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Best First Baseman Gloves

Find the best first baseman gloves here - ranked from 1 to 10

If you are looking for first baseman gloves, you already know that they are not like the other baseman gloves. They are more specialized to the role of the first baseman. That means these gloves are meant to do more than others.

Since these are top best sellers, you will find great quality and also reasonable prices. Have a good look at the gloves below and if you want to read about a few of them below thew list, where we have reviewed some of the best known first baseman gloves.

Bestseller No. 1 – Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

This a classic baseball glove made of brown leather. It has a double palm construction, this glove is prescribly made for players to have a good form of hand for catching, comes with a low lied heel. 12 inch of first base model that has a single post web.

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Bestseller No. 2 – Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove

A first baseman glove that is made of Full-Grain oiled leather for greater endurance. It is 12-1/2 inch long, a safe padded plam lining to make shocks disappear and finger lining for a super grip.

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Bestseller No. 3 – Mizuno GXF102 First Baseman Mitt

A super quality high gloss leather made baseman mitt. A power close that makes catching simply easy, power lock closing for a flawless fit, patented flex technology which boosts flexibility. Play baseball safely with this mitt.

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Bestseller No. 4 – Rawlings Renegade Series Youth First Base Mitt

A sturdy mitt for first base youth with a tight grip. It has single post double bar web, 11.5 inch of size and full-grain leather material that is highly reliable. The mitt is well made and elevates your confidence while playing baseball or softball.

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Bestseller No. 5 – Wilson A2000 Series Miguel Cabrera Firstbase Mitt

A cool firstbase mitt which measures to be of 12 inch in size. It has Drilex wrist lining that avoids sweating, made of pro stock select leather, durable, double heel break design and gives you a superb break-in. The mitt has orange and black color which makes up a classic combination.

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Bestseller No. 6 – Rawlings Rebegade Glove Series

This is a firstbase baseball glove that comes with 90% factory break in. Pre oiled leather is used to make this glove, 11-1/2 inch of size, voluminous pocket for the ball, single post double bar web, all leather shell pocket and also maintains its shape.

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Bestseller No. 7 – Wilson A2000 PS First Base Baseball Glove

Learning and playing baseball will be more fun with this first base baseball glove. Reinforced single post web, Drilex wrist lining to avoid sweat, more durability with Pro stock leather and is designed with double heel.

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Bestseller No. 8 – Rawlings Player Preferred First Base Mitt

A single post double bar first base baseball mitt. It offers 80% of factory break in, 12-1/2 inch in size, impressive zero shock palm padding, traditional back for simple fit, authentic Ca-Thud design and guarantees a super performance at your Rec Leagues.

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Bestseller No. 9 – Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 First Base Mitt
13 Reviews

Bestseller No. 9 – Mizuno MVP Prime GXF50PSE6 First Base Mitt

A plush, soft and appropriately shiny first base mitt made from superior quality leather. Provides a very stern grip for a better play, embroidered logo that is timeless, a catchy colored mitt and made professionally with precision.

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Bestseller No. 10 – Rawlings Liberty Softball Glove Series
1,138 Reviews

Bestseller No. 10 – Rawlings Liberty Softball Glove Series

This is real time tested women's baseball mitt. It is 12 inch in size, made of excellent quality material, endurable as well as comfortable, finger back adjustments can be made while it also has a hand opening, Poron XRD palm and index finger pad for greater safety.

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First base mitts – 3 best first base gloves to buy today.

First baseman gloves are different from other baseball gloves. The reason is that the first baseman’s role is quite different from the others. The first baseman has to primarily catch the ball in difficult situations, unlike other players in the outfield and infield. That is why it is important for the first baseman gloves to have greater ability to catch the ball even if it is thrown badly, near the ground, in the dirt, at a huge stretch, awkward angles etc.

You may have noticed that when young players are starting out they do not have different gloves for the first baseman, that is because they are still figuring out at which position they will play their best. That is why the coaches let them wear the same gloves and not spend on specialized first base gloves when they haven’t yet figured out where they will play. Another thing you may have heard is the first base mitt, instead of a glove. That is because for giving the player a better grip on the ball, no matter how awkwardly or badly the ball has been delivered, the fingers are not separate in the first base glove. They are joined like a mitt. That is why they are also called first base mitts.

The first baseman gloves are also larger than other baseball gloves as they need to have the ability to scoops up the ball from the ground or the dirt. That is why they have an extended portion that is curved that allows the player to latch on to the ball even in very difficult positions. The gloves have a strong webbing in between that also helps to hang on to the ball even when it has been barely grabbed. As experienced baseball players know the webbing is also useful to prevent the full force of the ball from hurting your hand, and many times they catch the ball there to reduce the force of the ball. In first base gloves the webbing is usually of the H web, single post or two piece closed design. The first baseman mitt has stronger deeper pockets.

At the position of the first baseman, the ball comes in at a much faster pace, so the padding of the first base glove is also enhanced. You will notice that the first base gloves have more and stronger padding than other gloves. Since the first base gloves have to face much higher velocity and greater impact they usually are stiff and have to be broken in. Many players but their new first base gloves at two weeks before actually switching from the old gloves. This gives them enough time to break in the first base gloves.

The first baseman has to constantly scoop up poorly thrown balls, and this is the reason why these gloves have a larger size and are of a higher quality than the other gloves.

How to choose your first base gloves.

Getting the right first base gloves is important as it will heavily affect your abilities as a first baseman. You need to get your size right first of all, and usually the first base mitts are about 13 inches in length. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying first base gloves.

Your first base mitts should be comfortable.

Look for a first base mitt that is comfortable to wear. You should be able to easily open and close it. It should sit well on your hand, and not feel uncomfortable even when you clasp down hard.

Tough, durable and able to handle rough use.

Since the first baseman needs a really tough glove that will be able to take all the rough use and hard balls, make sure you buy a durable glove that is made of superior longer lasting leather and has better construction too.

Get a good fit and right size

Making sure you follow the sizing chart carefully will ensure that you get the right size and the right fit. First base gloves start from around 13 inches in size, but for a child, you will be able to choose smaller kid's first base gloves.

Mind the lacing

The gloves of a first baseman take some of the hardest abuse, so it is important that the glove yu choose has tight lacing. One piece construction is also preferable.

Top 3 First Baseman Gloves to buy

We selected three of the best and also the most popular gloves, and reviewed them so that you can pick one that will be good for you. The gloves are across different budget ranges so that you can choose one according to your level. 

Wilson A2000 SS First Base Gloves Review


The Wilson A2000 is a sought after first base mitt, and many users have sworn to use no other glove after using the Wilson A2000. This high quality first base glove has a double horizontal bar web that holds strong and makes it easier to scoop up balls. The Wilson A2000 is available in right as well as left hand versions.

A stand out feature of this first baseman mitt is the Grey SuperSkin, which is half the weight of regular leather and two times stronger. That makes this glove really sturdy and durable. The glove also features black and fawn pro stock leather that adds to its life and quality. The pro stock leather also helps in a great break-in making the glove perfect for your style of catching and scooping the ball. It is the combination of SuperSKin and Pro stick Leather that makes the glove easier to break-in than a fully leather globe would have been.

The Wilson A2000 has dual welting that makes the pocket durable and strong. It has a Drilex wrist lining which does a great job of keeping your hand cool and dry.

Several users have said that the glove has excellent craftsmanship and material and is clearly superior to the cheaper gloves. A few have talked about the fact that the glove is a snug fit, and people with bigger hands might find it uncomfortable.

A very common feedback is that the glove looks absolutely great and the breaking in is easier thanks to the combination of pro stock leather and SuperSkin.

An important tip from an experienced buyer is that you should go inf or this slightly higher priced first base glove only if your son or you are serious about the game. For a casual player, a cheaper first base glove will be a better choice.

Rawlings Renegade First Base Gloves Review

The Rawlings Renegade gloves have been specially designed for first base players. These gloves are light weight and have a mesh back design. They are very well made and are durable and ideal for casual baseball and slow pitch softball.

The Renegade gloves have a game ready feel right out of the box, and are factory broken-in. The glove is 90% factory broken-in at the Rawlings factory.

The design of these Renegade gloves deliver the best balance and add quickness to your game. The shape retention of these gloves I also very good. As far as comfort goes, the high-density cushioning helps a lot. The gloves have these cushioning pads for the palm and index finger.

You can be sure that you are getting a great pair of first base gloves when you choose the Rawlings Renegade.


Marucci Founders' Series First Base Mitt Review


The Marucci Founder’s First Base gloves are premium quality and have been handcrafted for top class quality and performance. They have been made from premium Japanese kip leather, and they are tested and tried by the best of professionals in the top games.  These gloves have a very high standard of construction quality and are extremely durable.

They are crafted with precise attention to detail and have a Double H web that do a great job of evenly distributing tension in the pocket of the glove. These gloves deliver a longer lasting performance and are designed for a custom fit.

The Marucci Founder’s Gloves have added leather reinforcement on the back of the pocket which protects the laces and makes the gloves even more long lasting.

To improve the scooping of balls and also let the gloves keep their shape better, the Marucci Founder’s Gloves have a two-piece back design. They have a soft cowhide interior lining and U.S. tanned lace.

Go for these superior quality gloves that have been trusted by the Big Leaguers since 2013, if you want to take your game to the next level.

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