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SwagRoller SwagTron Electric Unicycle Review – A UL 2272 electric unicycle with swag


SwagRoller the electric unicycle from Swagtron is here to take your breath away – a Multi-terrain unicycle with app and Bluetooth speakers and much more

We have been reviewing SwagTron electric ride-ables for a long time now, and we are happy to see the company coming up with newer and better products and being a real market leader.

SwagTron came out with the world’s first UL 2272 certified hoverboard the SwagTron T1 and then went on to develop the SwagTron T3, then the SwagTron T5 for entry level hoverboarders and now they have the SwagTron T6 which is the off-road hoverboard that is the world’s first to be able to take on 400 lbs of weight comfortably.



SwagTron then went on to launch several other electric ride-ables like the SwagBike, SwagBoard, Voyager Electric Longboard, SwagCycle e-Bike and the Swagger Scooter. And now they have introduced their latest offering the SwagRoller Electric Unicycle.

If you want a quick comparison of all the SwagTron offerings, have a look at this cool chart, that also has prices and where you can buy from.

SwagRoller electric unicycle from SwagTron details and specifications

The SwagRoller is a really smart looking electric unicycle, and of course a very high quality electric unicycle. The latest offering from SwagTron, the SwagRoller electric unicycle is a multi-terrain unicycle, that will take you over grass, gravel and uneven surfaces with ease. It has a special multi-terrain dual air filled tires, which can take almost any kind of terrain and will take you up a 15 degree incline with ease.

SwagRoller Specs

Motor Wattage – 450 watts

Distance on full charge – 12.4 miles

Incline – 15 degrees

Tires – Air-filled 14 inch dual tires

Size - 16.5x20.5x5 inches

Certification – UL 2272 with Sentry Shield Battery System

Rating – IP55 water and dust resistant

SwagRoller is a great electric unicycle for beginners and pros alike

The SwagRoller has many features and enhancements that make it the ideal way for you to go to school or office, in great style. Since it is all-terrain you can use it in the city, in the countryside and even when you go hiking. Isn’t that awesome.

What makes it truly all-terrain are the 14” dual air filled tires. These give enough traction and grip to take you through all kinds of rough patches, including grass, uneven ground, gravel, and much more.

The more adept and adventurous can even climb stairs with it, but that is only for the experts who are qualified to do it. The stability, high level of shock absorption and traction of the tires is also because it is dual tires on a single rim.

The LED lights on the SwagRoller are another great feature. With the headlights and these LED lights you can light your way at night and also be very noticeable. In fact you can set the lighting pattern of the LED lights with the app.

The Android and iOS app of the SwagRoller lets you do a lot. It will help you to lock the motor, check your route, check the amount of charge, set a route, set your own Led lights pattern, control lean sensitivities, set speed limits and much more. Of course it will let you play your favorite music from your smartphone through the awesome Bluetooth speakers built into the SwagRoller.

The power strength and stamina of the SwagRoller is all from the 450 watt motor that can carry riders up to 264 lbs in weight. It lets you ride the SwagRoller for a distance of 12.4 miles and lets you go over inclines of up to 15° with the greatest ease.

Another super feature of the SwagRoller is its portability. Its size is such that you can easily take it to your office or school and keep it under a table or in a corner. The metal footrest of the SwagRoller are foldable and neatly fold upwards to make the SwaGroller veru compact for storage. Also it has a very convenient handle that is retractable. That means you can pull it out and then pull the SwagRoller along like a carry-on. Imagine how useful that is.

It’s not an over claim when they say that you can go smoothly and quickly wherever you wan to go, whether you’re exploring along dirt roads, or are moving over grassy ground in the countryside or zipping across the streets of a busy city. Also with the advanced gyroscopic technology , you will be easily able to stop, move, turn and maneuver the SwagRoller just by shifting your body weight. And if you are a beginner you have nothing to worry about as there are a set of practice wheel for when you just start out on the SwagRoller.

When it comes to safety and durability, there is no beating the SwagRoller. SwagTron is the original company that came out with the world’s first UL 2272 certified hoverboard and that too with the Sentry Shield battery system that was far ahead of the others. The SwagRoller is UL 2272 certified and has the super safe Sentry Shield battery system that houses the battery in a fire and explosion proof aluminum casing. The entire electrical system is UL 2272 certified and it is also IP55 rated for the multilayered protection that it boasts of to keep out water, dust and other particles. The SwagRoller further gives you voice prompts and alerts that inform you about the state of your electric unicycle. That makes it really safe and secure.

To sum up, the SwagRoller is a great electric unicycle to own, and compared to the others, it is priced lower and delivers a better performance. The SwagRoller is available on Amazon. So, go check out the SwagRoller here.

Here are is a comparison chart of the best electric unicycles available on Amazon:

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