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Birdwatching is a hobby that will change your life

People are flocking into this amazing yet simple hobby called birding.

Here is why.

Bird watching is not just about birds, it is about people coming together and forming a community around birds. Bird watching starts with an interest in the identity of a bird, and slowly becomes a way of life, which expands into all of nature.

As a bird watcher I have now started tree watching and butterfly watching too, and there is so much more to discover and see.

If you get into bird watching you will get many things, the pleasure of watching and becoming one with birds, making friends with others who share your passion and developing companionship.

Over 70 million American birders

Today in America there are over 70 million people who identify themselves as birdwatchers or birders. The number of people getting into the hobby of birding is growing steadily as they discover the many charms, pleasures and benefits of this wonderful hobby.

If you extend the playing field to the entire world the numbers will be mind boggling huge. So, why exactly do people get into bird watching and why do they stay with that amazing hobby for their entire life.

Innumerable benefits - starting with fitness and health

For starters, birding is also about being fit and healthy. When you do bird watching you essentially make a commitment to go outdoors, walk and move around in green environs, which promotes fitness and good health. As soon as you go outdoors in pristine forested or green areas, you get to breathe in fresh air. That itself is a big benefit for your health, if you are typical city dweller. Any kind of bird watching especially going to places where more and rarer birds are found need a good bit of walking, hiking and even hill climbing. This exercise is great for your entire body be it your heart, lungs or legs. Also it improves circulation, and when you are out in the sunlight, you get your required quota of Vitamin D too.

You must be knowing that our modern lifestyle makes most of us deficient in Vitamin D, which in turn causes a lot of health problems if not diagnosed and rectified. Vitamin D helps strengthen teeth and bones, besides sunlight is good for our minds too. It has been proven that sunlight combats depression and also improves our overall immunity.

You need next to nothing to do birdwatching, and you can do it anywhere

Also birdwatching as a hobby does not require you to spend money or do anything difficult and special. All you need is a simple bird identification book and a basic pair of binoculars, and you are ready to go absolutely anywhere in the world. You don’t even need forests or bird sanctuaries, because birds are everywhere, even in the most congested cities and towns. You can do backyard birdwatching too and discover hundred of birds. Birdwatching in and around cities is also very easy, especially if there are any water bodies around.

Birdwatching will make you meet lifelong friends, companions and communities

One of the first things that happen when you are a bird watcher is that you meet others who are also into this hobby. Very soon you will become a part of your local birdwatching club and will go out on regular early morning bird watching jaunts with them.

Birdwatchers by the very nature of this hobby, are nature lovers, and people with a gentler and pro environment outlook. That means that most of them are friendly and convivial folk, who are helpful and supportive too. There are solitary birdwatchers but most birdwatchers like companionship. You will be amazed by the sheer number of birdwatching clubs and organisations around America and all over the world.

Opening your life to the amazing benefits of being close to nature

One part of birding that we cannot forget is that to brings us closer to nature. Every birdwatching trip brings you in direct contact with nature, and keeps you immersed in its many joys. Nature brings us great pleasure, in ways we cannot even comprehend. A more natural lifestyle is a happier and simpler one. When you are out there in the wild, you are much more connected with the world and with yourself. It is a real blessing to be able to spend time out of doors in the wilderness, and a benefit to be deeply cherished.

Just seeing a beautiful natural landscape with our own eyes is such a pleasure. Just compare it to watching a glaring bright screen and seeing the same thing without any soul or experience of it. It takes us away from the TV screen and out into the real world.

The magic of being a family of birdwatchers

Another wonderful development is the entire family becoming interested in birding. When that happens then there is an amazing magic in the house. A trip becomes a thrilling experience of collective discovery, joys and excitement. When a family starts to go out birdwatching together it is the ultimate boding with innumerable benefits at many levels, physical and spiritual. In many homes birdwatching knits families closer together, across generations.

A whole new world of bird photography

Evolution into photography. Many birdwatchers take the next step in birding, and become bird photographers. That is a whole new world in itself with intense joys and achievements associated with it. The journey begins with a simple pair of binoculars and goes to incredible levels with massive zoom lens cameras and much more. If you want to go next level, have a look at these great camera lenses for photography.

Finding that bird and going crazy with happiness

Then there is one of the most amazing joys of birdwatching, finding and identifying a new bird or an elusive bird. If you happen to see a rare bird than your joy will be multiplied a thousandfold. Finding a bird and identifying it, is as exciting as the thrill of a chase, and as wonderful as a deeply meditative and joyous moment.

Birding actually gives an emotional recharge and a thrill, even as it makes us calmer and happier. All birdwatcher start to deeply love the environment and nature and go on to become great nature conservationists too.

Another aspect of birdwatching is finding people who are like you, and striking a friendship that could last a lifetime. Many people meet as birdwatchers and form lifelong bonds that grow with every birdwatching trip and jaunt done together. Another aspect is that birdwatchers often keep in touch with each other to share sightings and information on god birding areas and season. So there are more and more reasons to meet and stay in touch with other birders.

Birdwatching is a hobby without comparison, with benefits without measure

To conclude, there are truly immeasurable benefits and joys of bird watching, so if you are thinking about it, we recommend that you jump right in. You can start off right now, by getting yourself a good bird book and a pair of affordable birding binoculars.

Happy birdwatching my friend!

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