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Best Kiteboards

Top 10 Best Kiteboards 2019 – Latest Bestsellers Only

Check out the Top 10 Best Kiteboards of 2018, which are also the latest bestsellers. When you choose one of these Kiteboards you not only choose the best, you also get the best price.

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!

How to choose a Kiteboard

At first glance a kiteboard may look like a surfboard, but they are actually completely different. The kiteboards look like surfboards at first glance but they are made for a completely different purpose. Kiteboards are designed specifically for the needs of kiteboarding, and that means they have to be made to certain technical specifications that a kiteboard must fulfill.
Kiteboards are enhanced through several technical advantages that make the boards suited for kiteboarding, thus making it easier and more fun.

The first step in choosing a kiteboard is to get two of them. Though you may be tempted to buy one mid size kiteboard and start learning, it is much better to buy a large kiteboard and also a smaller kiteboard.

The larger kiteboards are the best for a beginner to learn. If you are learning and are starting out, choose a large kiteboard and a small kite. The large kiteboards help you to stay afloat longer, and also allow you to go out in lighter winds. A larger kiteboard will also make it easier for you to actually move off the beach and into the water.

With the larger kiteboard you can make mistakes yet stay afloat, as the larger area of the kiteboard helps you to stay on the water longer without sinking.

On a day when there is lighter wind, you will have to use a larger kiteboard. This is especially true in mid summer when the winds are a little lighter.

Having two kiteboards one large and one small will mean that you can do kiteboarding on any kind of wind.

Also a larger kiteboard will enable you to learn in light winds. Since the larger kiteboard will not sink as fast as a small kiteboard, you can use a smaller kite, which is easier to manage and learn with.

A smaller kiteboard is great for doing tricks and using the full power of the kite. The smaller kiteboard is for high winds where you do a lot of jumping. The smaller kiteboard will let you do the tricks and use the full potential of the kite.

Thus it is always better to choose a large kiteboard and a small one, as a combination, rather than a medium sized one.

Here is a quick guide on what size kiteboards you should choose:

If your weight is 125lbs to 150lbs, choose a 134x41cm size kiteboard.
If your weight is 150lbs to 180lbs, choose a 140x43cm size kiteboard.
If your weight is 180lbs to 210lbs, choose a 142x45cm size kiteboard.
If your weight is 210lbs and up, choose a 146x46cm size kiteboard.

A great place to start choosing a kiteboard is to look at the bestselling ones. Below is a list of the Top 10 Best Kiteboards in the US in 2017. Happy kiteboarding!

1. THURSO SURF Kiteboard 140X42

  • Full light core with Kevlar strip
  • Size 140X42
  • Include fins, handle, footstrip
  • A great twin tip board for riders

2. Ocean Rodeo Origin 3.0 Kiteboard

  • Excellent versatile kiteboard for all levels
  • Great first board, easy water starts and turning
  • Cruise and pop features
  • Go-joe compatible

3. Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Refraction Kiteboard

  • Board of choice for globetrotting pro Sam Light
  • Upgraded .7 MM Dura-Glide Base for sliding and grinding
  • Great crossover board for cable parks
  • Don’t catch an edge: base, rails designed for obstacles
  • Durable and dynamic made in the USA wood core construction

4. Karolina Pro Kiteboard from Slinshot Sports

  • High-performance board for female riders
  • Signature model for World Champion Karolina Winkowska
  • Great load and pop, soft landings
  • Lively and durable wood core construction
  • Tip and tail channels allow smooth pressing and clean release

5. THURSO SURF Kiteboard 134X38

  • Full light core with Kevlar strip
  • Size 134X38
  • Include fins, handle, footstrip
  • A great twin tip board for female riders

6. Liquid Force 2016 Edge Board

  • 146-x-45, kiteboards, kiteboards clearance, liquid-force, size-146-x-45

7. Slingshot Sports 2018 Vision Kiteboard

  • A fan-favorite freeride/freestyle crossover
  • An all-terrain vehicle for multi-discipline kiting
  • Moderate “happy medium” rocker profile
  • Wood core provides lively feel and durability
  • Tip and tail channeling provides added grip, pop and speed

8. 2020 Misfit Kiteboard

  • NEW outline creates our driest board ever.
  • Dura-Light base: Lightweight performance in a strong and durable package.
  • High-tech Korroyd tips are light, lively and sexy as heck.
  • Mild rocker, medium flex great for upwind drive and slicing through chop.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Misfit Board, 4 x 1.75” (19x15.2cm) NEW kite fins, NEW grab handle.

9. Cabrinha 2014 XCaliber 132cm Kiteboard

  • Board Only (Includes only board, fins, and handle)
  • Maximum up wind performance
  • Smooth fast ride + Early planning
  • H1, H2, and boot compatable (Sold Serarately)

10. 2019 Slingshot Glide Kiteboard by Slingshot Sports

  • Gives you the light wind range of a surfboard with the performance of a twin tip
  • Freestyle-friendly thanks to a long, slender outline
  • Tapered at the tips for a more dynamic performance
  • Great for larger riders and beginners who need extra lift and easy takeoff
  • More agile and versatile than other “light wind” boards

Review of Ocean Rodeo Origin 3.0 Kiteboards

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Top 10 Best Kiteboards 2018 – Latest Bestsellers Only. The Coolest, Best and Latest. You’ll love America’s Top 10 in Outdoor Sports and Outdoor Equipment.

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