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Tandem Bikes – Definitive Buying Guide- Latest Bestsellers Only


Tandem Bikes Buying Guide and Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes Featuring Latest Bestsellers

The awesome benefits of cycling are well known – a healthy heart, increased strength, better sleep, increased brain power, a faster, environment friendly commute, a great stress buster – to name just a few. The added benefit is that tandem cycling is double the fun!

Why Tandem Bikes

Everyone knows that tandem biking is fun, and it looks really cool too, but what are the real pros and cons of riding a tandem bike with a partner? This guide will give you a great overview of what its like to go in for a tandem bike.

Good for Two

Built for two, it is great for partners of unequal cycling strength. Both riders can get the ride they want. It is great to coax a recovering patient out in the open with this exercise that can be as light or strenuous as required. Tandems are also great for those who are visually impaired or physically inhibited in any way. The support system is always present. Parents introducing their children to cycling can move ahead with the confidence that they are doing so in a safe environment. No one gets left behind!

Twice the Fun

Going tandem allows both riders to enjoy the ride. It is relaxing and allows both riders to share responsibility (though the captain has be vigilant). It builds confidence as well.

No Shouting

Since both riders are seated so close to each other, there is no need to shout. It is especially easy to chat when both riders are moving in the same rhythm.

Go green!

With zero fuel costs and low maintenance, going tandem doubles your contribution to going green.

More Powerful

A tandem cycle is more powerful than a solo bike, whether is going up the steep hills, or coasting down an undulating road. Going tandem can allow one upto 50% more speed than when cycling solo on a flat road. Tandem biks are great for flat terrain and for going downhill, and are good wind resistant bikes, since there are two of you against the wind

Get Noticed!

Going tandem is a great way to have kids wave out to you, to have couples smile and for other riders to give you the thumbs up as they pass you. You also get extra room for overtaking! It is a great conversation starter, you can count on folks coming up t you to know more about your bike and how you manage.

Great Teamwork

Both riders, the captain and the stroker, have to contribute to the cycle moving ahead easily. While one provides pedal power, the other will have to steer over potholes and bumps over the road.  It enhances togetherness, and I bonding between two – a parent and child being a good example.

The Tandem Cycle Itself

One tandem cycle for two is lighter than having two bikes, it takes up less space and keeps the weight down for air travel or on the back of your car. You need fewer spares and the chances of getting a flat are reduced by half

On the Flip Side

Getting to Handle It

The tandem bike is heavier than a solo bike, maneuvering it will require practice, up and down curbs and through traffic. It won’t be as easy to cart the tandem bike up and down the stairs, especially when loaded.


You will require stronger wheels/tyres to go on tour/carry the weight of two.

Going Uphill

While tandems can climb, you will have to put in more effort to go uphill, in most cases you might have to get off and push the bike up.

More storage space required

A tandem bike will require slightly more space than two solo bikes, and it will not be a very easy item to store while flying. Though airlines are usually guided by weight, it will still be an awkward package to handle.

Choosing the right Tandem Bike

Do remember that tandem cycles come in as many varieties as a solo bike depending on the duration and where you are likely to ride. Once you have decided on these factors, the following will help you decide the best tandem bike to suit your requirements.


Tandem bikes today are stable, efficient and comfortable to ride. Frame design will depend on what kind of bike you want – a tourer, cruiser or a mountain bike.

Tandem bikes are relatively heavy, and this will have to be kept in mind while choosing the right frame. The frame should be a right fit for two. There should be enough distance between the two riders while not making the bike too long.


Since tandem bikes are naturally heavy, the material of the bike is an important factor to consider. A novice had better steer off a steel bike, and opt for a lighter aluminum bike. You can choose models made from high-end steel, aluminum, titanium, and even carbon

Wheel Size

This is probably the most important factor to consider in buying a tandem cycle. The most common sizes available are the 26 inch one or the 700c wheels. While the 26 incher is good for comfort, off-road and all terrain bikes, the 700cc is good for pavement riding.

However, the 26 inch wheels work well on pavements as well. Since the 26 inch wheels are fatter, they absorb road shocks well resulting in a smooth ride. This wheel is usually preferred for all round tandem riding.

The lighter, faster and more efficient 700cc wheels, on the other hand, are great for long distance touring and racing.


The more the add ons on a bike, the more the maintenance they will require. If you are just starting off, go easy on the accessories. A few gears, depending on the place where you plan to cycle in tandem, should suffice in the early stages. Once you are confident about the terrain, an bike can always be upgraded.

Common Features

Like with a solo bike, do remember to pay attention to other details such as suspension seatpost, adjustable rear stem, roomy bars, clipless pedals easy gears and excellent brakes. A significant advantage of tandem cycles is that you can mix and match components to choose both riders.

Suspension seatposts, for example, smoothen out the bumps on the road for both riders. Different handlebars at the front and the back provide flexibility to both riders – flat handlebars providing an upright riding position while drop handlebars allow a more aerodynamic riding position to hit top speeds and fight headwinds. A triple cranksets with low gearing will makes climbing easier and handlebar-mounted shift levers will allow shifting without removing your hands from the bars.

As in all the features above, comfort and safety are paramount.

Trial Run

Both riders should be present for a trial run of the bike. It is important that both are comfortable on the bike as both will have to travel long distances on the cycle. Adjustments can be made to give you and your partner the optimum fit.

Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes - Latest Bestsellers

Check out the Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes of 2019, which are also the latest bestsellers. When you choose one of these Tandem Bikes you not only choose the best, you also get the best price.

If you love to be out there in the great wide open, you will love the Top 10 in American Outdoors and American Outdoor Sports. Make your choice and head out already!

Bestseller No. 1 – Kulana Yellow Lua Single Speed Tandem

This a tandem that ensures you a joyous ride. It has 26 inch wheel, 17 inch medium frame size, extra large cruiser comfortable spring seat, hand built Hi Ten steel frame along with an oversized fork in the front, easily reachable handlebars, cruiser rise stem, fenders that always give you the best ride in every weather, single speed drive train and foot operated brake.
This tandem bike is strictly a budget tandem bike for those who are starting out with tandem biking. It is a robust but basic tandem bike that will enable you to experience tandem biking in full, but will not do well for longer rides or sharp manoeuvring.

This is a single speed tandem bike, which requires you to back pedal for braking. There are no hand brakes on the handles. For its price it is excellent, as it lets two people tandem bike at a ridiculous price. However, do not expect a brilliant experience as it is basic.

The color is great, and it even has a metallic sparkle. This tandem bike has a few drawbacks that you need to know about. The biggest complaint from users is that when taking a turn, the front tire gets too close to the front pedals. That means taking a sharp will require you to pedal with the foot pushed back and even then it will be difficult. Another common problem is that he packaging isn’t very great, and the fenders arrive bent.

The good part is that their customer service is very responsive and every damaged or bent part complaint was resolved very fast through a replacement part.

Our recommendation is that if you want a very low cost basic tandem bike to get into the tandem biking experience, go in for this model. It will deliver but it may not delight. Buy this tandem bike with the full knowledge that you will own a solid but basic tandem bike that will not have any bells and whistles and will not be suited to long adventure trips or daily commutes.

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Bestseller No. 3 – KENT Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem

This tandem is made of durable alloy with strong liner pull V brakes. It comes with Revo twist shifters, 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive train, 29 inch of front height, 20 inch of rear height, 1.95 inch of tires, spring gel saddles and a cruiser-style frame.

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Bestseller No. 4 – KENT Northwoods Tandem Bike
1 Reviews

Bestseller No. 4 – KENT Northwoods Tandem Bike

A tandem made of endurable and superior quality alloy. Pertains easy to access stand-over heights, 2.1 inch tires, 21-speed Shimano Tourney drive train, Revo twist shifters and heavy-duty kickstand. Dual bottle holders and spring gel saddles make it efficient for use.

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Bestseller No. 5 – Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle
133 Reviews

Bestseller No. 5 – Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle

This is a 26 inch most stylish blue tandem. Equipped with steel mountain style frame, alloy lightweight and strong wheels, alloy linear brakes and durable alloy crank, Shimano 21-speed derailleur and Shimano 21-speed twist shifters. A great way to derive the pleasure of riding.

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Bestseller No. 7 – Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

A unique, custom designed 7005 aluminium framed tandem. It has Shimano ST2300 STI 8 speed, frame size of 20 inch front, 16 inch rear, Shimano RD TX51D rear derailleur and Shimano CD HD30 11-30 8 speed freewheel. Have a time of your life on this extraordinary tandem.

This is the perfect tandem bike for those who want quality but do not want to splurge. The bike has been made from the best quality components, and is a versatile bike which can be upgraded part by part if you want to.

The best part about the Viaggio Tandem Bike is its overall quality at a very decent price. The core structure is strong and lightweight, and all the main components are durable and high quality. You will not get the bells and whistles and absolute top of the line parts, but you everything is good and ideal for a budget tandem bike.

While the Schwinn is priced around the $500 mark, the Giordano Viaggio is priced around the $400 mark. That is a considerable price difference, and the two are comparable in overall quality and riding experience. A lightweight aluminum tandem bike, it features Shimano 2300 8 Speed road bike shifters. This tandem bike features Shimano STI brake levers, that are integrated with shifters. The allow brakes are side pull. This tandem bike also features tires that are above average. The tires are 700X32 Touring tires, which have a very nice silver line design. In terms of design the Giordano Viaggio is white but it has a sparkling metallic flake in it, that makes it sparkle and also gives it excellent overall visibility.

One point that sometimes comes up regarding this tandem bike are its brakes. Some buyers have felt that the brakes are not completely effective when going down slopes. The reason can be pin-pointed to the non-disc brakes of this bike. The brakes of this tandem bike are rim brakes. Many buyers change the braking system right at the beginning, and have experienced a better riding and control experience overall.

In conclusion, we feel that the Viaggio is a great choice for a budget yet quality tandem bike for the new entrant to tandem biking.

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Bestseller No. 8 – Hollandia Rathburn Tandem Bicycle

This tandem comes with comfortable steel cruiser frame and steel fork. It has aluminium rims of 26 inch by 2.125 inch beach cruiser whitewalls tires,18 speed Shimano drivetrain with 3 piece crank and nylon platform pedals. Aluminium quick release seat after clamp, fenders, front light and V-brake make it easy to control.

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Bestseller No. 9 – Micargi Island Tandem Bicycle

This tandem provides immense grip on rides and is entirely adjustable. It has Shimano Tourney TX31, Shimano RS-35-3L/7R shifters, Shimano grip shift index and Shimano TZ-21-7SP freewheel. It is suitable to a huge range of riders and you can have the experience of together working as one.

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Bestseller No. 10 – Mantis Taureno Tandem Bicycle

A tandem that has a core hybrid frame and steel suspension fork. Disc brake in front, V-brake in the rear, alloy quill stem, twist shifters, comfortable saddle, 18 speed Shimano along with 3 piece crank and aluminum rims of whitewall tires.

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