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Best Hydration Bladders

Top 10 Best Hydration Bladders 2018 – Latest Bestsellers Only

For the outdoor enthusiast – whether it is time spent running, cycling, hiking, camping, or mountain biking – the single most thing to be aware of and be careful about is hydration! Athletes have struggled with the dire effects of dehydration , exhaustion, fatigue, blackouts being some of the symptoms. In extreme cases, it has required trips to the emergency room of a hospital even. the solution is startlingly simple – carry your water with you! However, on a long run or biking expedition, a water bottle can be inconvenient, to say nothing of the overpowering smell and taste of plastic. Also disposable bottles are not the solution for the environmentally conscious. This is where hydration bladders come in.

Choose from the Top 10 Best Hydration Bladders available right here, at the best prices!

There is a wide variety of Hydration Bladders available, all with great features. They are BPA free, can hold large amounts of water, are lightweight, are dishwasher safe, are leak proof, have wide mouths for easy cleaning, and have quick release hoses to get you the water efficiently.

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!

1. Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

  • Hydrostatic Backerplate - Hydrostatic backerplate provides structure to shove a full reservoir into a fully loaded pack and maintains a flat profile.
  • Slide-Seal - Easy Slide-Seal top opening, seals watertight and provides wide access for easy filling and cleaning
  • Pour Shield - Pour shield extends the collar to ease filling in shallower sinks and control pouring into pots or bottles
  • Carry Handle - Carry handle allows easy reservoir management and filling
  • Magnetic Bite Valve - Magnet clip attaches to the reservoir hose and pairs with the included sternum strap magnet for easy water access and hose management

2. 2 Liter Leak Proof Water Reservoir

  • LARGE OPENING FOR EASY CLEANING & FILLING – Our hydration bladder has one of the largest opening on the market. The big opening makes for easy pouring of water. It is also fairly wide for a hand or bottle brush easily access to the interior hydration bladder. The 4” screw on cap goes on and off easily. For cold water, simply add ice cubes directly from a scoop or refrigerator ice dispenser. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – The whole hydration bladder is made of premium material. CHERAINTI water reservoir is taste free, BPA free, SGS and FDA certified. This tested to comply with international safety standards. It won’t leave a bad taste in your drink. The water bladder passed pneumatic pressure test, it is pressure-tolerant. 
  • REMAIN PEFECTLY HYDRATED – This 2L water reservoir can withstand temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. The tube resists temperature changes in hot and cold weathers. L 14.2'' x W 6.8'' hydration bladder is compatible with most hydration packs. The tube (0.4” diameter, 40” long) provides a wholesome flow for easy drinking, keeping you hydrated when biking, cycling, hiking, or running!
  • 100% LEAKPROOF – You won't be slowed down with our high flow bite-valve. Simply bite the mouthpiece to suck water. Soft mouthpiece with easily accessible ON/OFF valve prevents leakage. It also has a cover to keep dirt out. Conveniently control the water flow by biting, when not bite, the water will not leak out. Quick-release tube is detachable. 
  • GET A FREE ITEM and MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Upon placing your order, you will get a magic bandana at no additional charge. Your purchase is backed by our 100% REFUND PROMISE. If you are not absolutely happy with your purchase of the hydration bladder for any reason, simply send it back for a full refund or to get a new replacement. No questions asked!

3. CamelBak Crux 2L Reservoir

  • We've got your BAK: if we build it, we back It with our got your BAK Lifetime guarantee.
  • Easy for small fingers to OPERATE.
  • Combining the patented CamelBak Big bite valve with a stem

4. WACOOL 3L 3Liter 100oz 

  • Capacity: 3 Liter (100oz), 100% odorless, tasteless, BPA- Free EVA material
  • Might be the most rigid hydration bladder on the market: 0.6mm extra thick liner is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof; double soldering sealing side technique has greatly improved durability.
  • Double opening design. As the most popular design for high end hydration systems in recent years, this allows you to refill in any condition. High flow, auto-lock mouthpiece to prevent leaking and comes with dust cover.
  • Insulated hose for better protection and help keep water cool/warm. Self-lock hose connector socket allows you to remove the hose quickly without any leaking.
  • To avoid potential leaking, the screw cap should be securely closed as tight as possible! Twist the lid clockwise to fasten it tightly until the lid can not move any further under force! Please do not hesitate to mail us first if there is any issue about the product.

5. 2 Liter 3 Liter Water Bladder

  • Food-grade EVA Material
  • MILITARY GRADE QUALITY: Hydration bladder is made of premium anti-bacteria material. Taste free, non-toxic, BPA free and FDA approved. It won’ t leave a bad taste in your drink. The water reservoir bladder passed pneumatic pressure test, it is completely pressure-tolerant. Double sealing side technique has greatly improved durability
  • 100% LEAKPROOF: Upgraded soft mouthpiece with easily accessible ON/OFF valve prevents leakage. Conveniently control the water flow by biting, when not bite, the water will not leak out. Quick-release tube is detachable. Auto shut off while the tube is removed, the 2 liter water reservoir will stay filled non-leaking
  • EASY TO DRINK: You won't be slowed down with our high flow bite-valve. Simply bite the mouthpiece to suck water. Pull to drink and push back to lock. It also has a dust proof cover to keep it clean. It conveniently quick and easy to have a drink in hiking, biking, cycling, climbing, backpacking, hunting, running, camping, and all outdoor sports
  • REMAIN PEFECTLY HYDRATED: This hydration pack bladder can withstand temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees celsius. The tube resists temperature changes in hot and cold weathers. L 13.8'' x W 6.8'' water bladder is compatible with most hydration packs. The tube (0.4'' diameter, 36'' long) provides a wholesome flow for easy drinking, keeping you hydrated
  • YOU’ LL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS: If there is a leak, or bad taste, or any other reason why you’ re not 100% happy with this hydration pack replacement, simply send it back for a full refund or to get a new replacement. No questions asked!

6. CamelBak 90855 Mil-Spec

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping backpacks hydration packs replacement parts
  • Another quality Camelbak product

7. MIRACOL 2 Liter 70 oz Reservoir 

  • FDA APPROVED: Food-grade premium quality anti-bacteria materials. Thick bladder material is pressure-tolerant and wear-proof.
  • LARGE OPENING FOR EASY FILLING, CLEANING: A handle for an easy NO LEAK FILL-UP in any outdoor condition for maximum hygiene and clean water.
  • EASY TO DRINK: We’ve fitted a high-flow bite valve at the end of the detachable drinking tube, which comes with a dust cover to keep the water hydration bladder free from pollutants
  • GREAT CAPACITY: Miracol hydration bladder holds water as much as 2 liter, enough for hiking, camping, cycling, hunting.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you are not absolutely happy with your purchase for any reason, simply send if back for a full refund. No questions asked!

8. Artisanates 2 Liter Water Bladder

  • Upgraded Leak-proof - With the Auto-shutoff valve, you can fill water even the tube is not connected to the bladder, it definitely won’t leak.
  • Durable Water Reservoir - Well constructed with high pressure tolerance, this reservoir is rather durable replacement for hydration pack.
  • Versatile Water Bladder - 2L / 70 oz capacity for long lasting hydration, fits well for most of backpacks. Portable for sports and outdoor events.
  • Easy to fill and clean- Big screw opening makes it easier to access the interior, add ice cubes and clean.
  • Guaranteed Safety - BPA free, FDA approved and 100% odorless.


  • TPU Bladder and TPU Tube: TPU material water bladder is more hygienic, flexible and cold resistant than other materials. TPU tube has excellent elasticity, more bending resistant, easier to adjust position when drinking. Leakproof, odorless and FDA approved.
  • Quick Release Insulated Tube: Bladder does not leak while the tube is detached, convenient for filling, cleaning and storing. Tube is covered with insulated waterproof Neoprene sleeve, prevents water in tube from freezing in winter and prevents water from overheating in direct sunlight in summer, keeps water fresh and cool.
  • 360 Rotatable Soft Bite Valve: You do not have to bow or bend the tube to drink, can drink easily in the normal position. On-off valve controls the opening and closing of water flow, no water drips when valve is closed. Tube head can be dismantled for easy tube cleaning. Pure silicone mouthpiece makes water flow fast, you can suck water simply by biting. Dust cap protects mouthpiece from dirt.
  • Large Opening for Easy Filling: Easy to clean, dry and add ice, with more beautiful appearance. Center baffle on bladder helps limit the sloshing of water, keeps bladder flat so as to easily pack into the backpack.
  • Versatility: Compatible with most hydration pack. Frees your hands while drinking, keeps you hydrated when backpacking, biking, hunting, motorcycling, camping, skiing and snowboarding. 

10. Aquatic Way Water Reservoir

  • YOU’LL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OR IT IS ON US: If there is a leak, or bad taste, or ANY other reason why you’re not 100% happy with this hydration bladder, simply let us know & we’ll do a full refund. Best for all high adventure uses outdoors. Stay hydrated whether you are on a hike, on a bicycle, or skiing down your favorite ski slope.
  • THIS AWSOME DEAL INCLUDES 2 BITE VALVES, CLEANING KIT, & a 2 LITER 70oz HYDRATION BLADDER- : The cleaning kit significantly increases the life of your water bladder. The extra long wire brush is perfect to CLEAN THE INSIDE OF THE TUBE and long brush is best to reach the difficult BLADDER CORNERS. Easily DRY BLADDER with the included separator. BONUS: The two replacement SCILICONE BITE VALVES save you extra money! You GET THEM FREE in this kit!
  • BPA FREE AND FDA APPROVED MATERIALS: This bladder uses food grade highest quality anti-bacteria materials. Thick TPU water bag material is pressure & wear tolerant. LARGE OPENING LETS YOU EASILY REACH INNER SURFACES AND ADD ICE. Clean and dry with ease, add ice directly from scoop or refrigerator. The QUICK RELEASE connector mechanism lets you attach and detach the tube with a single click – no hassle with trying to screw it on the reservoir bag! Bladder DOESN’T LEAK WHEN TUBE IS DETACHED.
  • Silicone BITE VALVE is durable, anti-microbial, and soft for wholesome drinking. Easily accessible SHUTOFF VALVE prevents dripping when stored with water inside the pouch or during rigorous activity. The INSULATED TUBE COVER provides additional value! Our neoprene insulation resists temperature changes in different outdoor climates - hot and cold.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence with our no-questions-asked 60-DAY FULL REFUND Guarantee. We take pride in providing an awesome customer support! No issues go unaddressed!

Review of Aquatic Way Water Reservoir Hydration Bladder

I love these bladders. I can't stress enough how great it is that the opening is large enough to get your hand in there so you can really dry it out. The material feels sturdy and the bite tube was extremely convenient and easy to use. I didn't even mind the mild plastic taste, which did lessen upon repeated refilling. I bought this bladder after purchasing a cheaper one from Walmart that leaked. I really like the look and feel of this bladder much better. I've had no problem with leakage. The snap in tube is much better than those that screw in to the bladder.

The bags are soft and flexible, but appear to be pretty tough. Still, you'll have to be careful with sticks and rocks while filling (out of the pack) and with sharp items in the pack. Your pack should have a dedicated hydration bladder pocket inside for this purpose. I checked multiple sources for multiple bags before settling on these. The reviews and features were good and the price was right. I'm very glad I chose these.
The included insulated tube leaked a bit on one so I just replaced the tube with my original Camelbak and it works great. Mouthpiece connector is a bit larger and tighter than my Camelbak mouthpiece do I can use it with Camelbak bladder tube but not vice versa. I know it is insulated tube but I do prefer a clear one.

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Top 10 Best Hydration Bladders 2017 – Latest Bestsellers Only. The Coolest, Best and Latest. You’ll love America’s Top 10 in Outdoor Sports and Outdoor Equipment.

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