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How to repair Christmas inflatables

Christmas inflatables or any other yard inflatables sometimes get damaged, and they turn into a large pile of fabric and nylon. Something that except for a small tear or a bigger hole, is perfectly good to use, but totally unusable.

If you have a damaged Christmas inflatable, then you will be happy to know that you can repair it pretty easily, as long as the tears and holes aren’t too extensive.

The first step is to figure out if your inflatable is in need of repair or your air blower is not working.

The first time you usually realize that your inflatable is damaged is when you bring out last years inflatables to set up for Christmas. Of course, sometimes Christmas inflatables get damaged right where they are being set up. This usually happens due to sharp branches, or falling items or a severe storm that tears the material of the inflatable.

Before you go about repairing your inflatable it is a very good idea to ensure that your air blower is working, and the problem is not a tear or hole in the inflatable, but a faulty air blower.

Is the air blower, you are using to fill up the inflatables, working properly?

Put on the air blower and check the force of air coming out. If it looks good, all is fine. If the blower is not coming on then check it on another power outlet. Your power socket may be defective. If you still can’t make out, then take any appliance that you know is working, say a hair blower, and check on those same outlets. When you know for sure that the outlets are fine, and the air blower is not working, then you should get yourself a replacement air blower by ordering one online. They are quite cheap and you don’t need to be very stressed about what brand you buy.

How to check for damage and tears in your Christmas Inflatable

The straightforward way is to start blowing air into it with your blower, and check where the air is leaking out from. This sounds simple, but if the inflatable is large, then you may not be able to find it very easily. Be patient and go over the whole inflatable checking for air leaking in a rush.

If you still can’t find it, then you can use a trick that guys who repair tires use. Take a soapy solution and spray it with a sprayer all over the inflatable. When you fill it up with the air blower, then you will notice bubbles in the soapy solution where there is a leak.

You can mark the places where there are leaks with some duct tape or with a fabric pencil marker.

How to repair fabric or nylon tears or breaks in yard inflatables

Once you have the tears or holes marked out, there are two ways to fix them. The first is to use Transparent Duct tape and seal the tears or holes. The second way is to use fabric repair tape and close up the tears and holes

The transparent duct tape will not have a very great finish and may be visible if there is light shining behind. The fabric repair tape will have a better finish and is lighter and stronger. Depending on how visible the area is where the tear is, you can choose from either of these options.

How to repair vinyl tears or holes in your Christmas inflatables

If there is a tear in the vinyl, then you need a Vinyl Repair Kit. These kits are specifically for repairing tears and hole sin vinyl. The vinyl part of your inflatable might be a transparent section or any other part. You will need to purchase one of these kits online and follow the simple instructions. The Vinyl Repair Kit does a great job of repairing and leaves the inflatable looking like it hasn’t been touched. In all probability no one will even realize that you have repaired the inflatable.

We hope this article was helpful in repairing your Christmas Inflatables and other Yard inflatables.

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