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Drone Flight Controllers

Best Drone Flight Controllers - Latest Bestsellers Only

Updated 2024-06-24 at 19:39


The Flight Controller is one of the most important parts of the drone you are building. You need to get the flight controller according to your budget and also as per your final objective. A flight controller for a racing drone will be of a lower cost and quality as there are chances of crashing. A flight controller for a aerial cinematography drone will need much higher control and will cost more.

The list of top 10 best selling flight controllers below represent the most popular models of today, but they may not fit your requirements exactly.

To help you make a choice more easily we are going to share with you a few good flight controllers for differing needs.

Best Flight Controller for Racing Drones

Kiss FC V2 flight controller

KISS FC V2 Flight Controller

This is the improved version of the original Kiss FC flight controller. A 32 bit flight controller, it is a good choice for a racing drone.

This flight  controller comes with its own custom firmware and software.  It uses a new version 2 GUI that also has looptime settings. It is overall a very good flight controller that delivers great control of the drone.

What's good about it?

The flight performance is very good with the Kiss FC V2. Thanks to its custom firmware, the configuration is easy. The graphical user interface has also been upgraded. The pin layout has been improved with the motor outputs in the corners. A visually cool feature is extra LEDs. The Kiss FC V2 delivers easy plug and play capabilities with Steele PDB and others. ​It also has more UARTs.

What is not so good about it?

It is one of the more expensive flight controllers. It doesn't have an integrated flash memory or SD card. If you are thinking about a long range drone, then it is not suitable as it does not have support for GPS modules.

Now take a look at the Top 10 Bestselling Drone Flight Controllers below.

They are the latest bestsellers, and when you choose one of these Drone Flight Controllers you also get a great price.

These flight controllers are the most in demand today and will make a good choice as well as deliver good value for money. If you love to be out there flying drones, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports.

Go get that Drone Flight Controller already!


SpeedyBee F405 Mini Flight Controller Stack board 3-6S 20x20mm Built-in Bluetooth with 35A BLHeli_S 4in1 ESC Board Support Wireless...
21 Reviews
SpeedyBee F405 Mini Flight Controller Stack board 3-6S 20x20mm Built-in Bluetooth with 35A BLHeli_S 4in1 ESC Board Support Wireless...
  • 【Efficient Configuration & Performance】: The SpeedyBee F405 Mini 35A Stack offers wireless FC & ESC configuration via the SpeedyBee app and a powerful 35A 4-in-1 BLHeliS ESC. Ideal for 2-4 inches and ultra-light 5-inch, this stack is proven for strong performance.
  • 【User-Friendly Features】: Equipped with onboard battery life indicators, blackbox storage, and the ability to change motor directions wirelessly, this product ensures a convenient and seamless flying experience.
  • 【Flexible Compatibility & Power】: Compatible with both M2 and M3 installation holes, and providing 5V 2A & 9V 3A dual BECs, the SpeedyBee F405 Mini Stack offers adaptable power options for various setups.
  • 【Air Unit Support】: With compatibility for DJI Air Unit O3 / Link / Vista, this flight stack ensures integration with popular systems, enhancing your flight capabilities.


SpeedyBee F405 V3 Flight Controller Stack:30x30 Bluetooth Stack with 4in1 50A ESC Board,Wireless Betaflight...
  • [Configure your FC and ESC via BT]: With the SpeedyBee app, turn your phone into an all-in-one configurator and tune your quad anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the easy way to fly with fully configuring your FC ESC wirelessly.
  • [Powerful 50A 4-in-1 ESC]: Built with the robust BB21 MCU and large motor pads for easy soldering. Built with Japan-made filtering SMT capacitors +onboard TVS protective diode, brings a smooth flight experience.Real 50A output, ready for your baddest 6S motors.
  • [Onboard Battery Life Indicator]: Built with a 4-level LED battery indicator, now you can fly anywhere worry-free - even without your lipo checker!
  • [Change Motor Directions Wirelessly]: Finishing your latest build? Just replaced your motor after a crash? Take your smartphone out, and configure your motor direction wirelessly with the latest SpeedyBee app. Works for all BLHeli32 / BLHeli_S / BlueJay ESCs.
  • [4 sets of LED Pads with Simple Switching]: Need more visibility at night? Just solder up your LED strips and blaze the darkest trail you can find. With just one tap on the BOOT button, you can cycle through all different LED presets and pick the one you love!


Axisflying Argus PRO F7 Flight Controller Stack 55A 30x30 FPV Drone FC Stack with 4in1 55A ESC BL32 for 3-6S FPV Drone Support BF INAV
  • CNC Full aluminum cover wrapped, enlarge the radiating surface, rapid heat dissipation, more stable work,High-quality and large-size MOSFETs are selected, with low internal resistance and low heat generation, which brings more stable power performance.
  • No welding, more peace of mind. With this FC, HD Air unit, analog camera, GPS and other common peripherals all support direct plug-in
  • Integrated dual BEC, support DJI O3 Air Unit air unit direct connection
  • The FC supports up to 8 motor outputs, easily build your X8 drone
  • The Argus 55A Pro 4IN1 F7 Flight Controller supports INAV .


SoloGood F722 Flight Controller Stack 30x30 with 4in1 60A ESC Board for FPV Racing Drone X8 Drone (FC ESC Stack)
  • SoloGood 60A 4in1 ESC FC: Made in Japan with MOS transistors, high-performance processors, and TVS protection tubes, ensuring excellent performance even in complex flight environments
  • Large solder pads for easy soldering: The pads are far away from the components to ensure perfect soldering for beginners.
  • Supports up to 8 motor outputs: effortlessly build your X8 FPV drone.
  • LED status indicator lights: Four LED status lights display the working status under different states.


SoloGood F405 Flight Controller 30.5 * 30.5MM for FPV Freestyle Drones DIY Quadcopter
  • Firmware Name:SOLOGOOD F405.Reliable performance and strong processing power
  • Flight control supports DJI high-definition image transmission connection and is also suitable for analog image transmission connection. The compatibility is good
  • Equipped with onboard barometer and black box to record more flight data
  • Two BEC outputs of 5V/10V can provide power to more devices, making installation more convenient
  • Can be widely used for FPV four axis racing or long-range racks such as 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, etc


F405 Flight Controller Stack 30x30 FC FPV Stack with 4 in one 3~6S ESC 60A BLHeli_S Brushless ESC for Freestyle Drone Quadcopter &...
  • Built with the firm STM32F405 MCU, ICM42688 and large motor pads which makes you can solder up your motors easily and brings a smooth flight experience.
  • Equipped with some pads to support soldering up the LED strip and GPS. After you solder up them, you can fly your model at night and check where is it, which is very convenience.
  • The continuous current of 60A 4 in 1 ESC is 60A*4, the the burst current is 65A for 10 seconds. Support Dshot300, 600 PWM control signal.
  • The mounting size is 30.5 x 30.5mm and the hole diameter is 4mm, which is suitable for most models in the market. You can according to it choose whether it is fit your models or not.
  • Built-in type-c socket, you can connect the flight controller stack with your computer to change the data that you want. The firmware is Betaflight Configurator and INAV.


SpeedyBee V3 F7 Flight Controller Stack: 30x30 Drone FC Stack with 4in1 50A ESC BL32, Wireless Betaflight Configuration,...
  • [Wireless FC ESC Tuning]: 33% faster wireless data transfer than the last version. Update FC firmware wirelessly in just 1 minute! Connect via Bluetooth and fully configure any setting for Betaflight/Emuflight/INAV.
  • [Solder-free Installation]: Come with two installation methods,one side has plugs port for your digital video transmitter, receiver, camera, VTX, and GPS,4x LED plugs. Another side for soldering by yourself.
  • [50A 4-in-1 Upgraded ESC]: Real 50A output, Up to128KHz PWM, CNC heat sink,1500uF Low ESR capacitor, TVS protective diode,Change Motor Direction Wirelessly.
  • [Get Blackbox Data in 1 Minute]: With an optimized Bluetooth/WiFi chip, you just need to take your smartphone out, connect, and download your flight in 20 seconds.Come with 500MB super huge onboard Blackbox flash memory.
  • [More Features& Warranty]:Support up to 8 motors,Built-in 4 x LED plugs,Onboard 4-level battery life indicators. Feel free to contact us for help by scanning the QR code,or get help on Speedybee APP.
  • 【Warranty】If you have any product issues, please send an email to In order to provide you with more efficient services, please provide order screenshots (including date), clear product photos, and a problem demonstration video in the email.


SoloGood F722 Flight Controller 30.5x30.5MM FC Stack with 4in1 60A ESC BLS8 Integrating 5V/10V Dual BEC for FPV RC Racing Drone...
3 Reviews
SoloGood F722 Flight Controller 30.5x30.5MM FC Stack with 4in1 60A ESC BLS8 Integrating 5V/10V Dual BEC for FPV RC Racing Drone...
  • SoloGood high-performance flight control supports up to 8 motor outputs, making it easy to build X8 drones. Integrating 5V/10V dual BEC, 10VBEC can provide independent power to the VTX through the USER1 control switch to ensure stable operation.
  • When debugging the aircraft, the 10V power of the VTX can be remotely turned off without the need for a fan to desuperheat the VTX.
  • The flight control has four LED status indicators, which display the working status under different states. F722 main control chip, onboard OSD chip, barometer, and onboard black box chip are also available.
  • Using large solder pads, the pads are kept away from the components to ensure perfect soldering for beginners. The electric tuning adopts imported Toshiba MOS transistors, high-performance processors, and onboard TVS protection tubes to ensure maximum performance even in complex flight environments, and has undergone multiple layers of testing!
  • Support Bluejay firmware, bidirectional DSHOT, and enable RPM filtering.


SoloGood F722 FPV Flight Controller Stack ICM42688P F722 Flight Controller with 60A 4in1 ESC 30X30mm 2-6S for FPV Freestyle Drones...
  • F722 Flight Controller Stack: Support up to 8 motor outputs to easily build X8 drones
  • Integrated 5V/10V dual BEC ensures stable operation
  • Four LED status indicators display the working status under different states
  • Although the flight control is small, it has all five internal components. The F722 main control chip, onboard OSD chip, barometer, and onboard black box chip
  • The use of large pads ensures that the pads are kept away from components to ensure perfect soldering for beginners


SpeedyBee F405 Mini Flight Controller Stack, 20x20mm, APP Control, Bluetooth Built-in, 35A 4-in-1 BLHeliS ESC Board, Compatible with...
  • ADVANCED CHIP TECHNOLOGY FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: The SpeedyBee F405 MINI 35A flight controller boasts advanced chip technology, featuring a high-performance processor that delivers real-time response to flight commands. This ensures unparalleled flight stability and responsiveness, crucial for demanding flight configurations.
  • ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE WITH WIRELESS CONTROL: Equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module, users can adjust flight settings wirelessly via the SpeedyBee APP. This convenient feature maximizes drone performance while providing intuitive control, enhancing the flying experience.
  • EFFICIENT MOTOR DRIVE FOR VERSATILE FLIGHT TASKS: The 35A all-in-one BLHeliS ESC board ensures efficient motor drive, making it suitable for a wide range of flight tasks, from compact 2-4 inch drones to ultra-light 5-inch models. This versatility allows users to tackle various aerial challenges with ease.
  • COMPREHENSIVE FLIGHT MONITORING AND CONTROL FEATURES: The flight controller board is equipped with intuitive features such as 4-level battery level indicator lights and a built-in barometer. These features enable users to monitor battery levels accurately and maintain stable flight by precisely controlling altitude, ultimately enhancing safety and control during flight.
  • FLEXIBLE COMPATIBILITY AND INSTALLATION OPTIONS: With dual BEC outputs providing power options of 5V 2A and 9V 3A, users have the flexibility to connect a wide range of FPV equipment, including analog image transmissions and DJI Air Unit setups. The M2/M3 dual compatibility design also ensures easy installation on various frame types, ensuring a seamless and stable fit without compromise.

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