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Drocon Drones

Top 10 Best Drocon Drones 2019 - Latest Bestsellers Only

Updated 2024-06-24 at 18:58


Best Drocon drones - A guide

Drocon Drones are gaining quite a bit of popularity in the lower and mid cost segment of drones. Their most popular drones are the mini drones and also the Drocon Bug series. Though they are selling well on Amazon, Drocon does not have a very strong online presence. Their official website has the drones listed out to buy, but there is little else. They have an address listed in Australia.

Drocon has a Facebook page here, and there is reasonable engagement. However if you are planning to buy a Drocon drone, then you really don't need to worry about how much of a social or online community they have.

Why buy Drocon Drones from Amazon

The good thing about Drocon drones is that they are low cost, and great value for money. That means you will not really go wrong if you buy a Drocon drone from a website like Amazon. The reason is that since Drocon drones are not very high quality, there may be a chance thats something goes wrong with a drone you buy, and Amazon has a 30 day refund/returns policy that should cover you perfectly in such a situation. If the drone comes to you broken then it is just a matter of instantly initiating refund on

What actual buyers are saying about Drocon drones

To give an idea of what people who have bought the Drocon drones are saying about it, we looked through hundreds of reviews on different website, and then came up with the highest common reviews and the lowest common reviews.

The HCRs or Highest Common Reviews is a summation of positive sentiment in the reviews that we have gone through, and the LCRs or Lowest Common Reviews is the summation of negative sentiment in the reviews we have gone through. These should give you a decent indication of how people who have bought Drocon Drones and used them, feel about them.

HCRs and LCRs for the DROCON X708W

Check Price of Drocon X708W Here


HCRs (Highest Common Reviews)

Great for beginner and kids
Easy to control
Can be controlled with a mobile App
Propeller guards protect the propellers
Very good value for the price
Camera works as expected
Easy to learn the controls
Overall performs as expected
Finish is decent
Kids love it

LCRs (Lowest Common Reviews)

Not for advanced drone experts
No on or off switch on drone, batteries have to be removed to switch off
Very precise control is lacking
Once in a rare while a defective product gets shipped
Finish is not very high quality
Camera output is not extremely high quality

We will do HCRs and LCRs for other Drocon drones too, but in the meanwhile you can have a look at the Top 10 Best Selling Drocon drones below. This list of Drocon drones is updated every day so that only the latest drones are featured. If you are looking for a beginner segment low to mid range drone, we feel that a Drocon drone is a good choice.

Top 10 Best Drocon drones to buy

Hey drone lover, go ahead and have a look at the Top 10 Best Drocon Drones below.

They are also the latest bestsellers, so you needn't worry about buying something outdated. Flying drones is relatively new, but it has become huge, and you are a member of a rapidly growing tribe. As a fellow tribe member, we have ensured that when you choose one of these Drocon Drones you get a bestseller and the lowest price.​

Flying a Drocon drone is an incredible experience. If you love to be out there flying drones, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports.

Go get them Drocon Drones already!

No. 1 – DROCON Drones for Beginners X708W

This amazing drone is made of superior quality material and has Wi-Fi transmission. It has HD camera, gives you real time experience, 3D VR compatible, it has one key return technology which brings back the drone to its initial place, you can do cool 360 degress rotations and flips and it is very apt for learners.

  • HIGH-QUALITY DRONE GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: Equipped with REAL-TIME WI-FI transmission and HD camera. Wonderful choice for starting their journey with drone flying. It’s made of premium materials and comes at a fantastic value.
  • ONE-KEY RETURN FOR EASY CONTROL: Never lose your drone! When the drone is flying in headless mode, press one key return button, the drone will fly towards to player. Press the one key return button again or operate the forward/backward control stick, the drone will exit the one key return function.
  • REAL-TIME WI-FI TRANSMISSION WITH HD Camera: Take things to new highs and enjoy a live video feed in high-definition straight to your mobile device with the all new FPV Wi-Fi feature.
  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT NO IMAGES: WIFI connected, APP Opened, but no images solution:When installed the APP, or first open it, there should be a question asking whether allow the APP to get access to the phone camera, please select Allow, then connect WIFI and open the DROCON APP to watch the real-time video.
  • TWIN-SPEED MODES: Whether you’re already skilled or a first time flier, there is a speed that will suit you. Plus, the unique streamlined-shaped body structure improves aerodynamics, thus reducing air resistance and makes landing operation more stable.

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No. 2 – DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Quadcopter Drone

This superb machine is something extraordinary because of its brushless motor. It has a flying time of 20 minutes, soar as high as 1000 feet and explore new locations, flys against high speed wind too, made of nylon fiber and supports GoPro Camera, HD camera and 4K camera.

  • UPDATED BRUSHLESS MOTOR:Brushless motor won't overheat and melt like plastic, so you get longer flights (15-20 minutes). They don't fray and spark like brush motors, so they're far safer.
  • FLY UP TO 15-20 MINUTES: Blue Bugs 3 lasts for 15 minutes at mid-to-high throttle, and up to 20 minutes with conservative use. Bugs 3 flies stable & smooth for beginners and faster for expert.
  • LONG DISTANCE CONTROL&REMOTE CONTROL ALARM:ven when your Blue Bugs 3 is a tiny speck in the distance, you retain 100% control. Fly to 1,000 feet and beyond in seconds and capture incredible shots of breathtaking vistas. Don't worry,Low power alarm and weak signal alarm will keep the drone always under control.
  • FLY AGAINST HIGH SPEED WIND:Bugs 3 is made of durable Nylon fiber material and the weigh t is up to 1.4 Kg.It will be powerful enough to enable you to fly a drone whenever you want it,even against high speed wind.
  • 3D ROLLS & FLIP:This drone will amaze you by performing a cool 3D flip at the press of button.Have fun with your Blue bugs 3,we provide 30 days money back grantee and life time technical support.

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No. 5 – DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Quadcopter Drone for Beginners

A drone that gives you a great experience with 20 minutes of flying time. This drone has a brushless motor which boosts its performance and durability, 1.4 kg of weight that survives speedy winds, can be efficiently controlled from 1000 feet away and apt for beginners as well as experts.

  • UPGRADED BRUSHLESS MOTORS: The Bugs 3 is even more powerful and faster now due to the use of brushless motors which don’t overheat or melt, unlike plastic. This means you get longer flights of 15-20 minutes. What’s more, they don’t fray and spark like conventional brush motors, making them far safer.
  • FLY UP TO 15-20 MINUTES: Even at mid-to-high throttle, the Bugs 3 will give you a flight time of 15 minutes. With conservative use, you’ll get up to 20 minutes use. Bugs 3 features stable & smooth flight characteristics making it great for beginners and experts alike.
  • FLY EVEN IN WINDS: Made of durable nylon fiber and with a weight of up to 1.4Kg, the Bugs 3 is powerful and heavy enough to enable you to fly it in windy conditions. Take it whenever you want to, whenever you want to.
  • LONG DISTANCE CONTROL: Even when your Bugs 3 is a tiny speck in the distance, you retain 100% control. Fly to 1,000 feet and beyond in just seconds while capturing incredible shots of breathtaking vistas. Don’t worry, low-power and weak-signal alarm remind you when it’s time to return the drone.
  • 3D ROLLS & FLIP:This drone will amaze you by performing a cool 3D flip at the press of button.Have fun with your Blue bugs 3,we provide 30 days money back grantee and life time technical support.

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No. 6 – DROCON Ninja Foldable Drone
5,587 Reviews

No. 6 – DROCON Ninja Foldable Drone

This is a compact and foldable drone for kids and beginners. It has 720p of FPV, Wi-Fi connected 90 degrees rotating camera along with wide angle lens, altitude hold, can be controlled by an app, one key takeoff and landing with gravity sensor.

  • 720P FPV HD WI-FI CAMERA: The sky’s the limit with this 720p/30fps HD camera. Get an awesome perspective from the air and record wonderful moments. The 120-degree wide-angle lens captures true color and panoramic views that will amaze. Great for travel, parties, sports and adventures.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD MODE FOR EASY CONTROL: Equipped with an advanced barometer, this drone can perform altitude hold for more stable flight. Beginners can easily get to grips with it and be taking stunning pictures and video from the sky in no time!
  • APP CONTROL: Operate your drone through the app after connecting it with your phone via Wi-Fi, offering you real-time image transmission so that you can easily shoot fun video and pics to share with your friends and family.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Foldable and flexible blades make this drone small and portable. It is easy to take with you so that you can create your own little air show anywhere you like.
  • NEW TO DRONES? NO PROBLEM: The headless mode function, one-key take-off/landing and altitude hold function truly allow for easier operation, which makes flying this drone a breeze for any level of player.

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No. 8 – DROCON Wi-Fi Drone with 4GB TF Card

This is an advanced drone design that provides better flights and functionality. It offers Wi-Fi FPV real time transmission, 120 degrees of wide angle view through 720p of HD quality camera, stunning stability with the help of altitude mode, entire 15 minutes of flying time and can be put on headless mode too.

  • Wi-Fi FPV REAL-TIME TRANSMISSION: Let the drone be your eyes as you take to the skies in total control. You’ll get a high-definition aerial view of your flight direct to your mobile device. Then, be the envy of your friends as you share these pictures and video on social media.
  • 120° WIDE-ANGLE 720P HD CAMERA: The sky’s the limit and you can view it all through the 120-degree wide-angle lens. This camera restores true color and provides a wonderful panoramic view. It’s great for traveling, parties and sports events.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD MODE: Equipped with an advanced barometer to perform altitude hold and obtain stable flight. Beginners need not fear and can be immediately take-off with confidence, all while capturing stunning HD pictures to share with your family.
  • 15 MINS FLYING TIME: Unlike most other drones that last for just 5-8 minutes, our Traveler drone utilizes hollow cup motor conversion technology which uses less energy than conventional drone motors. This, plus the extra long-life battery gives you a flying time of up to 15 mins. Chocks away!
  • FUNCTIONS FOR EASY CONTROL: The one-key take-off and landing feature of this drone make it an excellent choice for novices or children. Additional features that make it great for those new to drone flying include; headless mode, emergency stop and low power & out-of-range alarms.

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No. 10 – DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone

This is a foldable scouter drone with a unique spinning function. The drone has LED searchlights to make it visible at nights, foldable and portable, 3 speed modes to be switched into, the drones can be recharged by using USB or the built-in charger and altitude hold for better control.

  • STABLE BEGINNER DRONE FOR KIDS: DROCON Scouter is Considered all Aspects for Beginners, all the Functions for Easy Operation Included: Altitude Hold / Headless Mode / One Key Backward /One Key Take Off and Landing/Lock and Unlock.
  • UNIQUE SPINNING FUNCTION: With One Touch of the Function Button on the Remote Control, DROCON Scouter Will Hover at Same Height and Start Spinning Automatically.
  • FOLDABLE and POCKETABLE: It can be folded and put into the controller to take away easily.
  • SEARCH LIGHT: Equipped with a bright LED searchlight on the head, users can fly the drone in the dark night easily.
  • 3 SPEED MODES: Drocon SCOUTER has 3 speed modes switchable: Low / Middle / High Speed, help you to practice the flying skills step by step, so that you can grow from a beginner to an expert gradually.
  • 2 CHARGING METHODS - Besides the normal USB Charging Cable, there is another built-in charging cable inside the controller, which can be used to charge the drone battery when the controller is powered on, that makes charging more convenient.

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Review of the Drocon X708W – a drone that is very affordable, very delightful and easy to fly

drocon X708Wa fpv drone best deal

The Drocon X708W is not an advanced drone. It will not let you take 4k video and will not have a massive range and flight time, but what it has is excellent quality, durability and ease of flight at a ridiculously low price of just over 59 dollars.

The greatest of Formula 1 drivers start with a basic cart, and the greatest of drone pilots start with a great starter drone. The Drocon X708W is just such a drone.

Though the Drocon X708W does not have GPS or a barometer, it has been carefully designed in such a way that it is very easy to fly, control and maneuver. It will teach you how to fly a drone the right way and give you hours and hours of pleasure too. Though this drone is aimed at beginners, intermediate drone fliers will also find it to be a good and robust drone.

Some users say that if you master this drone then you can fly any drone at all.

Let’s begin with the review of the Drocon X708W drone.

This model that we are reviewing is the Wi-Fi FPV version that streams live video feed.

My strong suggestion is to go in for the newer Black colored version that you can check out here.

There is another version Drocon Cyclone X708 that doesn’t have Wi-Fi FPV and is the same price but somehow it is more popular. We really can’t figure out why, and the only reason seems to be an on and off $10 coupon that it offers. The two drones are identical except that the X708W has live HD video feed, Wi-FI FPV, and the other one doesn’t. We will leave it to your judgement to choose the one that you want. Here is the Wi-Fi FPV Drocon X708W  and here is the Drocon Cyclone X708.

The HD FPV version has several things in the box, when you receive it.

  • Remote controller with a smartphone attachment
  • 4 spare propellers
  • Propeller Guards (I suggest that you use them)
  • Battery that gives you a flight time of approximately 8 minutes
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB Battery charger

The drone is made of a strong and resistant plastic. My Drocon X708W has taken several blows on the ground, on walls and crashed hard on a roof, but it is working perfectly and has just a few scratches. The body and the build is strong and crash resistant.

The camera is mounted towards the front of the drone. Though it is an HD camera, it is not a very high quality camera. The video and photos that I recorded were of a mediocre quality, and definitely not high quality.

Before starting the flight you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Fully charge the battery and try not to fly the drone until the battery is fully charged
  • Place the drone on a flat surface and turn it on.
  • It will take a few seconds for the lights to stop flashing (usually just around 3 seconds or so)
  • Once the drone is on, turn on the radio controller.
  • Next you need to bind the radio controller with the drone. This is a very simple process, just push the left lever upwards and then immediately downwards. This will cause the lights to stop flashing and go solid. This means the drone and the radio controller are connected.
  • You will do well to calibrate the drone before every flight as it is an extremely simple process. All you need to do is push both the levers down and left, and you will see the lights of the drone flashing. That means the drone is calibrated.
  • To make the drone fly, you need to slowly move the left stick upwards. That is the throttle lever and the higher you push it, the higher the drone will rise.
  • I suggest that you push the stick up slowly so that you have a smooth take off and then try to control the left stick with a smooth and slow movement.

The Drocon X708W flight test

When you are flying the Drocon X708W, you need to know where the front of the drone is. The drone’s right lever is for moving it left and right, and it will move only corresponding to the front of the drone. If you have trouble the first few times in flying it like this, you can try the headless mode, which makes the drone independent of the placement of the front. To get into the headless mode, you need to long press the top left button on the controller, which will make the drone beep as it enters the headless mode.

When the drone is in the headless mode, you can use its return to home function. You just need to press the return to home button and the drone will fly back to the controller.

It must be noted that the return to home feature only works in the headless mode.

One thing you need to be aware of with the Drocon X708W is wind. If it is windy, then the drone will tend to drift with the wind. In such a situation you have to be careful not to send it off range, if the wind is string. When windy my suggestion is that you fly it low so that it does not go very far away.

FPV Guide

The first person view of the drone is activate by using a smartphone with the controller. To see live video feed you need to download the Drocon mobile app in your smartphone. Then you need to connect to the Drocon drone with your smartphone, and the video feed will be visible in your smartphone.

When the smartphone is connected you can easily record video and take pictures. All the video gets directly saved in the smartphone as do the images. You will get decent quality video and images, and not very high quality.

When you go to the gallery of the phone you will see two albums, one with Drocon Videos and one with Drocon images.

Conclusion on the Drocon X708W

This drone is a fabulous drone at its price, giving you a great flying experience and also enabling you to record video and images. You will have a whole lot of fun flying this drone, and you will also enjoy the FPV experience. However do not expect high quality footage or photos. That is reserved for top end drones that cost in the range of 400 plus dollars.

You can check out the current price of this drone here.

Your thirst for everything drone-worthy not yet quenched? Explore the planet’s biggest store – here!

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