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Best avalanche beacons

You just can’t afford to compromise on something as vital as an avalanche beacon. One person or several people’s lives will depend on avalanche beacons working properly. You should get the very best and most trusted avalanche beacons for anyone who goes to the snow slopes.

Features to look for in avalanche beacons

There are several main factors that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of an avalanche beacon.

Ability to find a single buried victim

Avalanche beacons show an arrow and the distance where the victim is buried. They also give out beeps that get faster as you approach the buried beacon. The most important factor is how good your avalanche beacon is at pin pointing and locating the buried beacon. This is the single biggest factor you should base your decision on.

How fast you can move while locating a signal

As you move in the pattern that you been taught to locate a victim, different avalanche beacons allow you to move at slightly differing speeds. Some beacons will work seamlessly even if you move fast, whereas some will not be able to keep up with your speed and give a slow down indication. This is one aspect of your avalanche beacon that you should be aware of. Find out what are the speed restrictions of your avalanche beacon and buy one according to your requirements.

The signal catching range of a beacon

The range of avalanche beacons start at around 20 meters and are usually in the range of 30-40 meters. There are beacons with wider ranges too, but when it comes to doing the avalanche search patterns, then you do it with a 30 meter width and 15 meter length to cover for beacons with the smallest range. Though it is good to have a beacon with a bigger range, but it is not something that you should base your decision on.

What are the 3 best avalanche beacons available in the market today

Since avalanche beacons are such life critical devices, we do not want to recommend anything, but would like to leave it to the experts. However, we would like to point out that did an actual test of the best avalanche beacons in the market today and recommended a few.

Mammut Barryvox S

The best beacon overall according to them was the Mammut Barryvox S which scored the highest in all their parameters, range, speed, single victim search, fine search, multiple burials and features. You can check the Mammut Barryvox S here.

Backcountry Access Tracker 3

The next in their ranking was the Backcountry Access Tracker 3. Check it out here.

Arva Axio

Their third ranked beacon was the Arva Axio. It has a 60 meter search strip width. Check it out here.

You may also want to look at the best avalanche air bags, which are also a very useful safety accessory for skiers and anyone who frequents the snow slopes.

Top 10 bestselling Avalanche Beacons

To help you with your search for a avalanche beacon that suits your needs, we bring you the top 10 most popular avalanche beacons today. These 10 bestsellers have been ranked according tot heir number and velocity of sales.

Take a closer look at all the 10 options below, and read about their features, check out their actual buyer reviews, and pick the avalanche beacon that fulfills all your need. Remember not to compromise on quality when it comes to a life saving device like an avalanche beacon.


BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Bd Recon X Beacon
  • A premium avalanche beacon outfitted with all the features needed for fast, accurate searches in the event of a slide
  • 60-meter circular range for extended symmetrical search area. Three antennas. 3 AAA Batteries. 400 Hour battery life
  • Housing with soft touch contact points for improved ergonomics and handling
  • Mark function for multiple burial scenarios. Interference protection in both search and send modes. Frequency: 457 KHZ ((EN300718))
  • . Lightweight harness-style carrying pouch included. Compatible with iProbe for added search capabilities


Backcountry Access Tracker S Avalanche Beacon + Avalanche Probe
  • Includes the BCA Tracker S Avalanche Beacon Transceiver, Made by Backcountry Access. The "S" Stands for Simple, which is what you want in an avalanche rescue situation.
  • Includes the SnowBigDeal 260 centimeter Avalanche Probe. Made from Aluminum with depth markings in centimeters. A probe helps to pinpoint a buried person under the snow.
  • The Avalanche Transceiver includes the carrying harness to hold store the beacon safely against your body.
  • Avalanche Beacons operate in Transmit and Receive modes to be able to search for as well as be found by a partner.
  • Don't travel in the backcountry without proper rescue gear. This kit includes two of the three essential items: Beacon, Probe, and Shovel (Not included).


Backcountry Access Tracker3+ Avalanche Transceiver
39 Reviews
Backcountry Access Tracker3+ Avalanche Transceiver
  • 3-Antenna Digital Transceiver
  • Multiple Burial Indicator
  • Auto Revert Mode
  • Includes Harness and Batteries
  • Limited 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • English (Publication Language)


Backcountry Access Tracker S Avalanche Transceiver
  • Frequency: 457 kHz
  • Max Range: 55 meters
  • Search Strep Width: 50 meters
  • Battery Life: Minimum 1 hour in search mode after 200 hours in transmit mode.


Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Beacon
  • Effective digital search strip width: 70 meters
  • Digital receiving range: 70 meters
  • Extended search range: extended receiving bandwidth (analog): up to 95 m; Extended search strip width (analog): 100 m
  • Circular receiving field: almost identical receiving range for X and Y antennas
  • Lithium-enabled: also works with lithium batteries: Less risk of leakage. More stable in low temperatures. Longer battery life (350 hours SEND)


Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Beacon
  • Effective digital search strip width: 70 meters
  • Digital receiving range: 70 meters
  • Circular receiving field: almost identical receiving range for X and Y antennas
  • Display: display with background lighting, very easy to read even when wearing polarized glasses
  • Acoustic search guidance: allows the rescuer to visually search the avalanche field


BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Bd Guide Bt Beacon
  • Housing with soft-touch contact points for improved ergonomics and handling
  • Bluetooth functionality allows user to manage settings, software updates and optimization
  • Three antennas provide 60-Meter Circular range for extended, symmetrical search area
  • Mark and scan function for multiple burial scenarios
  • Digital Signal Processor to pick up beacons transmitting drifted signals


SnowBigDeal Bundle Backcountry Access BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon Avalanche Transceiver + 240cm Avalanche Rescue Snow Probe Avy...
  • ✅ Avalanche Beacon - This avalanche gear package includes the bca tracker 3 avalanche beacon / avalanche transceiver and a 240 or 270 centimeter avalanche rescue probe.
  • ✅ Avalanche Probe - After locating the backcountry avalanche victim with the tranceiver, use the 240 or 270 centimeter probe to pinpoint the exact location under the snow.
  • ✅ Tracker Avalanche Beacons & transceivers are must have items for your backcountry avalanche pack. The bca tracker 3 beacon is an upgraded avy beacon from the tracker 2
  • ✅ This Avalanche Rescue Package includes the beacon, harness, batteries, instructions, and a 240 or 270 centimeter avalanche rescue probe. Perfect items to have in your ski or snowmobile pack.
  • ✅ 3-Antennae digital backcountry access tracker 3 avalanche transceiver. Multiple-burial signal supression and easy-to-use functionality. The perfect avalanche beacon kit


BCA Backcountry Access T4 Turbo Avalanche Beacon Kit Rescue Package - Includes The Tracker 4 Transceiver, 300 Centimeter Avalanche...
  • BCA's High-End Rescue Package for all Backcountry Riders. This Avalanche Kit Beacon Includes the Tracker4 Avalanche Beacon, Stealth 300 Probe, and Dozer 2H-S shovel with Saw.
  • BCA Tracker 4 Avalanche Beacon Includes batteries and harness. If you are looking at avalanche beacons & transceivers, you will know this avy beacon is a top of the line avalanche transceiver.
  • Backcountry Access Stealth 300 Avalanche Probe is a 300 centimeter probe to assist in pinpointing a buried person under the snow. Regardless whether they were skiing, snowmobiling, or snowboarding,
  • This avalanche kit includes the Backcountry Access BCA Dozer 2H-S Avalanche Shovel with Saw. The shovel converts to Hoe Mode to move a greater amount of snow in a shorter period of time.
  • Weight of the Avalanche beacon is 7.6oz (including batteries). Weight of the Avalanche Rescue Shovel with saw is 1.98 lb. Weight of the 300 centimeter avalanche probe is 11.6oz


SnowBigDeal BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon + 260cm Avalanche Probe 260cm SBD Probe
  • ✅ Includes BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Beacon/Transceiver
  • ✅ SBD 260cm Aluminum Avalanche Probe
  • ✅ Beacon Includes Body Harness and Batteries

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