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Best Walk-in Bathtubs to buy – the best value for money walk-in bath tubs

When you get it right, then a walk-in bath tub is a truly life enhancing decision.

However, here is what no one tells you about walk-in bath tubs – and any one these problems with walk-in tubs can stop you in your tracks!

A walk-in bath tub can be great for the elderly and the mobility challenged, and can give them a certain degree of independence and improve their quality of life. However, before going ahead and investing in a walk-in tub, it is very important to get a practical view of what it is actually like to use one, and whether it is suitable for you or your elderly loved one.

When it comes to the elderly and anyone who has to use a wheel chair or is unable to move around freely, it is even more important to ensure that their investment is absolutely fool proof when it can be in the range of up to $10,000.

That is why we first brig you the issues and challenges with using a walk-in bathtub before giving you the options of which walk-in bath tub to buy. You must read through these points, carefully assess that they will not negatively impact your usage and experience with a walk-in bath tub, and only then decide to buy one.

If you have mobility problems, walk-in bath tubs might still pose a problem

There are two kinds of walk-in bath tubs, the door type and the sliding wall type. The door type has a small threshold of about 7 inches height that you will need to step over to enter it. If you are unsure of your footing, then this can prove to be difficult to do on your own. Though most walk-in bath tubs have hand railings, getting into one will still need a bit of effort. If you cannot do this easily, then a walk-in bath tub may become a completely wasted investment.

You will end up sitting in the cold waiting for the water to fill up and for the water to drain away

In most walk-in tubs, it will take several minutes for the water to fill up to the required level once you enter it. That means if it is cold, you will be sitting in the cold for up to 10 minutes waiting for the warm water to fill up. If that will turn you off, then also consider the fact that when you are ready to get out, you will have to wait several minutes for the water to drain off before you can open the door. At that time you will not only be cold, you will be wet. Some walk-in tubs have faster filling and emptying of water, but a lot also depends on the plumbing in your home. Consider this factor carefully before buying a walk-in bath tub.

Since you’ll be sitting upright, the warm water may not reach your upper back and neck

The usual design of a walk-in bath tub is like a chair with space near your feet. That means you will be sitting upright, and will not be able to rest your head like in regular bath tubs, allowing the water to some up to your shoulders and neck. You will be able to lean back somewhat but not fully. Have a look at the photo below from a Huffington Post article. Notice that the shoulders and neck of the senior is not submerged in water, and tough she is leaning back, she is still on a seat like structure. If this is what you are expecting, then it is fine. If you expected to sink into the water more, then reconsider your decision of buying a walk-in bath tub.

problems of walk-in bath tubs
If you are on a wheel chair, you’ll need help getting into most walk-in tubs

To move from a wheelchair to a walk-in bath tub will require you to be able to shift yourself from the wheelchair on to the chair part of the walk-in bath tub. This is not possible in most walk-in bath tubs as that portion is walled up on both sides. The door opens to the part where the space for the feet are. That means you will have to walk into the walk-in bath tub, and you cannot slide yourself in. However there is a solution to that, which is a sliding wall walk-in bath tub. These have the side wall of the entire walk-in bath tub sliding up and down, which means the seat is fully accessible when the wall is down. If you are on a wheel chair or you need to slide into the bath tub, then you should only choose a sliding wall bath tub.

However, please note that all the other problem points mentioned here, remain the same for a sliding wall bath-tub, except for this one.

There have been instances of mobility challenged seniors getting trapped in walk-in bath tubs

If there is a slight chance that you (if the walk-in tub is going to be for you) or the person who you are taking care of could slide from the seated position, then there is a very real problem of getting trapped in the walk-in bath tub. What has happened in a few instances is that seniors have slid forward into an awkward position between the seat and the front wall and been unable to open the door. If the door opens inwards then it becomes virtually impossible to open it unless the water has emptied out. Even if the door opens outwards, someone who is mobility challenged may get trapped. This is a possibility if the ability to move is significantly impaired.

Imagine a $10,000 walk-in bath tub lying unused while you take a sponge bath

If you overlook any one of these points, then chances are that your highly expensive walk-in bath tub will remain a showpiece in the bathroom that you will not be able to use. That is why it is very important to take a very practical and realistic view of the challenges and possible problems of using a walk-in bath tub before you buy one.

We sincerely hope that you are able to make a well considered and correct decision after reading about these possible problems that can arise with walk-in bath tubs.

This is a good video about walk-in tubs, albeit from the manufacturers side!
Have a look at this page from the Kohler website that talks about the safety features of its walk-in bath tubs - they sound really great but you must keep all the above points in mind when you buy!

If you are absolutely sure that you will effectively use a walk-in bath tub, then have a look at these…

If you are still convinced that you will be able to use a walk-in bath tub effectively and it will make a difference in your life, then by all means buy one. In fact you can read on, and choose from some good walk-in bath tubs that we have listed out for you. Scroll below the Navigation ox to see the best walk-in bath tubs available today.

Purchase the best

We are talking specialized bathtubs, when we talk about walk-in bathtubs. Like all specialized products it is good to know which are the reliable walk-in bathtubs. This guide will let you get a complete overview to help you decide to buy the right one. The most useful for senior citizens and anyone needing mobility aid, we are going to make you choose the safest of them all. With the bestselling walk-in bathtubs all arrayed out, you should make a quick decision. Once you have read the reviews click the green buttons, to bring a good walk-in bathtub home. Prepare to feel the joy, when you use one of these bestsellers and get all benefits and more.

Many who have bought these walk-in bathtubs have said that they love it deeply, when they use one. You should buy one now, and make a purchase that will get your freedom and give you great moments of happiness.

Walk-in Bathtubs have certain basic features

The most important feature of a walk-in bathtub is the ability to get into the bathtub without needing to walk over a high barrier. This is facilitated by a door on the side of the walk-in bathtub. This is a waterproof door, that usually opens inwards to save space, but in some cases can open outwards to provide even more ease of entering for those who have more mobility challenges or are on a wheelchair.

The other important feature, is that they should have all necessary safety features to make for a slippage free, safe and easy experience in the bathtub. That means non-slip floor, hand railings, ease of positioning in the bathtub without sliding and more.

The third important feature is the ability to fill up and drain rapidly, as the bathtub will be empty when someone enters it and will have to be empty when you leave it. Thus most walk-in bathtubs have extra fast filling faucets and powered draining to empty out the water faster.

A few walk-in bathtub variations you can choose from

Though in essence the walk-in bathtub is the same, there are some variations that enable slightly different usage.

Door type walk-in bathtubs and Sliding wall walk-in Bathtubs

Most walk-in bathtubs have a door that opens to enable you to walk in, with a very low barrier of a few inches, as compared to the usual about one to two feet high sides. These are great, if you are a senior citizen and/or you have some mobility issues.

There is however a sliding wall walk-in bathtub from Kohler, that will enable people on a wheel chair to get in without needing to stand up and enter the bathtubs. This variation has one wall of the bathtub sliding up and down completely to let you enter without any barrier. It is also at a height that is right for someone sitting on a wheel chair.

Soak type walk-in bathtubs versus water jet and jacuzzi type walk-in bathtubs

If your requirement is to just get into the warm comforting water and soak in for a while, then the regular walk-in bathtubs are perfect for you. However if you want water jets, air jets and a Jacuzzi feel, maybe even with lighting effects, then you will have to buy a higher end walk-in bathtub with all these additional features. Sometimes these features can be added on separately to the base version of a walk-in bathtub.

Make a choice from the best walk-in bathtubs to buy according to price and features

Best affordable walk-in bathtub

If you want a walk-in bathtub that will serve you well without having to spend a single extra dollar on things you don’t need, then this is the one to buy.

Ariel Bath EZWT-3060 Soaker R Walk In Bathtub - 60" x 30" x 37" - ADA Compliant - Right Side Opening
  • Handheld showerhead and Roman faucets
  • Free standing stainless steel support frame with adjustable feet
  • Heavy duty reinforced door system
  • UPC drain
  • 18 air jets

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Best Jacuzzi type walk-in bathtub

This walk-in bathtub has all the bells and whistles, air jets, water jets, the full Jacuzzi feel and more. If cost is not a factor, go in for this one.

No products found.

Best sliding wall type walk-in bathtub

If you need greater ease of access, and you are on a wheelchair or have more mobility challenges, then go in for this walk-in bathtub, that has a sliding wall.

KOHLER K-1914-GL-0 Elevance BubbleMassage Rising Wall Bath with Left-Hand Drain, White
  • 60 inches by 33-1/2 inches by 39-1/4 inches (with flanges)
  • Fits into a standard 5-foot alcove space for bath replacements or new construction
  • BubbleMassage provides a luxurious experience that envelops you in a cushion of massaging bubbles, which can be personalized to your liking
  • Extra wide opening, chair-height seat, and integrated grab bar ease entry and exit from a standing, chair, or wheelchair position
  • Easy-to-lift rising wall requires less than 5 pounds of force to raise and lower

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10 Best walk-in bathtubs to buy today

These top selling walk-in bathtubs are a good starting list for you. Since they are the best sellers, you are assured of quality and reliability. When you are about to spend a large amount of money on a product, it is important to get it right first time.

We recommend that you read the reviews of buyers by clicking through to the walk-in bathtubs product pages. The more the reviews the better as it means that more people have bought the walk-in bathtub. Go through as many reviews as you can and you will get an idea of the main advantages and importantly the disadvantages of the bathtub.

As you will already know, when someone is happy with a purchase, it is rare for them to write a review, but when they are unhappy a review is sure to come. So keep that in mind when looking at the reviews. That also puts you as a buyer at an advantage as you will get to see all the negatives before buying it.

Some people advise a that a good way to assess reviews is to start with the bad ones first, then go to the good ones.

Bestseller No. 1 – American Standard Value Series White Walk in Whirlpool

This gelcoat Value Series comes with a Walk in Whirpool Massage System. It has a 32 inch by 52 inch door to the right side that opens outward, the door is contoured, entrance at a low height to let you in easily, 6 water jets and an in-line heater. The therapeutic massage of your legs only makes you feel relaxed.

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Bestseller No. 2 – Empava 53 inch White Walk-in Bathtub

A Walk-in Bathtub with extremely low step to make your movement easy yet is watertight. A wide door, drain towards the left, handrails and exterior rails for a safe in and out, cushioned rest for neck and quick drain release system.

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Bestseller No. 3 – Airel EZWT-3060-DUAL-R 6 Whirlpool Walk-in Bathtub

A plush Walk-in bathtub with a stainless steel support frame. It has resin fiberglass coat, triple gel coat for more gloss, in-built grab bar, textured floor, ADA compliant, 18 air jets that massage your body especially your lower back and buttons to control the jets.

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Bestseller No. 4 – American Standard Value Series of Walk-in Whirlpool

A walk-in tub that efficiently fits in your bathroom space with a Tub Extender Kit. The Whirpool massage system calms your body, uses 6 water jets, smoothly shaped door on the left hand side and push buttons to get you the desired bath.

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Bestseller No. 5 – Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws Soaking Walk-In Bathtub

The walk-in bathtub is like a mini-tub that gets you a fulfilling soaked bath. It has a spacious rectangular shape with the proportions of 30 inch by 60 inch, drain is on the left, white in color and is ADA compliant.

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Bestseller No. 6 – Ellas Bubbles Ella Malibu Acrylic Soaking Walk-In Tub

A unique walk-in bathtub design that offers thermostatic control valve. It is 30 inch in width, 52 inch in length and 43 inch in height, 20 inch of seat, hydrotherapy system that function alongwith 13 water jets, controlled intensity, ozone sterilization, slip resistant ground, stainless steel two handlebars, swing door and glass tempered finish inside.

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Bestseller No. 7 – American Standard Walk-in Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa

This is a marvelous walk-in bathtub with a combination of Whirpool and Air Spa. The 21 water jets in the Air Spa system gives you an invigorating massage, speed heated blower enables smooth circulation and it also has Whirlpool massage system with 6 water jets. White in color and a deck mount faucet.

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Bestseller No. 8 – Ariel EZWT-3060 DUAL-L Dual 6 Walk-in Bathtub

A posh walk-in bathtub with triple coats of gel. It has dimensions of 60 inch length, 30 inch width, 37 inch height, has a series of 18 water jets, in-line heater, drain placed on the left and ADA compliant.

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Bestseller No. 9 – Ellas Bubbles Deluxe Whirlpool Walk-in Tub

A luxurious walk-in bathtub with acrylic tub shell. 55 inch by 30 inch in size. A hydrotherapy induced tub, chrome plated glass bars, non-slip floor, adjustable step-in threshold from 9.5 inch to 6.5 inch, frame made of stainless steel and a drain to the right side.

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Bestseller No. 10 – Ellas Bubbles Companion Massage Walk-in Tub

A spacious 60 inch long, 30 inch wide and 38 inch high, walk-in bathtub. A fine gloss finish, 15 Air therapy system alongwith 18 Jet hydrotherapy system, two drains of 2 inch, in-line heater, ozone sterilization and thermostatic valves.

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Warranty is a very important point to remember

Since a walk-in bathtub is a long term purchase, you must choose a walk-in bathtub with a lifetime warranty of a leak-proof door. The entire bathtub and all of its features and components should also have considerably long warranty periods. Amazon also has the 30 day return policy in place.

Expert tips on purchasing a Walk-In Tub

Inform yourself about the options available

There are several kinds of walk-in tubs available to buy. They range from plain walk-in tubs for soaking to Jacuzzi style walk-in tubs with water jets, light therapy and more. Read up about different kinds of walk-in tubs, and pay special attention to the reviews and comments on each walk-in tub on sites like Amazon, from people who are verified purchasers of that articular walk-in tub. The better prepared you are about what is available to buy, the more effective your choice will be. If there are very specific or special needs in your case, make sure the walk-in tub offers those features. Since it a considerable investment ranging from around $2500 to $10000, you will only buy it once, so make it count and don’t hold back if a little extra money will get you exactly what you need.

Don’t go by the hype of manufacturers and brands

The manufacturers are solely interested in selling their products, and their sales talk will always highlight the good points and try to hide any deficiencies. That is where a good look at reviews from other buyers, or having a chat with someone who has bought one, helps. You will get opinions on different walk-in tubs from people who are unbiased, and will give a true picture.

List out what you need in your walk-in tub before looking for one

This will be a great help as you will not get swayed by other things if you have it written out in black and white your specific needs. For instance grab bars on the walk-in tubs may be a definite requirement for you. Faster filling and emptying walk-in tubs will save you from sitting in an empty tub for too long, especially if it is cold. You may want hand-held showers and not permanently attached ones. Another point that one must keep in mind is the space that is available for installing the walk-in tub. Be sure that the walk-in tub you buy will fit into the bathroom and in the space that is available. This could mean getting a plumber to have a look and recommend specific sizes. What you can do is actually not down the sizes of a few shortlisted walk-in tubs before hand, then call the plumber and ask him if they are alright for your bathroom and space available.  

With a walk-in tub, warranties and return policies are very important

What if after all the precautions and considerations, the size of the walk-in tub turns out to be wrong. Make sure that there is a return option available for your purchase. What is also very important is that your walk-in tub must have a considerably long warranty period for all the components. The door should have a lifetime leak-proof guarantee, and every other component must have several years warranty from the manufacturer. These points are very important to ensure that your investment does not go to waste.

Double check your measurements

This is a repeat of a previous point but it is so important that it is worth mentioning again. Always double check your measurements so that the whole hassle of getting a walk-in tub of the wrong size is avoided. The good thing is that most walk-in tubs are made to standard measurements that fit in the space of regular bath tubs, but there is no harm in being extra careful about it.

Don’t think that it is a waste of money

At no point should you think that you are spending money unnecessarily when it comes to a walk-in tub. It actually improves the quality of life of seniors and gives them independence. If your aged loved ones need one, by all means buy it, and if you yourself as a senior or special needs individual think you need one, go ahead and buy one. It will make a positive difference in your life.

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