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Best Climbing Tape

Climbing Tapes – the best 10 for seasoned climbers

Climbing can be hard on the skin of your hands, and many climbers use tape to protect their skin. A good climbing tape will do exactly that. It will protect the skin, especially when crack climbing, and also let you keep going even if you have split your fingertips while climbing. Using tape on your hands also improves the grip. Overall, tape, prevents skin injuries and even relieves the pain of certain kinds of injuries while helping you climb better.

When using climbing tape, several factors come into play. The basic difference between regular tape and climbing tape is that climbing tape does not stretch. If your climbing tape stretches then it works against getting a good grip. So, climbing tape does not stretch. Also, climbing tape needs to stay in place even when you are doing tough climbing stretches. That means the climbing tape needs to be sticky, and it also needs to have a texture that enables the climber to get a better grip.

Keeping all of these points inconsideration, we have identified the top climbing tape according to climbers and experts, and below it we also give you the top 10 bestselling climbing tapes.

Using the pointers in this article and by reading the descriptions and reviews of the different climbing tapes, you should be able to choose the climbing tape that will work best for you.

Best climbing tape according to experts - Metolius Climbing Tape


Keeping all judging parameters in mind, be it stickiness, grip, protection, ease of use, performance when wet and overall feel for climbing, the top choice for climbing tape by actual climbers is the Metolius Climbing Tape. This tape is made from 100% cotton and has great qualities for climbing. It is water resistant and maintains its high level of stickiness. Metolius climbing tape protects the skin, gives food structural support and also gives a good grip. This tape is 1 ½ inches wide and can be easily torn into thinner strips, when taping your fingers. The general verdict on this tape by climbers is that it is very robust and stays in place and doesn’t roll up, even after the toughest climbing.

Check it out here.

Best Climbing Tape to buy now

These are the best sellers in climbing tapes. They are purchased again and again by climbers, and they have good reviews and ratings. You can check out any one of them and see if they fit your needs. You will be getting a good product at a good price point if it is in this list.

1. White Athletic Sports Tape

  • NO GLUE ON YOUR SKIN - Our 3 Pack of tape was made with a special formula to make sure it reels with ease.
  • TEAR WITH YOUR FINGERS - Our tape is VERY strong but there is no need for tape cutters. Just wrap, pinch, tear and enjoy your workout.
  • INSANELY STICKY - Tired of tape that doesn’t hold? Our premium adhesive tape sticks like it should.
  • MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL - 100% cotton. Perfect for Physical Therapy & Therapists. For baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, pull up and pole vault bars.
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We Believe in our product 100% so you have nothing to lose GET YOURS.

2. White Finger Tape (8 Pack)

  • DON’T STOP MOVING -- Get the ultimate protection for your hands and fingers so you can keep doing what you love. Our jiu jitsu tape & rock climbing tape is engineered with pro-grade materials and designed specifically for hands.
  • PERFORM LIKE A PRO -- Designed and inspired by a BJJ Black Belt, our finger tape is the one professional athletes prefer.
  • SPEED UP RECOVERY -- If you’re committed to daily training, you can’t afford to miss a session, and with the right protective gear, you shouldn’t have to. 
  • APPLY & REMOVE WITHOUT FUSS -- Many athletic tapes fray and leave a sticky residue behind.
  • 60 DAY DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -- Your purchase of a jumbo 8-roll pack of BJJ finger tape comes with 100% satisfaction. 

3. Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

  • Developed specifically for grapplers to prevent soreness and protect your joints
  • 6 rolls per pack, each roll is 0.3 in x 45 feet (15 yards)
  • Comprehensive money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason we will refund you.
  • Max stickiness with no residue left, Latex Free
  • Easy to tear with your fingers

4. Black Athletic Tape 

  • NO GLUE ON YOUR SKIN - Our 3 pack of tape was made with a proprietary adhesive to make sure it reels with ease. Works perfectly for weight Lifters, rock Climbers and boxing or sparring.
  • TEAR WITH YOUR FINGERS - Our tape is VERY strong but there is no need for tape cutters. Just wrap, pinch, tear and enjoy your workout. 
  • INSANELY STICKY - Tired of tape that doesn’t hold? Our premium adhesive tape sticks like it should and holds to its backcloth like a glove.
  • MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL - 100% cotton. Perfect for Physical Therapy & Therapists. For baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, pull up and pole vault bars.
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We Believe in our product 100% so you have nothing to lose. 

5. Evolv Magic Finger Tape

  • Material: Latex Rubber

6. Metolius Climbing Tape

  • 100 cotton athletic tape
  • Retail packaging includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions
  • 1.5" wide x 33' long (3.8 cm x 10 m)

7. Athletic Tape White Extremely Strong

  • EASY TO APPLY & TEAR - Thanks to the ZigZag design you can Easily Tear the athletic tape using your hands, NO SCISSORS NEEDED. Great also for kids as they can use it without any help.
  • DOESN'T LEAVE RESIDUE ON YOUR SKIN - After using the sports tape, your skin will be completely clean
  • STRONG & STICKY -  Perfect for every athlete to practice any sport like Boxing, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball…
  • BONUS FINGER TAPE - Our Exclusive Set has 4 White Sports Tape: 3 Rolls of 1.5"x33 feet + 1 Extra Roll of 0.5"x33feet! GET MORE FOR LESS!
  • EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OR MONEY BACK - Choosing Summum Fit tape means that you will be Completely Satisfied or get your money back. 

8. Mighty-X White Athletic Tape

  • YOU ARE BUYING A SOLUTION - In this set of 4 sport tapes, you will get 3 rolls of cotton tape (1.5 inch x 45 ft) + 1 pre-wrap (2.75 inches X 75 ft). We always recommend using a protective layer under your athletic sports tape.
  • COMFORTABLE USE - 100% hospital-grade cotton sports tape tears easily and the zig-zag edges prevent fraying. The breathable cotton and under-wrap combine for X-tra comfort. 
  • SUGGESTED TAPE USES - Wear as ankle tape or wrist tape. Our white athletic tape can be used not only to help speed up the recovery of injured muscles, but it can also be used to support and protect the joints. Use it as boxing tape, climbing tape, gymnastics tape, football tape, climbers tape, soccer tape or lacrosse tape.
  • PREVENTION - Sports tape athletic benefits are perfect for weightlifters, divers, and bowlers. Cotton tape helps prevent sprains, twists, and tweaks during intense activity. 
  • AVOID SKIN ABRASION - Our Mighty-X prewrap helps to prevent chafing and irritation. It won’t stick to the hair on your arms or legs. Apply it before wrapping the area with sport tape. 

9. Pangda 12 Pieces Adhesive Bandage

  • Quantity: 12 rolls of self-adherent sports tape; Color: 12 colors, include black, white, blue, red and so on
  • Size: the length of each roll is 5 yards, the 1 inch and 2 inch width for you to choose
  • Material: made of porous fabric, has bacon strips, which is soft and safe for your skin with function of ventilation
  • Stretchy fabric: very soft, easy to wrap, can be torn with hand, no need to use scissors, which is breathable and safe for your skin
  • Wide usage: suitable for body parts, such as ankle, wrist, finger and so on, can provide for swelling, dressing woounds, sprain and general soreness, also suitable for pets

10. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape

  • PROTECT YOUR FINGERS! Gold BJJ's finger tape is the ideal protection for jiu jitsu players and athletes looking for the ultimate finger protection.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE! Our tape is made from premium adhesive that won't let you down when you need it.
  • EXTRA LONG 10 YARD ROLLS! There's nothing worse than taping your hands for a few training sessions and realizing you've already used up the whole roll. 
  • SWEAT RESISTANT! Other athletic tapes come loose when you sweat - not ours. Gold BJJ tape will stay put during the toughest of matches.
  • VERSATILE 1/2" THICKNESS! Traditional finger tapes can be too wide or too narrow. We built our tape with athletes in mind: 1/2" thick allows for taping of fingers, wrists, and more.

Review of White Athletic Sports Climbing Tape

This climbing tape is an excellent combination tape, that sticks very well to the skin, and also peels off easily. The tape holds on better than other climbing tapes and one user who used it for snatches, found it to be of the very highest quality and performance.

This tape sticks so well that some users find removing it a little difficult, but it does not take anything away from its excellent overall performance. The tape has a nice cloth kind of feel and not the shiny smooth feel, which gives it some texture but does not make it bulky and thick.

One user found the tape tom be very effective and much better quality than other regular climbing tapes. He also found that tearing the tape with his fingers was very easy, unlike others where he had to find a pair of scissors.

This tape has also been found to be very good wrapping around ankles and other parts. Overall great value for money and excellent performance.

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