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Grandpa freaks out on seeing his new Light up LED shoes – awesome video

For several years Sarah Thorne's dad had wanted a pair of light up shoes, but he always thought they were only there for kids, so he never really went looking for them. Then one birthday, Sarah decided to give him a pair of grown up Light Up LED shoes, and since she knew her dad would be delighted, she decided to capture the moment on video.

And boy what a video it made. Her father was at first a little confused about what was so special about the shoes, and then he pressed the shoe and the LED lights went on. And then his reaction was just out of the world.

​Have a look at the video. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Sarah's dad literally leaped out of his chair and went quite nuts. Seeing his joy, everyone who saw the video just couldn't stop sharing it, and it has become one of the most popular video about Light Up Shoes.

It is great to see the sheer joy and happiness of the old man, the happy grand dad who got a birthday gift of a pair of Light Up Shoes.

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