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Connor Ball of The Vamps rides a hoverboard after his knee surgery, during UK tour opener.

Connor Ball Vamps Hoverboard UK Tour Wake Up

The UK Tour of the Vamps kicked off on 25th March, and their bassist Connor Ball was on a hoverboard on the stage. He has just had a knee surgery and it was the best way to move around for him, and to make a grand entry.

Connor Ball must have a lot of practice on the hoverboard to be wielding the bass guitar, recovering from a knee surgery and balancing flawlessly on the hoverboard on stage. The Vamps have kicked off the UK Tour with the first show in the Birmingham Genting Arena in England.

Connor Ball Hoverboard Best Hoverboard Brands

Here's a recent video of The Vamps:​

The 20-year-old Connor Ball, used a hoverboard on stage during the concert, which saw surging crowds. There were jumbo LED screens and ramps to give the concert goers a closer view of The Vamps. The entire line up of The Vamps include Brad Simpson, James McVey, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball. Bradley Simpson plays rhythm guitar, James Daniel McVey plays guitar, Connor Ball plays the bass guitar and Tristan Evans play the drums in the band.

You can see their UK Tour Schedule below:

The-Vamps-UK-Tour-Schedule-2016 Best Hoverboard Brands

Connor Ball was super excited about the tour and wrote this on Twitter just before the opening show – “Can’t wait for today we get to play the tour set fully too excited”. Later he tweeted – “Who enjoyed the first show?! And what was your fav part? ???? Birmingham you were bloody aweeeeesome.”

This is the UK Arena part of their World Tour called Wake Up. They have done the Asia part, and are doing the UK part and will be travelling to Europe, South America, USA, Canada and Mexico after this.

The Vamps Connor Ball Best Hoverboard Brands

Check out the website of The Vamps here -

This is their official YouTube channel - ​The Vamps YouTube

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