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Snowmobile lift – when you need to do repairs

A snowmobile lift is used to lift up your snowmobile so that you can reach all parts of it, whether to repair, maintain or touch up.

If you are into the sport of snowmobiling then you will certainly have a snowmobile dolly, but the lift is a completely different animal.

The snowmobile lift is not used to move your snowmobile around at all. It is only used to lift it off the ground so that you can reach different parts of it.

An advanced version of the lift lever is the snowmobile jack stand.

Who needs to buy a snowmobile lift lever?

The snowmobile lift lever stand is for those snowmobile enthusiasts who are serious about doing some repair once in a while. It is not for the fanatic who is deeply into snowmobiling, but for the enthusiast who would like to tinker with their snowmobile once in while.

The lift lever is used to lift the snowmobile a few inches off the ground at an angle. The entire snowmobile does not get lifted off the ground. These lifts make sense if you do not really need to repair the snowmobile on a regular basis, and you are not extremely seriously into this sport.

The lift is a good option for occasional repairs and maintenance jobs, and also if for some reason you need to get your snowmobile up at an angle.

If you want to see how a snowmobile stand works, just have a look at the video below.

Who needs to go in for a lift jack stand for snowmobiles?

The snowmobile jack stand is for the serious snowmobile rider, who is really passionate about the sport. The jack stand completely lifts the snowmobile off the ground. It is extremely helpful when you have to make repairs or do maintenance on a regular basis. It also costs much more than a lift lever.

The jack stand has more features and is more advanced than the snowmobile lever lift. With the jack stand you can work on every part of your snowmobile from top to bottom.

The Extreme Max 5800.1045 PRO Snowmobile Lift is a very popular choice among snowmobile enthusiasts

The Extreme Max PRO has a heavy duty steel construction that makes it strong and durable. It has a powder coat finish that adds to its performance and durability. This powerful lift is designed with a 1,000 lb. lift capacity. It features an ultra heavy duty 5,000 pounds jack with 3/8″ socket for hand crank or drill. It facilitates quick and even lifting of your snowmobile, and has a 28 inches lift height for comfortable working.

This lift collapses to 5.5 inches, which makes it easy to slide it under sleds. Another great advantage is that it comes with a two year replacement warranty in case of any manufacturing defect.

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