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Motorized Bicycle – how a motor on a bicycle changes everything

At first instance, when you read the words motorized bicycle, you feel like it defeats the purpose of a bicycle. A bicycle is for you to power with your own legs and get exercise a s you move from one place to another.

Well that is absolutely right, and a motorized bicycle does not change that actually. A gas powered bicycle actually gives a regular bicycle the power to take the rider much farther and yet give him or her all the exercise that they need.

What is a motorized bicycle

In the most basic sense, a motorized or gas bicycle is a bike that has an attached motor or engine and the transmission that is needed to power the bike without your needing to pedal it, or to add extra power while you pedal it.

Since a motorized bicycle always has the option of pedals through the rider can propel the bike, it is always a true bicycle with added motorizes power.

A power-assisted bike can be powered by a variety of engine types, and can also be classified as a hybrid bicycle.

Cycling back into history

A small nugget of history is that the motorized bicycle was actually the originally prototype that became the modern motorbike. That means we are cycling back into history with this new wave of motorized bicycles.

What are motorized bicycles used for

The purpose of a motorized bicycle is not always the same. The design of the motor enhanced cycle differs according to the final intended use. If the motorized bicycle is to be mostly used without being powered by the cycle’s pedals, than it becomes a moped.

The pedal-assist bikes are the true bicycles that also have motor enhanced power. These are full fledged real bicycles with an additional motor propelling it. In these bicycles the motor is only used to give extra assistance. If your commute is very long and it becomes extremely tiring after a point, then the motor assist will take you that extra distance without you getting tired. It will also give the rider assistance when trying to negotiate steep hills.

Today motorized bikes are available as complete bicycle with the motor already fitted in or as motor kits that can be attached to any regular bicycle. These kits are purchased by a lot of cyclists who will fix them on their own, even though they do require a bit of knowledge to get the tuning and balance exactly right. These motorized kits are also sold to cycle manufacturers who fit them on to their commercial bicycles and sell them as ready to use motorized bicycles.

Along with bicycles that are powered by motors that run on fuel, with the development of smaller and more efficient batteries, electric powered bikes are also becoming very popular.

Another new area for these motorized bicycles is to help out with and assist people with physical disabilities such as an injury or even arthritis. The future is very bright for motorized bicycles and worldwide people are seeing the benefits of such bikes, including the electric motor powered bikes, which are also environmentally friendly.

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