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Hoverboard Skins


Hoverboard skins can totally transform the looks of your hoverboard. They are very affordable and you can change them easily. You can even buy hoverboard skins of a certain theme and keep changing them whenever you feel like. Usually it makes sense to change the skin when it starts to look old after all the scratches and dings that a hoverboard takes on with regular use.

They are called skins, decals, stickers, and they are all the same thing, vinyl designs that stick to the body of your hoverboard making it look really cool and giving it a little bit of protection.

The great thing about these skins is that they can be removed and new skins put. The variety of skins is huge, anything from the American Flag to psychedelic designs.

These hoverboard skins fit most models of hoverboards but you need to be careful to check for the right size of decals, if you have a hoverboard that is bigger than the usual 6.5 inch wheels.

The MightySkins hoverboard decals are made of durable, top-grade vinyl with UV-resistant color, which means that they wont fade in the sunlight.There are literally hundreds of designs but some of them are really popular.

These are a selection of the 10 best hoverboard skins. We are sure you will find a hoverboard skin to your taste from these cool designs.

Top 10 Hoverboard Skins - trending now

1. GameXcel Sticker for Hover Board

This hoverboard skin is the best of its kind. Printed in HP eco solvent inks of superior quality, made of 3M vinyl, saves your hoverboard from minor scratches, ensures almost perfect fit, makes your board look attractive and unique.

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2. FBSPORT Silicone Scratch Protector Case for 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter
18 Reviews

2. FBSPORT Silicone Scratch Protector Case for 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter

This cover case provides resistance against water and scratches. It offers full time protection, fits appropriately to 6.5 inch of hoverboard and is the best buy for you that changes the look of your board.

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3. GameXcel Sticker for Hover Board and Electric Scooter

This sticker will help you to make your hoverboard look cooler than ever. It is made of superior quality 3M vinyl, ensures a great fit to majority of the boards, prevents your hoverboards form minor scratches and abrasion.

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4. ZSZBACE Silicone Case for Self Balancing Scooter

This is a durable cover skin for your hoverboard that will make it anti-scratch. It is compatible for 6.5 inch long hoverboard, stretchable silicone skin, hassle free application and absorbs shocks efficiently.

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6. Mightyskins Hoverboard Skin

This provides utmost amount of protection to your hoverboard and enhances the outer look of it. It gives protection from scratches primarily, it is reliable, easy to paste, is a 3M vinyl standard skin and imparts customer satisfaction.

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7. SKINOWN Attractive Hoverboard Sticker

This sticker ensures a perfect fit and suits your hoverboards. It is made of super quality material, enables wrinkle-free application, makes it look attractive and remove it with ease. Transformers the board into a superb hoverboard.

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8. GameXcel Skin for Hover Board

This skin is made from 3M vinyl standard material and is skillfully printed with HP eco solvent inks. It covers your hoverboard from almost all sides, it protects your board from minor abrasions and rough rides.

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9. MightySkins Skin for Hoverboards

This is the most fashionable and stylish hoverboard skin that is very reliable and enduring. It is made of laminated vinyl that keeps it unaffected from stains, thin in texture, easy to remove and ensures total satisfaction.

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10. Cosmos Waterproof Carrying Handbag

This efficient handbag is made of a enduring oxford material that is build to last. Accommodates 6.5 inch of two wheel electric scooter, washable, ensures the best portability, double zipper opening and closing and comes in 24.5 inch by 7.5 inch of size.

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Hoverboard Skins that are a cut above the others

Our experts have taken a look at all the hoverboard skins that are available and made a few picks based on the quality and design. You can have a look at them below.

GameXcel Hoveboard Skin

The great thing about the GameXcel hoverboard skin is that they are perfect for all hoveboard out there but they also can be DIY done for any new hoverboard that has a different shape and space to be covered.

In fact the company GameXcel goes so far as to say that when you do a DIY cutting and things go wrong, they will be happy to send you a replacement skin. Isn't that great?

We feel that GameXcel has good quality and they are thinking about the user, so they are definitely worth a try. Also they are on the reasonable side of prices, unlike a MightySkin that will cost quite a bit more.


Here are the main highlights of the GameXcel hoverboard skins

They are made from high quality 3M vinyl and the designs are created with top notch Premium HP Eco Solvent ink.

This makes the hoverboard skins very long lasting and durable as they have been created from the very best quality components in the industry.

The decals are created to fit most hoverboard in the market, but they can also become a DIY project where you cut them out in the exact shapes that you want. You might need different shapes for the new spaces created in newer models. The company also promises to replace your hoverboard skins DIY attempts if at first you make a mistake and cut it wrong. That is a great to know. Time to DIY hoverboarders!

Of course the universal advantage of hoverboard skins is that it protects your hoverboard from scratches and dings on all sides, the top, bottom, the sides, the tire covers.

Here are a few of the hoverboard brands with which these hoverboard skins are compatible (mind you the full list is much bigger) - SwagTron, Swagway, HoverTech, Leray, Powerboard, Sogo, IO HAWK, DEKOTA, Street Saw, Hover X, MONOROVER R2, Zippyboard Cruiser, OU-BAND, EROVER, KOOWHEEL and many others.

Absolutely stunning designs is of course one of the main features of the skins by GameXcel. They have very good designers who let their imagination run wild to create really wonderful hoverboard skin designs.

What actual buyers say about GameXcel hoverboard skins

best hoverboard skins decals

Let me begin by stating that 60% of the reviews are 4 stars or higher and about 30% are 2 stars and below. That means that out of the thousands and thousands who have purchased these hoverboard skins, most have been satisfied with the product.

Majority of the buyers liked these hoverboard skins

After going through the reviews some points came out clearly. The skins are great when they fit the hoverboards perfectly, but if there is a difference int he shape of the hoverboard and the skins provided then the reshaping with a cutter becomes a little bothersome. On the whole, the positive reactions are all to do with how much the appearance of the hoverboards change, and how even old hoverboards start to look new. The majority of reviewers found the decals to be of high quality and to stick perfectly, and change the entire look of the hoverboards.

The negative reviews were all to do with mismatched expectations

On the negative side of things, there is a lot of disappointment with some buyers concerning how they thought that the stickers would provide more protection, and that they are just that, stickers. Many of the reviews were also about how DIY becomes  really difficult and also about how it takes a lot of effort to get the stickers on perfectly. Once complaint that props up every once in a while is that on the curved parts of the hoverboards the skins becomes bubbly and uneven. Also some of them have talked about how the stickers start to peel of quite quickly if they are not stuck properly or if they are DIY and had to be cut and re-stuck.

Many reviewers gave some useful tips on using GameXcel hoverboard skins

Some tips that the users have given are that the best way to go about using the GameXcel skins is to follow along with the YouTube demo videos whose URL is given on the pack. Another recurring recommendation is to use a hair blower to stick the skin evenly and smoothly.

With all of these reviews, there are good points and bad, but overall if your hoverboard is listed as a definite fit for these GameXcel skins, then you can go ahead and use them without worries.

If you are looking for more protection then this is what you need

Another point that came up was that a lot of people were expecting more protection and they found it with silicone covers, and one brand that popped up a few times was FBSport. If you want your hoverboard to be properly protected, then check out the best FBSport rubber cases for hoverboards here.

A great SwagTron T5 protector and silicone skin - Seafaring Silicone Skins


Do you want to protect and jazz up your SwagTron T5 hoverboard from top to bottom? Then your answer is the Seafaring Full Body Protector Skin. It comes in a plain black as well as other snazzier designs, and completely protects your hoverboard from scratches, dents and dings.

It does not require any glue or sticking as the elasticity and the fit of the skin keeps it snugly in place. It protects the top and the bottom of the T5 hoverboard, and does a really good job of it. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which says a lot about how confident the brand is about the product.

Made from silicone, this wrap skin will keep your T5 hoverboard absolutely safe. If you are looking to buy one for anything other than the 6.5 inch wheel SwagTron T5, then you need to look at other listing of Seafaring here. Seafaring has specially designed similar silicone wraps for other SwagTron models like the T6 and T3.

According to actual buyers, the wrap is a very snug and good fit, and does a great job of protecting. However, it is a little cumbersome to take it off as the elastic fit is snug, which is also why it stays in place so well. One customer said that they would buy this product again.

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