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Swagway X1 owners hurry and get refund credit on the world’s best hoverboard, the SwagTron!

Swagway X1 is a great hoverboard but it has now become SwagTron

Swagway the company has officially become SwagTron, and its new range of hoverboards are identified by their new naming convention T1, T2, T3, T6 etc.

If you want to buy a Swagway hoverboard we suggest you head straight to Amazon and check them out. There are hoverboards, electric bikes, drones, e-cycles, e-skateboards and more available from SwagTron now. 

Swagway is now SwagTron, and the hoverboard industry has moved ahead quite a bit since the Swagway X1 was hot. Now having UL 2272 certification is de rigueur, and you get the best hoverboards on


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Great news for Swagway X1 owners, Swagway is recalling all Swagway X1 hoverboards over the next few days, and if you have a Swagway X1 with you, you can return it and get credit to buy the CPSC approved and UL 2272 certified SwagTron hoverboard.


The recall of 500,000 hoverboards is all over the news, but the best part is that if you own a Swagway X1, you’re going to get your SwagTron hoverboard at a much lower cost.

So get in touch with Swagway right now, and get the benefit of this massive hoverboard recall drive initiated by CPSC.

CPSC or the Consumer Products Safety Commission is the US Government agency that advises on the safety of consumer products which includes hoverboards. It had announced a few months back that hoverboards were deemed unsafe unless they had UL 2272 certification. Swagway X1 was one of the hoverboards that did not have the UL 2272 and that is why they are being recalled, however, Swagway went ahead and developed the world’s first UL 2272 hoverboards, the SwagTron T1 and the SwagTron T3, which are currently being sold on Amazon.

As a Swagway X1 owner, you are now entitled to get a refund on returning your Swagway X1 or to get considerable credit to purchase the CPSC approved UL 2272 certified SwagTron hoverboard, which is most certainly the safest, most advanced and the smartest hoverboard in the world today.

It would make the most sense to get yourself a SwagTron, especially since it is way better than any other hoverboard in the market or any new hoverboard that is going to be introduced any time soon.

If you don’t own a Swagway X1, there is no need to fret because we will get you a $10 discount on your purchase of a SwagTron hoverboard. Just visit the Swagway website and use the Discount Coupon Code swag-1163A391NDSS to get the SwagTron T1 at $399 $389 and the SwagTron T3 at $499 $489.

Go ahead and read a review of the SwagTron hoverboards, or check out all the SwagTron hoverboards in one place with the option to see each one in large size multi-angle photos.

The SwagTron is the world’s best hoverboard, and it is safer than you can imagine. To read about what safety enhancements have gone into the SwagTron, have a look at this post.

Here is a comparison between the SwagTron T3 and the SwagTron T1 if you are finding it difficult to decide which one to get refund credit for, or which one to buy.


UL 2272 certification

UL 2271 battery 

10-ton battery crush test

Smart Battery System

Sentry Shield Battery

Safe Stop Technology

Aluminum Chamber 

Enhanced stabilization

FCC, CE, RoHs certified

UL certified charger

Prop 65 certified

Easier learning mode

Dual Motor Gear Control

Downhill Traction feature

Fire-retardant Silicone 

Fire-Retardant ABS body

Wider non-slip foot pedals

Fire-proof foot pedals

Top speed of 8 mph

Free Shipping in US

1 Year Warranty

In-built carry Strap

Stylized Futuristic Looks

Third mode - Pro Mode

5 Level Charge Indicator

Smartphone App

HQ BlueTooth Speakers

SwagTron T1







SwagTron T3

Hey keep hoverboarding, it’s the most fun you can have on wheels.

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