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New drone on a leash can fly for hours and hours – tethered to a ground station that powers it with a 100 meter long cord


A company by the name of ElistAir has been quietly developing a very counter intuitive kind of drone, one that is connected to a ground station with a special kind of cable, named Micro-Tether Technology. This 100 meter long cable not only powers the drone for up to 10 hours, but also transmits data at 200 Mbps. This ElistAir tethered drone is designed for situations where the drone needs to monitor and do surveillance over a fixed area, like a stadium, crowd gathering, a building, a disaster area, military surveillance zone etc.

Tethered drones used in Superbowl

Very recently in 2019 the ElistAir tethered drones were selected for coverage of the 53rd Super Bowl, by CNN for TV broadcasting and Unified Command for security. The micro-tethered technology enabled the drones to provide non-stop and constant coverage for the entire period, and also provided vital security and safety surveillance throughout, without needing to charge the batteries.

Here is a video of this Tethered ElistAir Orion drone:

Flies up to 10 hours, hovers at 80 meters, spots human activity up to 10 kilometers

The ElistAir drone is called the Orion and is capable of detecting human activity up to a distance of 10 kilometers in daylight thanks to its highly advanced camera and surveillance equipment. The camera has an optical zoom of 30X and even has 4X night vision zoom.

The Orion can hover at a height of 80 meters and continuously capture video for about 10 hours. The drone is made with industrial grade material allowing it to fly non-stop for longer periods of time. The camera and gimbal are very advanced giving it truly military grade surveillance and video and image capturing capabilities.

This is obviously not for drone enthusiasts but for serious players, like the military, Government Agencies, Industrial applications, fixed area surveys, industrial surveillance etc.

ElistAir tethered drone technology has been approved by Governments and Military agencies around the world and has already found official usage across 30 countries.

This tethered drone technology is also capable of vehicles detection up to a distance of 10 kilometers. The entire system is unhackable and extremely secure as it is entirely based on the micro-tether high-speed and interference-free data transmission technology.

Tether Ground stations compatible with other drones

ElistAir also has Tether ground stations that can be easily connected many available commercial drones. The two models being sold are the Safe-T Tether and the Ligh-T Tether. Both of them can be connected to high end drones available in the market right now and will then have the same capabilities of 10 hours+ flight times as the Orion drone. A few of the drones that can be connected are - DJI M200 / M600, Acecore Zoe, Sky Eye Innovations, Flydeo Y6 & X8, Yuneec H920, Clogworks and Dark Matter hX.

Ready to use with many high end commercial drones, the Safe-T Tether has been approved for tethered flights by DGAC, France’s Civil Aviation Authority and has been successfully deployed by governments, public services and industrial companies in over 30 countries.

Here is a video of the Safe-T Tether:

If you are thinking of using drones for demanding law enforcement, private security, public safety missions and military uses, and other surveillance related missions, then ElistAir is a viable and powerful option.

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