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A 78 year old man rides a hoverboard and pushes his wife on her wheelchair

They’ve been married for over 60 years, and now John Anderson pushes his wife Judy in her wheelchair while riding a hoverboard. Weird? Not at all. Here’s their story.

John met Judy in small town called Potsdam in New York while he was in university and Judy was studying to be teacher. A few years after their marriage John joined the army, so they traveled all over the world, finally settling in Colorado in 1989. They raised two kids, and in 1989 Judy was diagnosed with Parkinsons.

Judy is under expert nursing care in an old age township and that is where John and Judy have their special ‘hoverboard’ walks. John had found hoverboards intriguing and thought that they could be a good engine for Judy’s wheelchair. When a local person started to sell hoverboards, John bought one for the heck of it. Then using walking sticks and skis for support, he started to ride them. In some time, he was able to move around on his own on the hoverboard. And then he proposed the idea of pushing Judy with his hoverboard, and she agreed.

This is John and Judy going for one of their special ‘hoverboard’ walks.

When Judy was asked what she felt about the idea of John pushing her wheelchair with a hoverboard, she said that she just trusted her husband after being together for so many years. John said that he was able to ride the hoverboard and push his wife’s wheelchair at that age because he was an ice hockey player and also did skating.

This is such a beautiful story of love, staying together for 60 years, and having the courage to use new and unexplored technology at the age of 78. Keep at it John and Judy, we are wishing you many many happy ‘hoverboard’ walks.

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