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The Kiwano Hoverboard, NOT the first UL 2272 Certified self balancing scooter, they just removed all reference from their website!


Kiwano has quietly removed the UL 2272 certification information from their website. They claimed to be UL 2272 certified, which is the standard set by Underwriters Laboratories for all self-balancing electric scooters.

While leading hoverboard companies like Swagway have been working closely with UL for some time now, Kiwano suddenly came and said that they are UL 2272 certified. That made the Kiwano hoverboard the world’s first UL 2272 certified hoverboard, a big deal indeed. But as it turns out, they had only applied for UL 2272 certification, and they have removed all reference to it from their website.

While we are not going to assume anything, we can safely say that as of now, it is definitely not the first UL 2272 hoverboard.

In this latest development, which we realized on checking the Kiwano website recently, we found that the website of the Kiwano hoverboard no longer says that it is UL 2272 certified. Previously there was a section that stated that the Kiwano KO-X Electric Smart Scooter was UL 2272 certified.

UL 2272 hoverboard kiwano best hoverboard brands

You can see on the right, the graphical element that they had used on the homepage till some time back. However, now this entire section is missing from the homepage of the website.

Currently the website says that the Kiwano hoverboard has FCC, CE and RoHS certification, which is a good thing but is nowhere near the UL 2272 standard.

In comparison, this is what Swagway clearly states on their website

Swagway has been actively working with the CPSC on the investigation of the “self-balancing scooters.” The CPSC recently adapted two new standards, a required standard (UN38.3) and a voluntary standard (UL2272, introduced by UL on January 29, 2016). The original Swagway from the very beginning already meets the newly required standard and we are currently evaluating if our product complies with the new voluntary standard as recommended by the CPSC. We stand by our products and are confident that Swagway still remains the safest on the market.”


This clearly shows the transparency and clarity with which Swagway works. Unlike Kiwano, they did not state that they are UL 2272 certified and pulled it off the website later, they are clear about their stand and are committed to safety the highest standards, that they are working to better.

Swagway is currently using UL certified battery cells and adapters, and are working towards making their entire hoverboard UL certified. In fact Swagway further explains its safety standards in another section.

“Swagway is FCC, CE, RoHS, certified and Battery packs were UN38.3 certified with approved battery cells and has passed all testing in adherence to government guidelines.”

In another section it states –

“Swagway’s entire hoverboard is not UL certified. Indeed, to date, UL has yet to certify any hoverboards for safety.”

Incidentally FCC is certification that states that an electronic item is approved for use in the US, and it is awarded by the Federal Communications Commission. Their website can be found here.

CE is a mark that states that the product conforms to relevant European quality standards, and is essentially a mark of European conformity.

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and is a European standard that states that the particular item was made without certain hazardous chemicals. All electronics sold in Europe have to be RoHS compliant.

The UN38.3 battery certification is for Li-ion or lithium ion batteries, and is a standard set by the United Nations with regards to Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. This certification is necessary for transportation of batteries by air, and is an important safety standard for all Li-ion batteries.


With the new UL 2272 certified next generation hoverboards the SwagTron T3 and T1 being launched, we strongly recommend that you only buy one of these two. Go and have a look at the website where you will be able to buy them with a $10 discount on using Coupon Code: swag-1163A391DNSS

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​Also the Swagway hoverboard ships to any place within the United States within 1 to 5 days. In the map below, you can see how much time it will take for a Swagway to reach to your home.

Also, Swagway offers FREE Shipping within the US.​

Here is the legend for the map -  
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If you want to purchase one, then go to the website

To read more about the safety and quality standards of the Swagway hoverboards go to the FAQs section of the Swagway website.

You can read about the safest place to buy a hoverboard on the web here.


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    1. Hi John,

      We tried to get in touch with Kiwano in the mean time but got no response. Our suggestion will be to wait and watch. By around August 2016, it will be clear whether the Kiwano hoverboard is UL certified or not. And by then people will also start getting the first batch deliveries. If you want to buy a safe and reliable hoverboard now, we suggest you have a look at this post.

  1. You can verify all UL certifications in the online database at To verify a hoverboard/self-balancing scooter certification, enter “FKIS” (without quotes) into the Category Code field. More information at

    1. Hi Smart Consumer, In case you are wondering where the SwagTrons are in the UL listings, they appear as the T1 and the T3. THey are very much there in the UL website and listed as UL 2272 certified. Read more here.

  2. I initially ordered 4 scooters from Kiwano for our hoverboard rental business. They kept pushing the delivery dates from 6-8 weeks at the end of March to early July delivery in May, and now in the latest “update” they are saying that they received their UL 2272 certification and they are in production. The new shipping time is Mid-August. Several problems here: #1 The UL CERTIFICATION is not posted on the UL sites database, I even spoke to a UL representative who confirmed that if they did get their certification it should show up on the website within a week. #2 Kiwano does not have a customer service phone number. #3 Shark Innovations, the company that makes Kiwanos already has a bad track record with the scam they pulled on their NuDock product, you can do a GOOGLE search on this. Everything here points to an elaborate scam. Let me know what you think. Thanks

    1. Hi Bo, We were one of the first ones to point out that Kiwano had removed all reference to UL 2272 certification. As far as getting your four Kiwano scooters is concerned I don’t think you need to worry. They will definitely arrive. Maybe much later than you wanted but you will get them. If not, this can turn into a major legal issue. The promoters of Kiwano do not want to go behind bars, which is what will happen if some of the people including you who ordered from Kiwano do not actually get them.

      Meanwhile the actual UL 2272 certified hoverboards are here, and if you want you can check out the SwagTron T3 and T1. The SwagTron T3 has BlueTooth speakers, in-built carry strap, a smartphone app, a third Pro riding mode and some other extras, but all else is the same with the T1. The T3 is $499 and the T1 is $399. They are definitely the safest and best hoverboards around today. You can have a look here! We will update you if we get to hear anything about the Kiwano scooters.

      1. Email received 08 11 2016 from Kiwano:
        To all of our loyal customers, we have some disheartening news…

        We will not be able to ship most of our orders.

        The majority of you who purchased a KIWANO KO-X will be refunded your full amount over the next 7 days. KIWANO was created with the idea that there should be a safe and reliable self-balancing electric scooter on the market that can take people from point A to point B, regardless of what type of terrain happens in between. This idea was so on point with consumer demands that businesses and individuals made impersonations and replications; this ruins the possibility of KIWANO KO-X reaching its full potential due to this being the first product we have produced as a new brand.

        There have been several manufacturing issues, many fakes, copycats, and complications associated with trying to deliver OUR superior product before anyone else. However, we can no longer fight this battle. PayPal has frozen our funds because of the nature of our business (they are not fond at all of self-balancing electric scooters for a multitude of reasons). This makes it impossible for us to ship out the scooters because the manufacturer will not ship without payment.

        If you have received an email directly from the factory, you will receive your order and you can disregard this email, no need to refund, your order is on the way!
        If you paid for EXPEDITED SHIPPING, you will receive your order and you can disregard this email.

        • If you placed your order within the past 60 days, we will automatically refund you.
        • If you placed your order more than 60 days ago, follow this process:
        1. Go to your PayPal account
        2. On your home page, go to your ACTIVITY
        3. Look up the KIWANO transaction
        4. Click on REPORT PROBLEM
        6. Click CONTINUE & follow the steps to complete the dispute

        Once we receive your dispute, the money will be returned to your account after PayPal reviews your dispute and should be done within 24-48 hours.

        Due to the difficulties with the KIWANO KO-X launch, we will be discontinuing production and this product.

        We are excited about the prospect of launching something NEW and INNOVATIVE in the electric mobility category in early 2017. Learning from the difficulties faced with producing the KIWANO KO-X, we are confident about our ability to avoid any future dilemmas.

        Thank you for your patience, understanding, and loyalty.

        – The proud creators of KIWANO

        The subject line of email- KIWANO Full Disclosure Update

        My thoughts- If KIWANO had been serious about full disclosure, they would have clearly stated on their website (in March, when they first began accepting full payment – not deposits for orders) that they were (1) pursuing UL certification and had not yet received it; (2) unable to ship because they had no inventory; (3) still developing their product and it was not yet ready for manufacture.
        A venture such as theirs’ should have been properly financed with debt and equity. Had they quietly developed, tested, certified and manufactured inventory, they would not need to blame “impersonations and replications” for this failure. A great concept product, but a lousy business plan.

  3. Kiwano used this same scam with the nudock. Bs then the nudock mini. They keep pushing the shipping date back and then in the end don’t ship. With the nudocks we did not get refunded and even though the items were actually manufactured, they were put on Amazon and other websites instead of to the backers. Stay away from shark design, Kiwano, Oliver Evans and his other aliases. Fraudster. Hiding in China after he closed his Miami shop.

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