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SwagTron is Restarting the Hoverboard Craze with its UL 2272 certified SwagTron T3 and T1

SwagTron is Restarting the Hoverboard Craze with its UL 2272 Certified!

The world’s first UL 2272 hoverboard, the SwagTron, is slowly but surely rebuilding the hoverboard market and restarting the Hoverboard craze in the United States. SwagTron is not only the name of the two models of hoverboard that have been launched, the original company, Swagway, has now become SwagTron, and the company website,, is now

What had started as a worldwide trend, reached epic proportions during Christmas 2015, when hoverboards became the biggest selling, most wanted gift of the year.Literally millions and millions of them sold in the United States. According to, the total number of hoverboards sold in the U.S. in 2015 was 2,578,000 and the total sales revenue was $997,600,000.

The problems arose when low-quality hoverboards made by unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers started to catch fire. It came to a head when the US Govt. agency CPSC or the Consumer Products Safety Commission announced that all hoverboards in the United States were unsafe and cannot be sold unless they have UL 2272 standard compliance. 

Best Hoverboard Brands Consumer Products Safety Commission US Hoverboards Letter UL 2272 Letter

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Most leading brands of hoverboards went into hibernation but Swagway moved forward and actually collaborated with UL, Underwriters Laboratories, and helped set the safety and quality standards for the hoverboard industry. The SwagTron became the first two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard that got the UL 2272 certification and has since been single-handedly reviving the hoverboard industry.

There are two variants of the SwagTron, the SwagTron T1, and the SwagTron T3. Both of them are UL 2272 certified and have the same unparalleled safety and quality standards, but the T3 has some extras. The biggest addition in the T3 is the high-quality Bluetooth speakers, that can stream music from your smartphone. Another very prominent difference is the ultra-cool futuristic design of the SwagTron T3. The T3 looks like a designer hoverboard from the future, which in many ways it is, while the T1 looks like the traditional hoverboards.

Swagtron T3 Worlds First UL 2272 Swagtron T3 launch the best hoverboard Blue

Swagtron-T3, SwagTron T1, hoverboards,

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There are so many enhancements, features, and improvements that it would take up several pages if we went on to explain them. When it comes to safety, no other hoverboard even comes close to the SwagTrons. The UL 2272 certification involved the SwagTron hoverboards passing a battery of severe tests that include Overcharge Test, Temperature Test, Shock Test, Crash Test, Drop Test, Motor Overload Test and much more.

best hoverboards, swagtron

A unique and patented feature of the SwagTron T3 and the T1 is the Sentry Shield System. This is a patented multi-layer battery protection system, that makes the hoverboards completely fire-proof and ultra-safe. The Sentry Shield System consists of a special aluminum chamber which encases the battery. This special chamber is completely fire-proof and also damage-proof, to the extent that the SwagTronhoverboards have passed the original UL 100-ton battery crush test. This makes them the only electric scooters in the world to have passed this test. The Smart Battery Management System is a special software and hardware enhancement that prevents battery overcharge, overcurrent, overheating and short-circuit. The body is made of a fireproof polycarbonate, the foot pedals are fire-resistant, the internal components are covered with a fire-resistant silicone layer… in fact, there are over 30 specific safety and quality features that make the SwagTrons the world’s safest, smartest and best hoverboards.

At, we have carefully studied the many hoverboards that came and went, stayed and evolved, and our simple conclusion is that the SwagTron is the best hoverboard in the world right now, and it is also priced very reasonably. The SwagTron T1 is $399 and the SwagTron T3 is $499. If you visit our website, you will get an exclusive $10 discount on both these hoverboards using our special discount coupon code (swag-1163A391NDSS). Our team has also put together a detailed comparison chart with around 25 points to differentiate between the T3 and T1 and help you to choose the right one for your needs. If you go through you will realize that it has a huge repository of information on hoverboards from buying guides, to UL 2272 certification details, to repairing tutorials, to comparison charts. There is even a spread of all the hoverboards where each one is featured like a center-spread giving you a high impact feel of the color and the looks so that you can pick the color and model that you want to buy.

It is our strong recommendation to only buy a UL 2272 certified hoverboard, and completely avoid all unbranded hoverboards, especially if they come for a very low price. Also, if you are inclined towards a SwagTronhoverboard, we recommend that you visit and read through the resources to get the complete picture.

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