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Granny tries hoverboard for first time – Daring 84 year old granny has the whole family in splits

84 year old granny tries hoverboard for the first time and utterly entertains her family.

She’s from Southport, she is 84 and she rides a mean hoverboard. We are talking about inspiring grandmother Pat Williams who decided to give her great grandson’s two wheeled hoverboard a try, and managed so well that she even did a little dance while riding it.

Granny tries hoverboard for first time hilarious granny rides hoverboard video

The hoverboard, or self balancing electric scooter, belongs to 11 year old William Williams who is the son of Pat’s grandson Barry Williams. The video was first uploaded on Facebook by Barry’s partner Craig Webster, who said that she was thrilled to see Nanny Pat, as Pat Williams is fondly called by the family, trying out a hoverboard for the first time with so much enthusiasm and verve.

Craig put up the video on Facebook and she noticed that overnight over 20,000 people had seen it. In the video we see two members of Pat’s family heling her on to the hoverboard, and with some encouragement and hand holding, she gets the hang of the hoverboard.

The wonderful and spirited granny then goes on to even move her arms about in an impromptu dance move as she rides the two-wheeled balance board.

Craig Williams said that Nanny Pat is a good sport and believes in ‘living every moment like it’s your last’. She also said that Nanny Pat wanted to try out the hoverboard after she saw one on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Nanny Pat used to live in Old Roan and has been described by Facebook commenters as being a ‘fabulous brave lady’.

Nanny Pat’s wonderful enthusiasm and surprising agility on the hoverboard had her entire family in splits. She is seen really enjoying her short hoverboard ride. Well it is now official, there is no age limit to enjoying a hoverboard ride.

Have a look at the ‘Granny tries hoverboard for first time’ video of Pat William’s awesome little hoverboard ride.

Such wonderful reactions from grandmothers and grandfathers are really great to watch, and tell us all to stay young in our hearts, no matter what our age.

Here is another video of a grandmother watching virtual reality for the first time. Her reactions are awesome to say the least. Understandably the video has over 2 million hits.

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