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The Kiwano Hoverboard is the first UL 2272 Certified self balancing scooter, it’s all-terrain and it’s ultra awesome!

The Kiwano hoverboard is now ancient history, as we enter September of 2017. In fact SwagTron is also just one of many fantastic UL 2272 hoverboards that are available to buy today. Instead of just thinking of a single brand of hoverboards, our advise now is to check out the huge variety of UL 2272 hoverboards available on


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Behold the Swagtron has arrived before the Kiwano, and it is the real deal!


World’s first hoverboard with UL 2271 listed SentryShield battery system!


Safe Stop Technology eliminating abrupt stops!


Bluetooth Speakers to rock your hoverboard ride!


Increased stabilization, non-slip footpads, stablized learning mode & lots more!


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UL 2272 certification

UL 2271 battery 

10-ton battery crush test

Smart Battery System

Sentry Shield Battery

Safe Stop Technology

Aluminum Chamber 

Enhanced stabilization

FCC, CE, RoHs certified

UL certified charger

Prop 65 certified

Easier learning mode

Dual Motor Gear Control

Downhill Traction feature

Fire-retardant Silicone 

Fire-Retardant ABS body

Wider non-slip foot pedals

Fire-proof foot pedals

Top speed of 8 mph

Free Shipping in US

1 Year Warranty

In-built Carry Strap

Stylized Futuristic Looks

Third mode - Pro Mode

5 Level Charge Indicator

Smartphone App

HQ BlueTooth Speakers


SwagTron T1








SwagTron T3


Read the in-depth SwagTron review here.


Kiwano has removed the UL 2272 certification information from their website, read about it HERE.

Before anything else, just have a look at the Kiwano Hoverboard. When we saw it for the first time, our jaws fell open. They are claiming it to be the ‘Jeep’ of hoverboards and it sure looks like one helluva two wheel hoverboard.


And here is another look at the Kiwano hoverboard:

UL 2272 hoverboard kiwano best hoverboard brands

The biggest point first – it is UL 2272 certified.

UPDATE: Kiwano has removed UL 2272 information, read about it here.

That means it has passed the UL standards tests, it is approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the CPSC, and additionally, it also does not infringe on any patents of Segway. The US Govt. has in effect approved this hoverboard as a safe and high quality piece of equipment for personal transportation and loads and loads of fun.

Now the second biggest point – you can ride it on the beach. Yep, it’s an all-terrain hoverboard with big all-terrain tires with alloy rims. This one is bad ass and it looks ultra cool.


The third point is that because of a license agreement with the holder of the hoverboard patent Shane Chen, the Kiwano hoverboard does not infringe upon any patents.

It was designed by Juan Contreras, a former Vapor Shark engineer who lives in Miami. He wanted a hoverboard that he could comfortably use on the sandy beaches of Miami, and so he decided to actually design one. What came out was the Kiwano, and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

It is a pleasure to see the Kiwano hoverboard as it takes on the rough with the smooth. Here is the official launch video:


The Kiwano self balancing scooter has a lot of things going for it. Their biggest selling point is safety. They are calling the Kiwano Hoverboard the ‘Most advanced and Safest Electric Scooter’. The claim is backed by a tie up with Samsung for the batteries and main electrical components, a detachable battery, and most important of all the UL 2272 certification. Contreras said that the Kiwano has Samsung's 18650 lithium Ion battery cell and Samsung circuitry.

Let’s have a closer look at the different things that make the Kiwano hoverboard the ‘Jeep’ amongst hoverboards.

You can ride it over all kinds of terrain, and even on a sandy beach. This is thanks to its all-terrain shock absorbent tires and the power in its motors.


The Kiwano scooter comes with Bluetooth connectivity with the Kiwano App available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. The App also allows you to locate the Kiwano on Google maps and also map out routes. Importantly the App allows you to put the Kiwano scooter on a beginner, normal or advanced mode. This makes it suitable for children to ride.

It has speakers on the underside that will play your music wirelessly through your smartphone.

The makers of Kiwano have partnered with Samsung for the battery and the main electrical components to ensure absolute safety. Also the battery is detachable. This goes a long way in making the Kiwano hoverboard safe, as also does the UL 2272 certification.

The raised cool looking safety guards are made of an aircraft grade aluminum alloy.


The LED lights of the Kiwano hoverboard come as integrated headlights and brake lights.

It is also water resistant, and is IP 56 certified for water resistance. This makes it not just an all-terrain hoverboard, but also an all-weather hoverboard.

If you want to know the exact size specifications of the Kiwano hoverboard, here they are:


The Kiwano scooter also comes with an optional cool looking bag. This smart branded bag will let you strap the hoverboard around your shoulder or carry it normally by the strap.


Not a really important point, yet still an indication of the level of detailing, the packaging also looks quite nice. Have a look:


The Kiwano hoverboard soft launched in February, and launched just yesterday, that is 21st March 2016. They have 2 day 50% discount which will be over in less than a day from the time this article was being written, so if you want to pick it up at a really low launch price head over now –

Update 27th April 2016 - The discounted price is still there and looks like it will remain for some time, so go for it, if you're planning ​buy the Kiwano!

Many of you aren't fully convinced about the Kiwano, its UL 2272 status or how long actual delivery will take after you place an order. Since we don't have precise answers to your questions, we can only make a suggestion that if you want a safe and reliable hoverboard to be delivered quickly (Swagway hoverboards are shipped from a US location), then check out the original Swagway X1 hoverboard. They are offering FREE shipping within 1 to 5 days anywhere in the US, right now, and all of their hoverboards come with a standard 1-year warranty. You might consider heading over to the Swagway website to check out if you like something there. - 8th April, 2016

At Best Hoverboard Brands, we are happy that the hoverboard market in the United States is moving towards a better and safer hoverboard that will soon become the standard. Keep hoverboarding people, it’s the most fun thing to do since 2015.

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  1. They really aren’t selling them right now. They must be making them as they go because there is a 6-8 week wait when ordering one. I tried to order one then stopped after I saw the 6-8 week wait. It really made me question the veracity in your article. I’ve found similar information that you referenced but no way to actually verify if anyone has even received one. Anyway you can find that info out?

    1. Hi RP, the six to eight week wait is inevitable as it is the only hoverboard with UL 2272 certification today. If you don’t want to wait that long and want a hoverboard faster read this. That’s an option where you will get the hoverboard much faster… Incidentally I have contacted the Kiwano people and am awaiting some more information from them… will updated when they get back to me.

      1. Any info yet? Looking at getting one of these hoverboards but I don’t want to be throwing my money away if I am never going to be getting it. Also have heard that there is no such thing as UL 2272 certification for hoverboards, do you have any comment on that?

        1. Hi, the Kiwano people have been overwhelmed by the response to their hoverboard. They got back to me saying that they will be able to send a sample by end of April and the first batch of production will be out by June/July 2016. And to answer your UL 2272 query, it is definitely there and you can read all about it here. If you want a good hoverboard immediately, that is safe and has high quality standards but does not yet have the UL 2272 certification (many are buying it right now) go for the Swagway X1.

          1. Really appreciate you getting back to me with the info! Thanks for helping me out. One more question, do you know if there first batch of production is already filled or if I order this week can I still expect to see it sometime in July?

          2. Hi,

            Our latest on this topic can be found here, do read the post, it may give you a fresh perspective.

  2. This may be semantics, but UL2272 certified vs. submitted for official certification (with no reason to doubt that it will be certified) are two different things. UL certification is a process (for any product) that may take weeks or months. If the Kiwano hoverboard along with required documents were submitted for testing in early March, official approval may not happen until later this month, or even May. Also, Kiwano has said that they are holding off sending hoverboards to the USA (to fill firm orders) until the official UL2272 certification is received. No firm dates have been offered.

    1. Following is an: Update from Kiwano site:
      Apr 25, 2016
      Hey KIWANO buyers!
      We want to firstly thank each and every one of you for your patience with the pre-launch process! We have some really important updates that we wanted to make sure reached our amazing customers! For your early support – REMEMBER – YOU will be the first to receive this incredible machine off the production line!
      Here is a UL Certification & Manufacturing Update straight from Hong Kong–
      UL Certification Update:
      UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services to a wide range of clients, including manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, regulators, service companies, and consumers.
      UL 2272 is the new safety standard in the USA for self-balancing scooters that was announced about month ago. We have had to move quickly to make sure we get through the new testing standards. Thus, the delay in shipping. SAFETY is our top priority at KIWANO and we have worked with UL to ensure that we build this product to meet their new UL 2272 safety standards allowing us to export and sell this product!

      Shipping Schedule —
      •Certification & Production – Approx 4 weeks (End of May)
      •Dispatch from CHINA by SEA to our fulfillment centers in the USA – Approx 4 weeks (End of June)
      •Delivery to your door! – Early July at the LATEST
      Again, we thank you for your early support. We are setting a new level of standards for self-balancing scooters!
      Improvements to the product:
      •Changed from 300W Motors to 400W each so now a total of 800W!! This is a big upgrade that we thought this product deserved & we got it!
      •Matte Black Allow Rims (instead of the shiny silver)–it looks much better!
      •Improved our electronics internally with new sealed compartments.

      DP thoughts: This message is the first indication that Kiwano might have someone with the cojones that is willing to step forward and address their (targeted) market without the PR smoke and mirrors. The design and specs shared with us sound fantastic. However; the missteps to this point have chipped away at their credibility. High visibility claim of UL 2272 certification that just disappeared from their site (btw, UL 2272 edition date January 2016, not about a month ago); orders were taken (full amount- not a deposit) without disclosure at that time that there would be a significant delay in filling the order; encouragement to purchase immediately to take advantage of half off for the next 48 hours- the half off offer remained for weeks; line within their shipping policy that offered free shipping for qualifying orders- this line disappeared from their site quickly; for over a month, they indicated shipping in 5-6 weeks- that’s like putting a sign on the store window “Out to lunch back in an hour”; suggestions that we can stay in touch through email updates- my experience has been zero response to leaving my email address (several times).

      Kiwano has a cool website. If the product lives up to their hype, the wait will be worthwhile. Now is the time for someone from the highest level of Kiwano (not marketing or a website manager) to step forward and offer us some transparency. Acknowledge that the information provided was incomplete, inaccurate and misleading. A ‘thank you for your patience’ is insufficient. Apologize and reassure the (hundreds? thousands?) of customers who have paid for your product that going forward, you will fulfill your commitments in a timely, ethical and professional manner! When you make a promise, keep it- period. If you say that you will have an update or news the next day, don’t go silent for a week. Be legit, act legit.

    1. Hi Jason, if you are open to another hoverboard, I think you should have a look at the Swagtron T1 that has just been launched. Check it out here.

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