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Best Skateboards

Top 10 Best Skateboards to buy

Check out the Top 10 Best Skateboards of 2018, which are also the latest bestsellers. When you choose one of these Skateboards you not only choose the best, you also get the best price.​

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports.

Hey if you want to check out a couple of hand picked skateboards and what actual buyers think about them, just scroll down the page.

Make your choice and head out already!

1. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 7.75-Inch Deck
  • 52mm Krown Graphic Wheels
  • Assorted Havoc Trucks (Assorted Colors)
  • Black Grip tape

2. Cal Complete Cruiser Vintage Skateboard

  • GOOD TO GO — Fully assembled and ready to hit the streets.
  • SOLID SPECS — ABEC 7 bearings, 60mm wheels, 3.125 inch aluminum alloy trucks.
  • COMPACT SIZE — 22.5 X 6 inch plastic deck easily fits into a carry-on or backpack.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE — Premium hardware is super durable for a smooth, fast ride.
  • BOLD DESIGN — Available with tons of colorful and graphic decks.

3. Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard

  • Without batteries, No charge - Electricity generation from rotary power, LED always lighting unless wheel is too loose, tighten the screw cap, it will works again
  • Classic Mini Cruiser Deck - 22'' Long x 6'' wide PP plastic single kick board
  • V-truck And Base - 3.2'' heavy duty high quality aluminum, ABEC-7 bearing
  • Large Soft PU Wheels - 60 x 45 mm PU wheel 78A, with super shock absorption and fine abrasion resistance, great grip, and more comfort
  • Max Load Ability - From children to teenagers who weight less than 180LB (82KGS)

4. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

  • Rimable Plastic Cruiser Fully Assembled
  • 22'' Long x 6'' Wide Deck With 100% Fresh Material
  • High Quality 3” Thick Aluminium Trucks
  • Super Smooth PU Wheel With High Speed Bearing
  • Max Load Weight 198 LB (90KGS)

5. Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete

  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch Deck
  • 52mm Urethane Krown Graphic Wheels
  • 5.0" Aluminum Trucks
  • Black Grip tape

6. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

  • 100% maple deck
  • SOLID : 7-ply hardrock maple cold pressed into 32x8-Inch deck, Max support weight 220 lbs. Mediate concave makes it ideal for any tricks.
  • STRENGTH : 5-Inch trucks are casted by genuine alluminium alloy, equipped with carbon steel kingpin and 78A high rebound PU bushing.
  • SPEED : ABEC-9 precision bearings are forged by chrome steel, work with 52mm 102A PU wheels. Fast speed is half success for tricks.
  • SMOOTH : Rest your heart when cutting corners. The boards has passed maneuverability test on streets, ramps, and pools.
  • STYLE : Strikingly attractive graphics range from trendy to vintage, make boards ideal choices as gifts.

7. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly

  • Complete High Quality Double Kickboard Skateboard made from 31.5" x 7.75" 7-Ply Canadian Maple.
  • Mild Concave Skateboard Deck Profile for Superior Control While Riding, Turning, and Doing Tricks.
  • PUNISHER ABEC-7 High Speed Wheel Bearings. PE Riser Pads, and Polyurethane Cushions with Punisher Skateboard Logo Printing. PUNISHER Heavy-Duty 5" Alloy Trucks & Bases.
  • 54x36mm PU Ivory White Wheels with Punisher Skateboard Graphics.
  • Full Color Graphics on one side and 80AB Heavy Duty Grip Tape on the other. No Assembly Required.

8. Ridge Skateboards 27" Cruiser Board

  • UK skateboard makers ‘Ridge Skateboards’ have taken over Europe and are now available in the USA!
  • Ridge Skateboards proudly offer the only mini-cruiser in the world manufactured outside of China.
  • The Ridge 27 is 5" longer and 1.5" wider than the original Ridge board. This makes it slightly more stable than its little brother and gives it a slightly larger turning circle. Deck: 27" long x 7.5" wide.
  • 59mm 78A PU Wheels- the same great wheels as on the original mini cruisers
  • The Ridge brand is renowned for high build quality and great design

9. MoBoard 22" Classic Style Graphic Complete Skateboard

  • MoBoard skateboards come fully assembled and ready to ride in 23 different fun, colorful styles perfect for kids and adults alike. Stand out from the rest with your one of a kind MoBoard
  • Long lasting Abec 7 Wheel Bearings, 59mm Urethane Wheels and 3inch lightweight aluminum trunks built to last and endure everyday use. Weight limit is 100 kg or 220 lbs!
  • With its sharp turns and small surface area, MoBoards are the perfect way to get around town! With our 22in Board you can Skate where you need to go and simply carry in your backpack when done!
  •  Interchangeable Wheel Sets - Add a personal style or look to your board with a wide range of different size and colors skateboard wheels that swap out easily with our T-tool sets

10. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboards

  • Powell Golden Dragon skateboard assemblies are a high quality product with the brand strength of Skate One Corp
  • Length: 31.375"
  • Skate One Corp. Shape: 124
  • Concave: K12
  • All Powell-Peralta products come with a warranty

Review of MoBoard 22" Classic Style Graphic Complete Skateboard

This is a great beginner skateboard. It's very sturdy, good quality and the perfect size for a kid just starting out. Skateboards come fully assembled and ready to ride in 23 different fun, colorful styles perfect for kids and adults a like. Stand out from the rest with your one of a kind MoBoard.
This makes our boards are perfect for everyone, from intermediate to pro, our boards do it all.

Highlight your board and personal style by swapping out our interchangeable wheels for new colors, smoother rides, and epic runs.
MoBoard’s boast ultra-strong metal bearings and trucks to ensure you can ride, flip, grind and land with consistency.
Being a skater means you like to have fun and whats better than riding on the beach on a board thats never going to break like a regular wooden skateboard. MoBoards come completly assembled and feature a high-quality plastic deck with emprinted grips to insure your feet stay planted.

3 best skateboards to buy today - the real story from real reviews

Skateboarding is a hobby for some and passion for others but in either case, it is important to find the right fit for you. A skateboard needs to be sturdy and smooth sailing, and if it is also great looking and pitched at a reasonable price, then it’s like hitting the jackpot. Although professional skaters have their high-end brands, it is not something everyone can or would want to spend on a skateboard, especially when buying for kids or for daily travelling.

When you are buying something for your kids, you want it to be safe, well-built and attractive enough to draw the kids towards it. Since skateboard decks come in all shapes and sizes, picking out the right one requires some research. This list will help you pick out a board that you can trust.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Reviews

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Skateboard Review

The first board we are considering is the Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard. All Powell-Peralta Ligament decks have wide, robust polymeric straps which provide a stronger and more flexible grip, compared to the three skinnier straps that are used in the original Ligament deck. The new straps hold the board together, saving you from serious injury even if the board itself cracks or breaks, which is a major plus when being used by children. The idea is to use the same principles as the ligaments that hold together the muscles in a human body, protecting it from serious injury, which makes it superior over other boards at the same price point.

This board is ideal for beginners and most of the reviews are positive to the point of being amazing. A former skater who bought this to share his passion with his son, states that the trucks of this board are set perfectly and the wheels roll smoothly while remaining sturdy.

Another user bought 3 of these (1 for himself and 2 for his kids) and his assessment is that these are awesome first boards for kids and adults alike.

Many users bought this board as beginners and loved the pricing of the board and the quality that they got for it. According to one such beginner, the board, trucks, bearings and wheels were well worth the money. This reviewer felt that the designs were amazing and the boards could hold a straight line while making the turns smooth as butter, despite having medium compound bushings.

One of the reviewers also pointed out that this board has a DVD that features instructional videos which also explain how to put it together the right way. He also wrote that despite having multiple crashes, the board was holding its own and only has a few battle scars here and there.

The Powell Golden Dragon complete board is excellent value at its price point. The only thing that might bother some people is that the wheels are black, and has the dragons on them, instead of the preferred white color.

RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard Reviews

RIMABLE skateboard review best

This is one attractive and amazingly patterned board which is available in a variety of colors and designs. These boards are extremely popular with teenagers and young adults, and have reached such an iconic status, that they also influence clothing styles, music and street culture of these youngsters. The best part about this board is that you can ride them barefoot! They support a maximum weight of 198 pounds, making it suitable for adults and children alike.

If you look at the reviews, one beginner points out that it is the perfect skateboard for a rider who is starting out. It is lightweight, durable, has fat tires that help prevent crashes from rocks and small impediments, and are available in fabulous colors, that make them perfect for younger children. According to him, if you're a family with a kid interested in skateboarding and you don't want to empty out your pockets, this is the board for you.

Another user who is 5'11" and weighs 160, was concerned about whether the board would support his weight or not. He got this board over a year ago and uses it almost every day at college, and hasn’t for even a moment felt concerned about the board breaking or cracking under his weight. According to him, the board rolls freely off curbs and holes and anything else campus roads can throw at him. For the price that he bought it for, he couldn't be happier!

Another user who weighs about 210 lbs had the same weight concerns as many others but in the 6 months of using the board, far from seeing any damage to the board, he hasn’t even heard a crack nor has he experienced any dis-balances. He bought this for travelling around town and it has been amazing for him. For anyone looking for a reasonably priced board, he highly recommends this skateboard, as it has everything that a great board should have yet it is at a much cheaper price point.

The only complaints some reviewers had, were to do with the paint. A few of the buyers were under the impression that the decks were colored, but they are actually white with paint on them. And because of that the paint tended to come off on impact or due to a crash.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Reviews

Quest Super Cruiser Review top 3 USA

The final skateboard on the list is the 44" Quest Super Cruiser Longboard, that is made from a Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and flexible bamboo deck. This board has been designed with great care, to ensure the perfect details and superior performance at an extremely reasonable price. Quest longboards are made using superior materials and components, similar to those used in professional boards, yet they are available at a much lower price point. The great thing about Quest is that they design and develop nearly every part of their products.

The reviews of this board are on the whole very good. One user who is 6'2" tall had no issues with the board supporting his considerable frame. The trucks were a bit wobbly for his liking initially, but once he got them screwed in, they were good to go. He mainly uses it for cruising the neighborhood and playing with his son when they are outside.

More advanced riders might want to upgrade the bearings and/or wheels to get that little bit more performance, as it is built for comfort, and not for pro-skating.

Some reviews also had good tips on this board - one tip was to tighten the truck bushings. The trucks might feel wobbly and wheel bites might hinder your skateboarding experience. The simple solution is to loosen the bolt a bit on all the wheels and then you are good to glide down the streets like a skateboarding boss.

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