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Jessica Taylor former Liberty X singer injures back while riding hoverboard

Jessica Taylor Hoverboard Injury

After Jessica Taylor and her husband Kevin Pietersen bought their five year old son Dylan a hoverboard, Jessica decided to give it a try. She had hardly got on it for about 30 seconds, when she lost her balance and fell.

Not only did she fall, she heard a ‘crack’, and sure enough it resulted in a back injury that has her moving around in crutches. Kevin Pietersen is a former England cricketer and Jessica is the former Liberty X singer, who have two children, their 5 year old son Dylan and infant daughter Rosie.

Jessica Taylor hoverboard injury with husband Kevin Pietersen former England cricketer Best Hoverboard Brands

Jessica was very keen to try out the must-have gadget and was giving it her first try when the fall happened. Due to the fall she will not be able to participate in the Tough Mom challenge of the Good Morning Britain show.

Jessica Taylor in Tough Mums of Good Morning Britain

Jessica appeared in the Good Morning Britain show propped up by crutches. It was in the show that she talked about her fall. In her own words, she said, “This unfortunately was a hoverboard-related injury. I need to leave it to my five year old in future, that's the lesson learnt! First and last time! It was the getting off. I've been for an X-ray and an MRI and I'm waiting to hear. I think maybe a little crack."

Jessica was supposed to have participated in the Tough Mums event as a part of the Good Morning Britain show, but was unable to because of her injury. She was replaced by weather presenter Laura Tobin on the ITV breakfast show's competition. The Tough Mums event was designed around the Tough Muddler challenge which has 10 hurdles.

This is what was shared by the Good Morning Britain ​show on their Twitter account.


Jessica is one of many celebrities who have taken a tumble while riding a hoverboard. Another very famous instance was Mike Tyson falling off his daughter’s hoverboard.

Jessica however is hopeful that she would be able to get back to the Tough Mums competition that will happen in May 2016 and participate along with other celebrity mothers like Susanna Reid, Kate Garraway, Ben Shepherd, Richard Arnold, Renvir Singh and Sean Fletcher.

Another well now personality who had an injury after falling while riding a hoverboard was Ho Ching, wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Let us hope that Jessica, the ‘Just a little bit’ singer, gets well really soon and also figures out how to ride a hoverboard. At Best Hoverboard Brands we know that it takes a while to learn how to ride the hoverboard, but after that initial learning time it becomes quite intuitive. So Jessica don’t give up so easily, hoverboarding is actually amazing fun.

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