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Coleman Mini Bike Review

Coleman Powersports is a well known name in the arena of mini bikes and of powered sports vehicles like ATVs, gokarts and mopeds. It essentially has gas powered sports vehicles, so if you are looking for an electric mini bike, then this is not the brand to consider.

Coleman’s mini bikes are very popular and one of their most popular models is the Coleman CT200U which is a 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder with a 196cc 5hp engine.

This mini trail bike packs quite a bit of punch and can take you through all kinds of off-road trails easily. It has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, but with a little bit of tuning and modification it can hit 30 miles.

This mini bike has enough power to take you on any trail all day long. It has enough muscle to carry you on the trails that you love, all the while being quite fuel efficient.

To start the Coleman Powersports CT200U, you need to first put on fuel switch, then the choke, then press the ignition button and pull the cord. It has a easy pull start, so it starts instantly without any problem.

Its special low pressure tires take in a lot of the bumps and give you a smooth ride even on rugged trails. The soft and stable feel of this mini trail bike really adds to the pleasure of riding it.

This Coleman CT200U bike also has a very robust throttle control. With the help of a throttle; screw you can easily increase or reduce the top speed of this min trail bike. This feature can be very useful if your kids are going to ride it.

The bike also features very high quality fat tires. The tires are wide giving you a lot more stability and also very good shock absorption.

The wheels of this bike are 42 inches wide, with large treads to get a good grip on the ground. These bigger treads also make the tires last longer.

It will comfortably take on riders with a weight of 200 pounds, and has a ground clearance of 5.5 inches. The comfortable elongated seat sits about 26 inches off the ground, and is comfortable for both youngsters and adults. It is fitted with a dual cargo rack that provides you with the space necessary to carry your stuff. Overall, the frame is very sturdy, and can withstand heavy usage.

It is essentially incredible fun for kids and adults alike. The bike is meant for kids who are 13 years or older.

You need to know though that this bike is not street legal, so there will be some restrictions of riding it on the roads. However, you can ride it enjoy have crazy fun all day on trails. When this bike first arrives, you need to do some very basic assembling to get it ride ready. Then it is just a matter of filling in gas and pull starting it to start the fun.

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