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The Best Rooftop Tents For Camping

Camping is one of the best ways to explore the great outdoors and spend quality time with family and friends. However, sometimes setting up a traditional tent on the ground can be inconvenient or uncomfortable. This is where rooftop tents come in. Rooftop tents are a popular camping solution that can be easily mounted on top of a car or truck, providing a comfortable and convenient camping experience. Here are the top 5 rooftop tents for camping.


BAMACAR Naturnest Rooftop Tent Hard Shell, Nature Nest Roof Top Tent Hardshell Rooftop Tent For Van Jeep SUV Truck Car Tents For...
  • 【Complete accessories / travel is more convenient!】Newly upgraded car rooftop tent add 2 luggage pole, LED light strips, zipper for YKK, 5 cm thick mattress and retractable 2.3m ladder. The overload equipment of hard shell rtt allows you to carry more luggage, provide lighting for the night, provide a comfortable resting environment, and facilitate entry and exit of the tent.
  • 【Easy to set up a tent in seconds】 Hard shell rooftop tent is equipped with air pressure rods, which can easily pop up or store the roof tent within 10 seconds, easy and convenient! Overland rtt supports all heights of cars on the market, and can be used!
  • 【Aluminum Alloy Shell + Stainless Steel Gas Bar】The car camping tent is designed with high-quality aluminum, ABS 5.5mm hard shell, installation kit and fabric, metal shell rtt can resist level 6 wind. The air pressure rod is made of stainless steel, which is durable, will not rust, and has a long service life!
  • 【Top configuration 3-layer mattress】 Roof rack tent have three mattresses: 5cm non deformable soft mattress providing you with high-quality and comfortable rest and sleep; condensation mat to prevent air pressure and temperature difference between day and night from causing moisture to condense into water droplets and wet the mattress; ocean Mat can absorb moisture, protect mattress.
  • 【Spacious / Storage Space】 Roof top tents can accommodate two adults and one child. And with 10 storage bags for daily necessities and 2 waterproof storage bags for shoes!
  • 【Truck bed tent with led lights, zipper for YKK and mesh windows】 The roof rack tent is equipped with bright eye-protecting LED light strips, which can bring you light at night, and the roof top tent hardshell also has mesh windows and the zipper use for YKK to further provide you with a comfortable rest environment
  • 【Sun protection/waterproof/breathable】 The fabric of the camping tent attached to suv is Oxford cloth on the outside, polyester yarn on the inside, waterproof glue on the seams, W/R 5000, all products have passed the waterproof test and are fully qualified. In addition, car tents also have anti-ultraviolet function, and have a zipper-type mesh, which can be breathable and not stuffy, and can be used regardless of any season and weather!


TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent with Rain Fly Tan Base & Green Rainfly
  • Features: Marine Grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester Water Proof Body, 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rain Fly, 110g Fade-less Gaze Breathable Windows, High Density Foam Mattress with Cover, Insulated Base, Stainless Steel Hardware, 550g Transportation Cover and Telescoping Ladder.
  • What’s Included: Insulated Base With Stainless Hinges and Anodized Aluminum Poles, Khaki Tent Body, Coffee Rain Fly, Foam Mattress With Cotton Cover, Window Rods, Adjustable Ladder 81”, Aluminum Crossbars To Mount To Rack, Stainless Steel Hardware, Tie Downs and Transportation Cover.
  • Fitment: Anything with a factory or aftermarket roof rack. Please confirm rack weight capacity prior if you’re unsure.
  • Installation: Requires no drilling or modification to your vehicle if equipped with factory or aftermarket roof rack.


BAMACAR Rooftop Tent Hard Shell, Naturnest Rooftop Tent Roof Top Tent Camping Hardshell Rooftop Tents For Camping Overland Tent For...
  • 【Easy to set up tent in seconds】 Car camping tent uses high-quality ABS and air pressure poles. You can easily pop up or stow the roof tent within 30 seconds, which is easy and convenient! Overland rtt supports cars of all heights on the market, and can be used for car camping for suv tents, for van tents, for truck bed tents, for jeep tents for camping wrangler, etc.!
  • 【Sunscreen/Waterproof/Breathable】 Nature nest roof top tent with fabric is made of waterproof-coated polyester yarn fabric, with waterproof glue at the seams, W/R 5000, and high-quality sealing rings that can keep you dry and protected even on rainy days. All products have passed waterproof testing ; Naturenest rooftop tent has UV protection function, and the three vents can provide ventilation without stuffiness. The roof rack tent can be used in any season and weather!
  • 【Top configuration three-layer mattress】 Roof top tent hardshell has three layers of mattress: 3.5cm memory foam mattress, providing you with high-quality and comfortable rest and sleep; 0.5cm condensation pad, isolating water vapor and protecting the mattress; 0.3cm ocean Pads absorb moisture and protect the mattress.
  • 【Capacity and overland equipment】 Camping tent attached to suv can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. Car tents are equipped with 2 LED light strips and daily necessities storage bags inside. Hardshell rtt can hang 2 waterproof shoe storage bags and a retractable 2.3-meter aluminum alloy ladder on the outside. Rooftop tent Hardshell comes with a safety lock and key
  • 【Service & Warranty】 Naturnest always provides you with high-quality service. If you have any questions after receiving the pop up car tent, you can contact me at any time and I will solve it for you. At the same time, we provide a 1-year warranty, allowing you to replace accessories at any time if you have any problems.


Naturnest Rooftop Tent Hard Shell, BAMACAR Rooftop Tent for Jeep SUV Truck Van Tent, Pop Up Car Camping Tent Roof Top Tent, Hard Shell...
  • 【Easy Open an Close】 Car rooftop tent with air pressure poles and pre-assembled components, setting up the hard shell roof tent is a breeze. Within 5 seconds, you can pop it up or put it away effortlessly. Simply install the fixing screws, and you're ready to use it immediately. Enjoy convenience and simplicity.
  • 【All-Season Versatility】 Designed to withstand various weather conditions. Its waterproof fabric and shell, with a W/R 5000 rating, ensure excellent water resistance. The sun protection fabric and extra-large sunshade cloth offer 99% UV resistance. The zippered mesh entrance and exit provide breathability and ventilation. The high-quality aluminum shell and metal bracket can withstand winds up to level 6. Whether any season, this overland rtt is built to perform. Naturenest tent.
  • 【Premium Three-Layer Mattress】 Experience ultimate comfort with the top configuration three-layer mattress. It consists of a 5cm non-deformable soft mattress that offers high-quality rest and sleep. The condensation pad prevents moisture from accumulating due to air pressure and temperature differences. Additionally, marine pads effectively absorb moisture and protect the mattress, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. Naturenest roof top tent.
  • 【Spacious Design with Ample Storage】 The roof rack tent provides ample space to accommodate two adults and one child, allowing for a comfortable camping experience. Furthermore, truck bed tent includes 10 storage bags for convenient organization of daily necessities. Additionally, two waterproof storage bags are provided specifically for storing shoes, keeping your gear dry and well-organized. Naturenest rooftop tent.
  • 【Full Overland Equipment for Car Camper】 BAMCAR roof top tent hardshell includes 3 mattress, zipper for YKK, mesh window, 10 storage bag, and 2 waterproof shoe bag. Overload equipment also features 2 luggage poles, LED eye protection light strips, and a adjustable ladder.


Large Sunroof Car Rooftop Tent Soft Cover Roof Top Tent Car Tent Naturnest SUV Roof Tent for Camping All Seasons with Removable Rainfly...
  • Premium Material: Designed to be fully weatherproof, the main body of the rooftop tent is made of high-density oxford cloth and the outer cover is made of 420D durable oxford cloth. With waterproof, dustproof, UV-proof and excellent stability, the car tent can effectively withstand strong wind, rain and snow, providing all-round protection for your camping in all seasons.
  • Sunroof Design: As a special point, the top of the roof tent is designed as a full-view sunroof, which will bring more natural light into the interior. During the day, just enjoy the wind and sunshine in the rooftop tent. At night, just lie down and enjoy the starry sky. Moreover, the outer rain cover is also removable for wider visibility and extra ventilation.
  • Extremely Easy Assembly: Different from other camping tents, this roof top tent you receive will have tracks already installed, and can be installed on the roof or disassembled in a short time. Spend less time assembling and more time enjoying camping trip!
  • Huge Interior: Compact and lightweight when closed, the car tent will become a spacious rooftop home when open. Built with comfortable 2″ thick foam mattress, the roof top tent has plenty of space for 2 adults and 1 child to lie down. All windows are equipped with zippered insect screens to keep out mosquitoes, and there are roll-up curtains at both entrances for privacy. This rooftop tent is perfect for both solo and group camping!
  • Wide Adaptation: Our stylish roof tent is fit for most 4WD roof racks and trailer mounts, and the included telescopic ladder will make it easy to access the tent. If you have any questions about the item, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with 24/7 help.


Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent - 2783
  • Standard size tent (sleeps 2-3) with high-density 92" x 55" foam double/full mattress and 661 lb. max load
  • 600D heavy-duty waterproof top and rain fly; sunroof; side windows with mosquito netting; anodized aluminum tent frame poles; telescopic ladder; interior LED strips and many more features
  • Easy to set up and take down; heavy duty PVC cover keeps tent dry and free from UV rays when not in use
  • Smittybilt Tent Annex (sold separately #2788) with removeable floor can be attached with heavy duty zippers for privacy
  • Tent also available in Size XL (sleeps 3-4 #2773). Ladder extension also available (#2785).Ladder capacity:265 lbs
  • Mounting brackets included


BAMACAR Rooftop Tent, Naturnest Roof top Car Tent Hard Shell for Camping, Pop Up Rooftop Tent For Jeep Wrangler Van SUV Truck Bed Tent...
  • 【2-3 People Rooftop Tent】 Provides you with a home-like feeling while traveling! The Naturnest rooftop tent tent camping adopts a rectangular design, giving you the feeling of a bedroom. 2024 Newest Nature Nest Roof Top Tent Size: 84 inches long x 52 inches wide x 41 inches high. A spacious space for you, your family, and pets to embark on a happy journey with you.
  • 【Easy To Set Up】 The pop up roof tent is designed with stainless steel support rod. It only takes 1 minute to set up the car top tent. The support rod are equipped with protective covers to ensure long-term durability. Roof top tent camping is equipped with a 7.5-foot aluminum extension ladder for easy entry and exit and super load-bearing capacity.
  • 【All weather 4 Season Rooftop Tent】100% waterproof, 100% blackout, UPF 50+. The Hardshell rooftop tent is made of waterproof 305G thick Polyester cloth and black rubber sun protection technology. It has undergone strict waterproofing, sun protection and shading tests to ensure it is suitable for all kinds of weather. The tent supports external air conditioning (cooling/heating) and is suitable for car campers in all seasons.
  • 【Fuel efficient & sturdy & safe】The ABS hard shell rooftop tent adopts a streamlined design to reduce wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption. Durable and safe, can withstand level 6 wind force.
  • 【Comfortable Mattress & Bottom Oak Board】 The Naturenest roof top tent is equipped with a 5cm non-deformable soft mattress, providing a high-quality and comfortable sleeping environment; the bottom oak board enhances the safety and comfort of the tent. The Car roof tent is equipped with condensation pads and marine pads, which prevent moisture condensation and effectively absorb moisture to protect the interior of the tent.
  • 【Awning and Mesh Windows】 4 windows, wide field of vision, ventilation, and each window entrance is equipped with an oversized awning and mesh window to prevent rain, sun, and ventilation. Smooth YKK zippers for extended life.
  • 【LED Light Strip & USB Module】 Sufficient overland equipment! In addition to mattresses and protective pads, Car tents for camping are also equipped with bright eye-protecting LED light strips to provide brightness at night. There is a USB module inside the Roof rack tent, which can be connected to an external power supply, providing convenience inside the tent.
  • 【Ample storage space】The Overland tent is equipped with waterproof shoe bags, ceiling storage nets and side wall storage grids for storing shoes, keys, wallets, headlamps, clothes or any other items you need to quickly store in the car.


BAMACAR Naturnest Rooftop Tent Hardshell 2-3 People 4 Season Nature Nest Roof Top Tent Camping, Hardshell Rooftop Tent for Jeep...
  • 【Car Travel Tent for Family and Pets】 The roof top tent camping offers a spacious large space, with its square design resembling a bedroom, giving your outdoor experience a homely feel. Bring along your family and your pet for enjoyable outdoor adventures.
  • 【Quick Setup】 Hardshell rooftop tent with air pressure rod design allows you to set up the overland tent in just 1 minute, making it simple and convenient. Equipped with a aluminum telescoping ladder for easy access.
  • 【4 Seasons + All Weather Car Tent】 100% waterproof, 100% blackout, with 50+ UPF. Constructed with waterproof 305G thick polyester fabric and black rubber sun protection technology, tested for waterproofing, sun protection, and blackout, ensuring a safe and comfortable camping environment in all weather conditions.
  • 【LED Light Strip; Awning and Mesh Windows】 The car camping tent comes with a bright eye-protecting LED light strip, providing brightness during the night. All four windows are equipped with awnings and mesh windows, providing rain and sun protection, as well as ventilation. Smooth YKK zippers extend the lifespan.
  • 【Ample Storage Space Inside and Out】 External waterproof bags for storing shoes, internal storage bags for storing keys, wallets, headlamps, clothes, or any other items you need to store quickly inside the overland rtt.


Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 For Camping & Hiking, Haze Gray, One size - 2 Persons
  • Can accommodate up to two people
  • Constructed from coated 600 denier and a 260g poly-cotton blend made to withstand the elements of any season
  • Tent fabric is UV resistant and withstands the elements of any season
  • Mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation and open for more airflow
  • Four, large internal pockets for storing gear and camping accessories
  • Includes a high-density foam mattress for added comfort


Smittybilt GEN2 Overlander Tent XL - 2683
  • Open size 122"" W x 76"" L x 51"" H
  • Sleeps 3-4
  • Bed size: King, 92.5"" x 74.8""
  • Gray tent body with light gray rainfly
  • (1-3/16"") 2.5cm aluminum/polyurethane sandwich base

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Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent: The Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent is a spacious and comfortable rooftop tent that can accommodate up to three people. The tent is made with high-quality materials, including a 600D rip-stop fabric and a waterproof coating to keep you dry in any weather conditions. The tent also comes with a built-in foam mattress for added comfort and a large, zippered mesh window for ventilation and stargazing.

ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent: The ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent is a rugged and durable camping solution that can withstand any weather conditions. The tent is made with a waterproof poly/cotton blend fabric and features a high-density foam mattress for added comfort. The tent also comes with a retractable aluminum ladder for easy access and a built-in mosquito net for added protection.

Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent: The Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent is a lightweight and easy-to-install camping solution that can be mounted on most roof racks. The tent features a durable 210D nylon ripstop canopy and a waterproof rainfly for added protection. The tent also comes with a comfortable foam mattress and a large, mesh skylight for stargazing.

Thule Tepui Low-Pro Rooftop Tent: The Thule Tepui Low-Pro Rooftop Tent is a sleek and stylish camping solution that can be mounted on most roof racks. The tent features a durable 310g poly-cotton blend fabric and a waterproof rainfly for added protection. The tent also comes with a comfortable foam mattress and a large, zippered mesh window for ventilation and stargazing.

iKamper Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent: The iKamper Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent is a compact and versatile camping solution that can be mounted on most roof racks. The tent features a durable polyester fabric and a waterproof rainfly for added protection. The tent also comes with a comfortable foam mattress and a large, panoramic window for stunning views.

In conclusion, rooftop tents are a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a beginner, a rooftop tent is a great way to experience camping in a new and exciting way. With the top 5 rooftop tents for camping listed above, you can find the perfect rooftop tent to suit your needs and make your next camping trip a memorable one.

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