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TaoTao ATE-501 electric scooter review

There are many electric scooters available to buy today, and the best ones have a good range and are an incredible convenience if you commute every day, and the distance is not too great. A good electric scooter will take you around town and back easily, and at almost zero cost. Plus it is environment friendly and does not burn any fuel.


One of the most popular and best electric scooters that you can buy today is the TaoTao ATE-501. This is a robust electric scooter that has many great features and benefits.

We have recently noted that the Tao Tao Electric Scooter is not easily available any more. It is not to be found on Amazon, and also on the Tao Tao website. There is a high chance that it has been discontinued.

  • The TaoTao ATE-501 is a solid and value for the buck electric scooter powered by a 500 watts motor.
  • It is a battery powered scooter that requires no gas or fuel, only a wall socket for charging.
  • It offers a push button start and is fully automatic.
  • All you need to do after starting it is twist the handle throttle to increase the speed and you are off.
  • It has brakes on the steering that are operated by your hands.
  • Its carrying capacity is 220 lbs, and it is about 74.4 inches long and 48 inches high.
You can check out more details and price of the TaoTao ATE-501 and the Top 10 Best Electric Scooters right here!

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