haft twist loop for neat girth hitching; Overall MBS: 23kN; Pocket loop MBS: 23kN.
  • RAPID LENGTH ADJUSTMENT! Featured multiple loops allow easy and rapid length shortening, offering great help in the applications where frequent length adjustments exist.
  • SAFER OPERATION! Different from traditional daisy chain, the safe chain gets full strength of 23kN in every pocket, and its chained construction tends to eliminate unexpected slack in the system. Operation with a safe chain is more convenient, easier and much safer.
  • DURABILITY! The high strength of 23kN (every loop), doubled wrapped nylon webbing also offers high resistance to abrasion and wear, reinforced for longer service life.

5. Boaton Climbing Nylon Sling Runners

  • PRODUCT DETAIL: These climbing slings have 24''(60cm) and 48''(120cm) for you to choose, and the width is 4/5 inch. With a lightweight of 1.7oz(24"), 3oz(48") and palm size, you can easy to put it in your pocket to carry. These slings have at least 20 functions in Rock Climbing, Tree Work and Rigging, every climber has several at any one time.
  • PERFECT FOR TREE WORK AND RIGGING: You can use these sling to make anchor system, foot loop, Prusik Knot, self-belay for tree climbing. Besides, you can round around the tree with these slings to free your hand to do tree work, also it can hold the branches and logs after your cutting. 25KN/ 5512lbs breaking strength arrow you to use it for hanging tools, rigging or hauling items.
  • PERFECT FOR ROCK CLIMBING: Create top Rope Anchors for Climbing or Rappelling, Make Alpine Draws, Make Prusik Knot, Extender for Draws, Foot Loops as Ascender, Safety Lanyard, self-belay while rappelling, Hold Climbing Rope. (Prusik Knot can use for ascending, self-belay while rappelling, connecting harness to rope for backup safety and self rescue and so on.)
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Round you body with these slings like the picture to make a simple safety harness. Use to build a swing, build hammock, making a leash for your ice axe and so on. Use your imagination, you can use it in many places.
  • POLYESTER MATERIAL: This product is designed with high strength polyester material. It has the characteristics of high strength, good friction, wear resistance and lightweight. Our sling runner is wider than other seller of the market, and the breaking strength is up to 25kN(5512lbs), while others only 22KN(4840lbs). Therefore, our sling runners are more safety than others.

6. Black Diamond Dynex Runner

  • Dynex is highly abrasion resistant, strong and lightweight
  • Low-profile sewn runners for traditional protection
  • 10mm wide Dynex
  • Color coded by length
  • Made in the USA

7. Wellsem Singing Rock Nylon Sling Runners

  • Wellsem nylon runners for traditional protection. Get tricky with them. Tie them off on chickenheads, sling trees and chockstones or use them to help reduce rope drag.
  • Nylon webbing is versatile, strong and extremely durable
  • Assorted lengths and colors
  • Load capacity 23KN

8. NewDoar Nylon Sling Runners

  • Newdoar Nylon Sling, made of tube nylon webbing, machine sewing for high durability.
  • High resistant to wear, nylon sling has a long useful life.
  • Width: 16mm(5/8inch); Length: 48inch.
  • Light weight while rating to high strength 23kN.
  • Suitable for: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Rappelling, Hiking, Emergency Gear, etc.

9. KAILAS Dyneema Ultra-Light Sling

  • Ultra-light sewed webbing loops, Made of high-strength Dyneema of 10mm width
  • Lightweight, low water absorption rate, suitable for extreme climbing
  • Strength: 22kN, Weight: 21g(60cm)
  • Recommended Use: Climbing/Work at height /Rock Climbing / Ice Climbing / Mountaineering / Caverns / Expansion / Tree climbing / Firefighting /Rescue / industrial
  • Certification: CE2008 EN566

10. Fusion Climb Quickdraw Runner

  • Fusion Replacement Quickdraw Runner
  • Available in 60cm length
  • 16mm wide nylon
  • Nylon MBS: 5000 lbs
  • Ideal for extending quickdraws or creating anchors

Review of Black Diamond Nylon Runners Climbing Slings

It's not just 60 cm of material, as if you were measure the entire circumference of the loop. The circumference is about 120 cm. You can tether to your partner, sling tools, tie off to things and improvise a drag harness of sorts. Works really well for pack conversions on a downed firefighter. they are the best I use them as an equalizer at the end of the route with three miners, and it's awesome! totally recommend it!

Strong/well made Nylon Runner. Black Diamond never fails to impress! Great for anchoring so you can clean, or for an extender for draws.

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