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Drone ESC

Best Drone ESC - Electronic Speed Controllers from BLHeli and more

Updated 2024-06-24 at 18:40


Hey drone lover, go ahead and have a look at the Top 10 Best Drone ESC below. ESC is an acronym for Electronic Speed Controllers. In essence they are electronic chips that help control the speed and sometimes direction of the motor of remote controlled quadcopters.

You require different ampere ESC for different drones and different sizes of propeller blades. It is important to choose the right ESC for your drone, which means you need to look at the Thrust Data Table of the motor of your drone.

Some of the best drones already come with ESC from BLHeli, which is a top maker of ESC. It would be good if you also opt for this brand.

Before you choose an ESC for your drone, you need to know the maximum amperes of your motor and choose an ESC that has an amperage slightly higher than it.

If your drone motor has maximum 20 ampere, then you should choose an ESC of around 22 to 24 ampere. That gives the ESC some leeway, as feeding too high amperes into a ESC can cause it to heat up and sometimes even burn up.

It is better to play safe and get a slightly higher ampere ESC. However do note that the ESC ampereage should only be only slightly more, as every ampere added to the ESC increases its weight and cost. 

The drone ESC listed below are the latest bestsellers, and they are tried and tested. You can have a look at these ESC options and ensure that your drone or drone kit is compatible and go for it.

It is a very good idea to get all the specifications and the Thrust Data Table of the motor so that you are absolutely sure of the ESC you are buying. 

Go ahead and choose the best Drone ESC.

Flying a drone is an incredible experience, whether a toy drone, a racing drone or a professional HD video drone like a DJI, so enjoy it thoroughly. If you love to be out there flying drones, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports.

Go get them Drone ESC already!


4Pcs 20A ESC Brushless Electronic Speed Controller DSHOT BLHeli_S 2-4S Lipo for FPV QAV Drone Multirotor Quadcopter
  • 20A ESC Brushless DSHOT BLHeli_S 2-4S Lipos Electronic Speed Controller for FPV QAV Drone Multirotor Quadcopter
  • With BLHeli_S firmware, easy to upgrade or flash via the esc signal cable;The throttle signal cable is twisted pair, which effectively reduces the crosstalk caused by signal transmission..
  • The applicable number of battery cells :2-4S;The original components are used to ensure the high-quality current capability of the ESC..
  • It is optimized for multi-axis and supports fixed-wing and helicopters well.
  • The throttle range can be set to be compatible with different receivers, with a smooth and delicate speed control feel.


4PCS 35A ESC 2S-6S Lipo BLHeli_S Electronic Speed Controller Support Dshot 150/300 / 600 Brushless ESC for FPV Racing Drone Multicopter...
  • The hardware pulse width modulation is turned on by default, and the damped light hardware drives the motor, with low noise and better response. Plus smoothing.
  • Integrate rgb multi-color bright Ed night light, flying at night is more cool. Natively support BLHeli-S, support the new DShot150/300/600 digital throttle, strong anti-interference ability, fast response
  • Using 6 layers, 3 ounces thickness copper high-quality PCB, hierarchical layout of high current and small control signals, enhance the anti-interference ability. There is also a gold plating process on the PCB surface, which effectively improves the current resistance and heat dissipation capacity of the ESC
  • Small size and light weight for easy installation;BLHeli_S is designed for superior performance in multirotors, and uses hardware.
  • Support to use Dshot600/300/125, PWM throttle signal mode (1000μs-2000μs), Onshot125 (125-250μs), Oneshot42 (42-82μs) and Multishot (2-25μs).


Readytosky 30A ESC 2-6S OPTO Brushless Electronic Speed Controller for F450 S500 ZD550 RC Helicopter Quadcopter(4PCS)
30 Reviews
Readytosky 30A ESC 2-6S OPTO Brushless Electronic Speed Controller for F450 S500 ZD550 RC Helicopter Quadcopter(4PCS)
  • ★30A OPTO 2-6S Brushless electronic speed controller.
  • ★Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, extremely easy to use;
  • ★Continuous Current: 30A Weight: 28.5g.
  • ★Specifically optimized firmware ESC, the ESC has a very good compatibility.


Readytosky 2-4S 40A Brushless ESC Electronic Speed Controller 5V/3A BEC for F450 450mm S500 ZD550 RC Helicopter Quadcopter(4PCS)
  • ★40A 2-4S Brushless ESC,BEC output: 5V 3A .
  • ★The applicable number of battery cells :2-4S.
  • ★Use for F450 450mm S500 ZD550 RC Helicopter Quadcopter.
  • ★Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, extremely easy to use.
  • ★★★Note: This ESC is not able to flash the firmware.


SpeedyBee F405 V3 Flight Controller Stack:30x30 Bluetooth Stack with 4in1 50A ESC Board,Wireless Betaflight...
  • [Configure your FC and ESC via BT]: With the SpeedyBee app, turn your phone into an all-in-one configurator and tune your quad anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the easy way to fly with fully configuring your FC ESC wirelessly.
  • [Powerful 50A 4-in-1 ESC]: Built with the robust BB21 MCU and large motor pads for easy soldering. Built with Japan-made filtering SMT capacitors +onboard TVS protective diode, brings a smooth flight experience.Real 50A output, ready for your baddest 6S motors.
  • [Onboard Battery Life Indicator]: Built with a 4-level LED battery indicator, now you can fly anywhere worry-free - even without your lipo checker!
  • [Change Motor Directions Wirelessly]: Finishing your latest build? Just replaced your motor after a crash? Take your smartphone out, and configure your motor direction wirelessly with the latest SpeedyBee app. Works for all BLHeli32 / BLHeli_S / BlueJay ESCs.
  • [4 sets of LED Pads with Simple Switching]: Need more visibility at night? Just solder up your LED strips and blaze the darkest trail you can find. With just one tap on the BOOT button, you can cycle through all different LED presets and pick the one you love!


QWinOut 2-4S 30A RC Brushless ESC Simonk Firmware Electric Speed Controller with 5V 3A BEC with 3.5mm Female Banana Bullet for 2 to 4s...
188 Reviews
QWinOut 2-4S 30A RC Brushless ESC Simonk Firmware Electric Speed Controller with 5V 3A BEC with 3.5mm Female Banana Bullet for 2 to 4s...
  • NOTE: 1. Since 2020.07.05, this items was soldered with 3.5mm Female banana connectors, effectively avoid welding problems; 2. We have set up the program, the ESC do not need additional program
  • Input voltage:2-4 S; BEC: 5V 3A; Working current: 30A / 40A (Optional on my shop)
  • Universal SimonK Firmware 30A/40A ESC Brushless Speed Controller, super simple. Small size combined with light weight for easy installation. (30A/40A is optional on my shop)
  • Military standard capacitor of extreme low resistance increases the ability of prevention of unwanted RF noise during flying. Extreme low resistance PCB is helpful for getting a super current endurance capability.
  • Microprocessor uses separate voltage regulator IC, with good anti-jamming capability.


SPYMINNPOO 4 in 1 ESC 45A Electronic Speed Controller 2-6s ESC with Connecting Cables Fit for Unmanned RC Drone and for FPV Traversing...
4 Reviews
SPYMINNPOO 4 in 1 ESC 45A Electronic Speed Controller 2-6s ESC with Connecting Cables Fit for Unmanned RC Drone and for FPV Traversing...
  • Main Control Chip: EMF8BB21F16G main control chip, operating frequency up to 48MHz, 3 in 1 IC driver, imported high quality high frequency ceramic capacitor. High end PCB production process, pads are metalized edge cladding, so that you can avoid pads falling off when using. 3 ounces copper thick, six layers plate, greatly reduces heat, resulting in higher efficiency
  • High Performance 45A ESC: Integrated with 4pcs high performance 45A ESC, double hole spacing design. With such a high degree of integration, the volume is only general size with the traversing machine, and the installation and wiring will become very simple. This incredible size and volume is specially designed for the racing class traverser
  • Multiple Functions: Using BLHeli‑S firmware, powerful performance, support a variety of ways to set the ESC parameters, or upgrade the ESC firmware (such as through the throttle signal cable, using other development boards, or using cleanflight or Betaflight firmware to set or upgrade the ESC)
  • Anti Interference and Quick Response: Support not only ordinary PWM throttle mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot ultra high speed throttle signal, but also the latest dshot 150, 300, 600 digital throttle for anti interference and quick response. Input and output lines using soft silicone wire, very , and high temperature resistance, easy to weld
  • What You Get: 1 x ESC,3 x Wiring,1 x Capacitance,1 x Plug ,8 x Rubber Mat,1 x Wiring Diagram, please feel to contact us if you have any question.We are committed to providing you with better products and services


T-Motor Velox V50A 6S 4IN1 32BIT ESC, Adopt QN3109 1.5mΩ MOS, Cost- Effective Choice Enjoy The Flight
  • 1. Each time ESC is connected to the system, input throttle signal will be detected automatically when powered on and execute corresponding throttle mode;
  • 2. When BLDC motor is connected to the system for the first time, or RC equipment is changed, throttle calibration is required. Please skip throttle range calibration when input signal is Dshot mode.
  • 3. Don't flash any other firmware to avoid ESC damage.
  • 4. Please repeatedly check if the polarity and connection sequence are correct before power up. Wrong connection would damage the equipment.
  • 5. Please power off first when pluging or making any connections.
  • 6. Please using within the range of ESC working current.
  • 7. Please use welding equipment with full power and choose right-size welding head. Try to avoid any equipments out of operation or short-circuits damage caused by wrong weldg
  • 8. VBAT is battery voltage, if connecting to other equipment, please make sure if the input volt- age is within the range.
  • 9. CRT. (Current) is current detection output interface, can connect T-MOTOR F4、F7 or other FC can support current detection.


Readytosky 35A ESC 2-6S Brushless ESC Lipo BLHeli_S Brushless Electronic Speed Controller Support D-Shot 150/300/600 for FPV Drone RC...
  • Using the latest EFM8BB21F16G high speed control chip. By default, the hardware for PWM is turned on and the Damped Light hardware for PWM drives the motor. The noise is low and the throttle response is smoother.
  • The ESC supports BLHeli-S and DShot 150/300/600 digital throttle. It has strong anti-interference ability and fast response capability.
  • A 6-layer, 3-ounce copper-thick and high-quality for PCB is adopted, and the layered layout of large current and small control signal is adopted to Enhance the anti-interference ability. The gold plating process on for PCB surface can effectively improve the current resistance and heat dissipation ability of ESC.
  • Integrated for RGB multi-color bright LED night light, night flight is even more dazzling.
  • Damped Light mode, regenerative braking function, make motor deceleration more sensitive and effective, control more precise; Active continuous current technology, so that the battery recovery power, prolong the duration.


HAWK'S WORK Brushless ESC, 4 Pcs Super Light & Small Size 20A Electric Speed Controller for Multi-Rotor Drone RC Airplane (Original)
3 Reviews
HAWK'S WORK Brushless ESC, 4 Pcs Super Light & Small Size 20A Electric Speed Controller for Multi-Rotor Drone RC Airplane (Original)
  • SUPER LIGHT & SMALL SIZE - Save weight and space for your devices and significantly improve motor speed control for your drone or fixed-wing.
  • PRE-SOLDERED or NOT - You can choose pre soldered version with XT60 and 3.5mm bullet plugs.
  • RELIABLE 20A ESC - Suitable for most drones and fixed wing models. LiPo 2 - 4s (Cells), NiCd/NiMH: 5 - 12 Cells.
  • PROTECTIONS - Includes start-up protection, overload protection, low battery protection, loss of throttle signal protection, blocked rotation protection, overheat protection.
  • PROGRAMMABLE - With BLHeli_S firmware, easy to upgrade or setup via programming card.

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